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Fire Department Saves Tito's Pizza

On Wednesday, April 4th alarms rang out in the Santa Ramona Fire Department. At about 6:30 in the evening, a 911 call reported a fire in the local pizzeria on Mission Blvd. Fire Chief John Morpork and his crew arrived on scene to find a fire in progress. Working quickly and with the skill and teamwork one would expect of a well oiled machine, the blaze was put out within fifteen minutes.

According to Chief Morpork the fire was started by a faulty heating lamp and spread to a display of cardboard pizza boxes. When this reporter caught up with the chief he had only positive things to say about the work of his crew:

"I am very proud of our people, they immediately got to work and saved that business. We determined the fire to be accidental, apparently a heat lamp had short circuited and started the fire. The building was turned over to its owner and should be back open before we know it."

Chief Morpork further went on to say that the fire department is looking for dedicated men and women looking to help protect our fair city. If you're interested in becoming a firefight stop by the Santa Ramona fire department.

As of press time the Tito's Pizza owner was unavailable for comment.

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