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Something Rotten in Chinatown

The rumour mill has long held that there are criminal forces active in Chinatown. However, when the Chronicle tries to get a source on record, or even off the record, silence ensues. When asked about gang or criminal activity, the denizens that haunt the narrow and twisted alleys laugh and wave off the suggestion as absurd, all while looking over their shoulders to see who is listening.

Recently I was blessed with an exclusive interview with a source that claims to know the scoop on Chinatown. The source would only provide this interview under our assurance that the identity of this individual not be revealed. Obviously, this information cannot be confirmed, but serves as warning to all of us to be careful when visiting this very mysterious enclave within Santa Ramona Valley.

The source reports that there is what is known as a Matron of Chinatown. She is thought to be a wise woman who poses as a cleaning woman or laundry owner. Everyone with true knowledge knows nothing happens in Chinatown without her approval. Businesses don’t open, products both legal and illicit don’t move, whores can’t even tear open a condom without her blessing it with a nod of her head.

The Matron is rumoured to have a hard side balanced by kindness. The residents seek her out for advice on day to day issues all the way to their most pressing concerns. Some claim she is even a savior or a saint. She knows old medicine from the Far East, and those that live in Chinatown swear by her cures.

Who is this woman? The source claimed to know but would not say. They asserted that the Matron does business in Chinatown, having a shop or storefront that hides criminal activities from the shining light of justice. The source warned me, and thus my readers, not to dig too deep into this story. The source warned the consequences of unmasking the Matron could be dire.