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July 4, 2017

By Lily White

July 2, 2017 - Newly Established business Grateful Meds, a Marijuana Dispensary, hosted a beach party at Santa Ramona's Nude Beach this weekend. Owner of Grateful Meds, Gage Dawson provided hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks to the adult-only party. Mr. Dawson provided various cannabis items ranging from smokable marijuana with chocolate strains to edible marijuana cookie. More than half the entire city joined the event causing major traffic delays on Pacific Ave. Grateful Meds is located at 45 Mission Blvd.. Their hours of operation are M-F 11am-7pm  Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-2am.



Where does a reader go when they need a really hot curry?
Why,  Hare Rama's Den for a Hare Curry., of course!
To celebrate the opening of her new take out restaurant, the owner, Ms. Zoer Herriot, offered new customers a "The Boys from The Dwarf" trading card. The Boys from the Dwarf trading cards are a certified Trade Mark of Hare Rama Enterprises and rare collectibles are included in the give away. Charles Franknbean, a (npc) Santa Ramona 6th grader received a first edition Beast Master Dwarf card. Collector and The Boys of the Dwarf enthusiast say the card is valued at $1200. Hare Rama's Den for Hare Curry is located at 46 Pacific Ave. Their phone number is 555-9632 and Take Out is available.

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