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Community Rules

Santa Ramona follows the Linden Lab Terms of Service and Community Standards. Violators are subject to abuse reports or a ban from our community. By entering Santa Ramona Valley you understand the rules set forth and detailed below, see also roleplay rules, vehicle rules, combat rules and rental rules..  

  • We are an adult role play community, which means all players must be age 18 or older to enter the sim.

  • No child avatars are permitted. If your avatar is deemed to have an immature or otherwise under-aged appearance you may be asked to change your avatar's appearance. No characters in high school are permitted (even if they are 18). Adult human avatars or realistic animal avatars only, no supernatural.

  • Giants or those with unrealistic proportions, such as huge chests not realistically able to be physically carried by a person's spine, huge muscle bound persons are not allowed, you must be a realistic size.

  • Only avatars over 10 days old are permitted to enter Santa Ramona Valley. 

  • No "furries" are permitted on the sim, no human/animal hybrids. However, realistic animal avatars are permitted for domestic animals such as service/working animals, pets, strays and wild animals. Animal avatars must be roleplayed 100% realistically. Most animals cannot open closed doors and no animals may speak.  See (Animal Rules & Limitations)

  • Do not go AFK or camp in public spaces for prolonged period of times. It is OK to go AFK if you're in your own residential or commercial rental, you may also go AFK in the main rez terminal.


  • No begging for lindens from other players, from groups or in local chat. Begging for lindens can result in a ban. 

  • No monetary (linden) exchange is permitted. Between players, for any services with the exception of tip jars for DJs for sim events.

  • Trolls are not welcome. The following actions may result in bans ranging from 3 day to permanent: Griefing of any kind (HUDs/magic tools), use of chat spies, trolling, poaching, fishing, insulting others OOC or IC, spamming groups, flying, hyper jumping, disrespecting the management or breaking any of the sim. Ignorance is no excuse. Any breach of the Linden Lab TOS is a breach of sim rules.


  • Do not argue with, belittle or insult any Santa Ramona staff. Disrespect to them or any players may result in administrative action. No trash talking any other individuals, our sim or any other sims in any of our group chats or related social media. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaching community standards.

  • No hover text of any kind is permitted on an avatar, this includes multi line titlers. Provide information in character only. Hover text is permitted for NPCs (statues) but no more than 3 lines. 

  • No breedables/farming/meeroos etc. 

  • Conception HUDs and Life HUDs are permitted.


  • Shouting objects, gestures, talking tummies, combat HUDs, pets or vehicles that spam to local chat are not permitted.


  • Avoid unnecessary scripted attachments. No bling and please limit particles, we kindly ask for you also to remove any face lights.  No shoulder pets or following pets that are unrealistic. Admins may ask you to remove these  attachments, please comply with our request.

  • Public nudity and sex, rape and violent acts, though ICly against the law in Santa Ramona, can and will happen in an adult role play setting. Keep your behavior realistic, appropriate to the scene and be prepared to play out IC consequences to IC actions. Be aware that Santa Ramona Valley has an active emergency and judiciary system. 


  • Admins are present to help you with any conflict that may come up between players in the course of role play. Players first should try to work out the issue prior to calling an admin, if no compromise can be found simply request assistance in the Santa Ramona Valley OOC Group or message a staff member directly. Be aware that if no conclusion can be reached then the scene may get voided or faded to black. If you need any help please click here to find out who to reach in world.

Roleplay Rules
  • Santa Ramona encourages free form, continuous paragraph to semi-paragraph role play. There are many ways to role play, however, we do request you follow the following basic guidelines.


  • Please give other players at least two lines of role play per post and use /me in local chat to signify actions and “quotes” to represent your character’s spoken words. You can mark your actions in :: dots :: or *stars* in lieu of /me as well.

  • Utilize post-order when in local chat and take turns with your fellow players. Please allow one full round of post-order before entering into an ongoing scene. No role play will be considered private if it is in a public space. During social events, players may have smaller circles in their own post order, as it would be in real life.  The post-order for large social events (+5) can be casual post order.

