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On July 6th at 10pm, a quadruple homicide was committed at the Lock and Load located in Downtown Santa Ramona. The bodies of Missy and Pat Carsigna, owners of the Lock and Load, were found at the crime scene. Two other bodies, were reportedly taken into custody by Santa Ramona Valley Police but have yet to be identified. Witnesses and SRPD officials are saying the murders are a result of a robbery gone bad. The Chronicle was live on the scene, catching photos of the crime scene and spoke with one (NPC) Maria Gualdalupe Ponte Deleon who reported hearing gunshots around closing time that evening. "I was just finishing my shift and got to the bus stop. Behind me I hear BOOm BOOM BOOM! I hide and say the rosary to Saint Julian. Patron Saint of Murderers because I know, someone murdering with that much boom boom." However, the Latino gang known as the 18th street gang, subset: Tiny Locos CLicka is taking credit for the shootings. An informant that spoke for the organization that considers themselves pioneers, pushing the Mexican borders into Southern California says it won't be the last and he had no fear of the American justice system. The organization donated five hundred dollars to the Santa Ramona Valley Homeless shelter and has been hailed as "Más libre de los pobres" or "Freer of the Poor". Santa Ramon Police Department has confirmed they are actively investigating the criminal entity.