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On July 4th the Santa Ramona Valley Parks and Recreation department held a firework display at the pier. ZigZag Surf Magazine Photographer, Chase Knight was a guest at the display and donated the attached photo to the Santa Ramona Valley Historical Society. This photo will be added to the society's collection


With the border sealed by the recent change in federal legislation, the Santa Ramona Valley Board of Social Services has for the first time ever, experienced a surplus in budget. The increase in reserves being tauted as proof the Ultra Conservative political movement lead by President Trump works. The surplus has allowed the county to reinstate the $126 monthly stipend for unemployed adults. Each family receiving an additional $86.00 per child. Health Insurance and food stamps are also offered to qualified recipients. For more information visit the Social Services Office at: 7 Grove Avenue, Santa Ramona Valley, CA 90666. Located at the first office on the left from the lobby.


Pastor Sandy Trevellion has founded and established a Santa Ramona Valley branch of the Lighthouse Project. Head-Quartered in SINNERS REST. The Lighthouse project has established churches and Mission houses in several other towns and cities, but always in an urban or suburban environment.

The Mission statement of The Lighthouse Project. * To Provide 'A Beacon of Light in Dark Places' Bringing a Spiritual presence to places which have none. * To assist practically those in need, giving practical assistance to the homeless, and any other kind of support that we can. * To provide a place for quiet reflection, prayer or sanctuary.. * To welcome all, regardless of beliefs * To provide services associated with the church (e.g. Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms and Sunday Services) for those that want them, and to deliver the Christian Message.

Any questions about The Lighthouse Project,, please contact Pastor Sandy Trevellion at the Church. Sunday Church service times currently stand at 10:00am SLT,. Sermon times subject to change.


Looking for some merchandise from Attack on Titan or Love Live? Are you an Old Skool Marvel Comic fan wanting some rare edition Catwoman poster for your masturbation collection? Just want to whoop your friends asses at Pinball? Greedy Greedy tournaments, Pathfinder's Roleplaying Game and the most insane collection of Comics and memorabilia ever seen can be found at the new That's No Moon Comic and Cafe shop located at 13 High St Santa Ramona Valley, CA. Phone Number 619-555-1235. The cafe's grand opening will be held on July 9th from 3:00pm SLT - 5:00pm SLT. Prizes and giveaways will be presented to the best costumes. So hold onto your cape, get out your Yaya Han wigs and party down at That's no Moon Comic and Cafe Shop.

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