Sim Owned Businesses

Commerce is an important aspect of life in Santa Ramona Valley as it both enriches your social atmosphere and  With ample opportunities for employment you can guide your character into whatever direction you please! From business owner to server, the possibilities are endless. 

Vesuvio's Italian Restauraunt & Pizzeria

Delicious Italian food and brick oven Pizza on the patio or dining elegantly inside, are you in Santa Ramona Valley or Italy? When you come to Vesuvio's it's difficult to tell the difference! 

Lead: Julia W. (jutana.sneerwell)

Wolfe's Tavern

Mixed drinks, the best beer, authentic mexican food and the best ambiance for you to enjoy your nights in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Wolfe's Tavern

Lead: Roisin Russo (erlinea)

Santa Ramona Chronicles

The office for Santa Ramona Valley's local news. All the hottest news, weather and today's stories are delivered fresh from the press. 

55 Junipero Ave - SRV Chronicles

Lead: Apply Today!

Santa Ramona Valley Church

Santa Ramona Valley Unitarian Church is the place for your soul. Come and cleanse your sins and feel refreshed to tackle on a new day.

51 Vestral Ave - Santa Ramona Valley Church

Lead: Apply today!

Creamy Centers Cafe

Freshly baked goods, every morning just for your delight.

Creamy Centers featurest the best pastries in town along with incredible coffee that fills the air with its dark and unmistakeable scent.

8 West Point - Creamy Centers Cafe

Lead: Apply Today!

Wild Horse Farms

All that food has got to come from somewhere! SRV Farms produces top of the line organic fruits, vegetables, tea and meat for your perusal available at your local farmer's market! 

Lead: Dante Vyper (seiylon.vyper)

El Toro Loco

Delicious probably fresh Mexican food on the beach with outdoor seating and private booths where you can gather to have fiesta! 

Lead: Apply Today!

Salon California

Come get your hair done, your nails did, all in plush comfort and relaxation. Everything you need to be looking good!

Lead: Roslynkaya

Rock Hard Gym

Exercise your body at the rock hard gym. Get your muscles going and your blood pumping until you get rock hard.

Lead: Bruno Caffarelli

Shogun Sushi

ironically located in China Town, the Sushi Palace features the best of the Japanese cuisine with exotic products and authentic Japanese atmosphere.

23 China Town- Sushi Palace

Lead: Apply today!

Smoke Signals

Come stop by Smoke Signals today to refill your Marijuana prescription, peruse our selection of glass and try some of our delicious edibles in a relaxing and laid back atmosphere. A stage is provided for events and life music!

45 Mission Blvd - Smoke Signals Dispensary

Lead:  Guru Denja

TipTop Convenience Store & Grocery

Looking for a place where you can get just about anything including checking off every item on your grocery list? Tip Top is the place to go! 

Lead: Bunni Crisman (luridfury)

Food Hole Grocery Store

At Food Hole we assure you're getting the best products for the best prices! For everything you may need to make a gourmet meal or stuff your face with cheesy poofs, Food Hole is the place to get it! Now with self check-out aisles-just remember to put your item in the bagging area otherwise the machine will NEVER stop nagging! 

Lead: Apply Today!

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SRV Public Pool

For five bucks you can come swim at the SRV Public Pool ALL day long, play games or just roast in the sun! Just be careful as we've heard the pool has that chemical which turns the water purple if you pee in it, so spare yourself the embarrassment that we didn't! 

Lead: Apply today!

Boozie's Liquor Store

Find all your cheapest booze here, or priciest, they carry it all! They may even carry a little something under the table too, come to Boozie's and find out! 

Lead: Apply Today!

The Reel Club

Fine dining, fresh seafood and monumental views guarantee a night to remember. Come and drink delicious artisanal cocktails, take a walk along The Reel's pier and enjoy the best of what The Reel Club has to offer. 

Lead: Apply Today!

Quickies Gas Station

The lowest gas prices guaranteed this side of the valley and quick auto service as well gives Quickie's its name! Come get filled up and a tune up while you're at it!

Lead: Elijah Williams (aiden60)

Pho Sho

Ancient knowledge of how to make delicious soups brought from the far east, served into a porcelain bowl  at low prices, just for you.

Lead: Apply Today!

Lock n Load Pawn Shop

In trouble with the law? Need to be bailed out? Need to pick up a new gun afterwards and pawn off a few things? Visit Lock n Load-your one stop location for some possibly illegal items or cheap jewelry!


76 Shady- Lock n' Load Pawn shop

Lead: Angelyna Bennett (bittersting)

Salty Sailor's Tattoo

Show the incredible personality that lays under your skin with some ink over it, like the old times sailors.

77 Shady- Salty Sailor's tattoo

Lead: Molly Grey (Vivianin)

Alley Cats Strip Club

Move your body or watch others doing it, bring lots of 1 dollar bills and enjoy the view


Leads: Lazaro "Marco" (coldinhell) & Santiago (thebignothing)

The Boiler Room Night Club

What happens at the Boiler Room, stays at the Boiler Room.

Come down the stairs, descending into another world where you can free yourself from the outter world ties.

Lead: Joseph Styles (joec31)

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