Santa Ramona Community Rules

Santa Ramona follows the Linden Lab Terms of Service and Community Standards. Violators are subject to abuse reports or a ban from our community. By entering Santa Ramona Valley you understand the rules set forth and detailed below, see also roleplay rules, vehicle rules, combat rules and rental rules..  

  • We are an adult role play community, which means all players must be age 18 or older to enter the sim.

  • No child avatars are permitted. If your avatar is deemed to have an immature or otherwise under-aged appearance you may be asked to change your avatar's appearance. No characters in high school are permitted (even if they are 18). Adult human avatars or realistic animal avatars only, no supernatural.

  • Giants or those with unrealistic proportions, such as huge chests not realistically able to be physically carried by a person's spine, huge muscle bound persons are not allowed, you must be a realistic size.

  • Only avatars over 10 days old are permitted to enter Santa Ramona Valley. 

  • No "furries" are permitted on the sim, no human/animal hybrids. However, realistic animal avatars are permitted for domestic animals such as service/working animals, pets, strays and wild animals. Animal avatars must be roleplayed 100% realistically. Most animals cannot open closed doors and no animals may speak.  See (Animal Rules & Limitations)

  • Do not go AFK or camp in public spaces for prolonged period of times. It is OK to go AFK if you're in your own residential or commercial rental, you may also go AFK in the main rez terminal.

  • No begging for lindens from other players, from groups or in local chat. Begging for lindens can result in a ban. 

  • No monetary (linden) exchange is permitted  between players for any services with the exception of tip jars for DJs for sim events.

  • Trolls are not welcome. The following actions may result in bans ranging from 3 day to permanent: Griefing of any kind (HUDs/magic tools), use of chat spies, trolling, poaching, fishing, insulting others OOC or IC, spamming groups, flying, hyper jumping, disrespecting the management or breaking any of the sim. Ignorance is no excuse. Any breach of the Linden Lab TOS is a breach of sim rules.

  • Do not argue with, belittle or insult any Santa Ramona staff. Disrespect to them or any players may result in administrative action. No trash talking any other individuals, our sim or any other sims in any of our group chats or related social media. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaching community standards.

  • No hover text of any kind is permitted on an avatar, this includes multi line titlers. Provide information in character only. Hover text is permitted for NPCs (statues) but no more than 3 lines. 

  • No breedables/farming/meeroos etc. 

  • Conception HUDs and Life HUDs are permitted.


  • Shouting objects, gestures, talking tummies, combat HUDs, pets or vehicles that spam to local chat are not permitted.


  • Avoid unnecessary scripted attachments. No bling and please limit particles, we kindly ask for you also to remove any face lights.  No shoulder pets or following pets that are unrealistic. Admins may ask you to remove these  attachments, please comply with our request.

  • Public nudity and sex, rape and violent acts, though ICly against the law in Santa Ramona, can and will happen in an adult role play setting. Keep your behavior realistic, appropriate to the scene and be prepared to play out IC consequences to IC actions. Be aware that Santa Ramona Valley has an active emergency and judiciary system. 

  • Admins are present to help you with any conflict that may come up between players in the course of role play. Players first should try to work out the issue prior to calling an admin, if no compromise can be found simply request assistance in the Santa Ramona Valley OOC Group or message a staff member directly. Be aware that if no conclusion can be reached then the scene may get voided or faded to black. If you need any help please click here to find out who to reach in world.