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The Results Are In; And the Winner IS?

Barbituates, a commonly used group of sleep inducting drugs, ketamine, a drug used to maintain anesthesia inducing a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss, and LSD, a potent hallucinogenic drug, to name a few! Would be a Woodstock remake perhaps if they had not been fed to the citizens of Santa Ramona via tea and cookies without their permission.

The doctors and staff have been working tirelessly with the inundation of victim's from last Friday's event at Wolfe's tavern. As the victims began reporting their strange symptoms, lapses in memory, and for some much worse, the Santa Ramona Police Department acted quickly in sending each to the hospital to have blood test done immediately and the aforementioned drug cocktail are the most prevalent in the results.

While no evidences from the party, other than the blood tests and eyewitness reports, have been cited, the consensus seems to be indeed the citizens were poisoned at the Wolfe's Tavern party. The owner of the Wolfe's Tavern, Eve Callix, is reported to have spent an exuberant amount of money to have the tavern professionally cleaned and totally restocking the tavern to be sure that any and all contaminates have been disposed.

The police department was delayed in searching through the evidence left at the tavern due to obtaining the legal warrants needed; this making one wonder if indeed the owner of the Wolfe's Tavern is suspect in the poisoning even though she is reported having assured workers that she had no issue with the searching of the place. In fact, she waited seventy two hours before the cleaning commenced for just that reason. So why else would a warrant be needed? What is really the reason for the delay?

The Chronicle did attempt to interview Acting Deputy Chief Derric Bravin, but such an interview was denied though the man did assure the Chronicle, "The SRPD is conducting an ongoing investigation into the alleged mass drugging incident at Wolfe's. Evidence is currently being analyzed and Chief Biafra will be calling a press conference soon to discuss the results of our investigation."

Only time, and of course the Chronicle, will tell the tale of whether or not justice will prevail for the citizens as it unfolds!


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