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Impelled Curio Hosts Successful Opening

On Sunday evening, Mabel Windown hosted the grand opening of her new art gallery Impelled Curio. This reporter was fortunate enough to capture a couple minutes of her time to ask a few questions and learned that Mabel intends to open up her studio to local artists looking to display their artistic endeavors on a regular basis.

Mabel and her favorite piece from her opening show.

In fact, at her grand opening featured both her own exciting works, as well as some unique and exciting pieces from a local artist Evie King. Both women spent the event surrounded by local citizens sipping champagne as they ooh'd and ahh'd over the incredible talent on display, and if what this reporter overheard on her way out, ended the evening with several pieces either being sold or generously given away to family members. So if you're looking for something exciting to decorate your home with, or you're an artist looking for a place to display your skills stop on down at Impelled Curio, located next door to Mug Me Coffee, there beside the local nude beach.

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