  • Posting in- allow roleplay introductions before acknowledging another character entering a scene, all players should set the initial scene in their post in before major interaction is performed. If you are unsure, message your fellow player to see if they are IC or posting. 

  • If your avatar is in public, consider them always IC. If you must go AFK or OOC go to a private area and put on your SRV OOC group tag. 

  • All sim businesses and emergency services are open for role play at any time. Feel free to NPC clerks in a store or hospital reception, for example, if no players are available to fill the role. Likewise, unless expressly stated by a business lead, no business should be assumed closed or without basic staff unless there is a closed sign on the building. 

  • Those players who play their characters in municipal jobs such as law, hospital, PD, and FD should take into consideration that when they are on duty they have to RP out their necessary jobs and responsibilities to the community and cannot refuse roleplay due to in character or out of character disputes. If needed get another service member to take care of this player. If there is an issue in regards to this please contact an admin.

  • Before roleplaying damage to a business, vehicle or home that would be noticeable by other players IC or impact operations (fire, vehicle theft, break-ins, major theft, jailbreaks, vandalism (graffiti/posters) for example), coordinate with the business lead, residential renter or sim admin and receive Out of Character permission.

  • Private, residential rentals cannot be broken into or entered without OOC consent from the renter.


  • Planned and scheduled events should not be disrupted by major RPs such as shootings, fires, major calamities, etc without the approval of an admin in advance. The admin will reach out to the person(s) hosting the event and ask for consent.

  • Do not interrupt role play. Stay in character at all times when you are in the local chat unless you are in a private rental or at an OOC planned event.

  • In order to roleplay in the In Character group, post lures, reactions, 911 calls etc, your avatar must be actually in the sim and near the scene. 

  • Take any and all OOC out of local chat and into IMs. Refrain from using local chat for OOC communication. 

  • No Metagaming, powergaming or godmodding is allowed. For more information on what this means, see Role Play 101

  • Players may roleplay benign nonplayer characters (NPCs) such as a bartender or shop keeper, or public service worker, however, limit their use to no more than 2 NPCs per scene per player. Please keep their use limited in general and instead roleplay with your fellow players!

  • NPC  usage in criminal scenes (for example robberies, murders) should be the last resort of any criminal character. Players will need to reach out to others or find in character targets to perform their crimes to. Should you end up using an NPC you must provide evidence that would link back to your character. NPC use is very restrictive and cannot be used frequently.


  • Multiple characters by a single player are welcome, however only a limit of three characters are permitted total per player during their time in Santa Ramona Valley. Example: 2 alts, 1 main.


  • Only police or admins may answer 911 calls in the Santa Ramona Valley in character group. 

  • Due to the authoritative nature of these characters please gain admin or moderator approval prior to roleplaying any character on a federal/govt level, this includes but is not limited to characters who are FBI, DEA, CIA, ATF, and Diplomats. Bear in mind you may be asked for your federal-level character to be played on a short-term basis only for limited storylines. 


  • Police scanners such as apps one roleplays that they have on their cell phone may monitor the dispatch channel, but not the police or other emergency channels. Provide proper roleplay to indicate the scanner's application prior to use. 


  • Players are required to remain respectful at all times to each other and the sim staff. If a situation arises in roleplay, first try to work it out with your fellow player. If a resolution cannot be reached then contact an available staff member (Contact Us). By contacting staff for resolution, you agree to abide by staff decisions.

  • In character use of cameras, wiretaps, or other recording devices as well as bulletproof vests/kevlar, and all weapons must be mentioned being on the person in role play prior to use in a scene. Recording devices/cameras are limited to use on one's person or one's own property so they can be roleplayed appropriately.


  • Under no circumstance will Santa Ramona tolerate roleplay revolving around racism or hate crimes of any kind in any way. Santa Ramona Valley staff will not tolerate symbols of hate, racism, or intolerance.  See which symbols we will not tolerate here.


  • Scenes involving violence in the presence of or against minors (under 18 NPC or player of an under 18 avatar) will not be tolerated. These scenes will be voided and a ban may be issued.


  • Refrain from insulting another player’s character or person through thought emotes unless your character actually says something about their thoughts. Such passive-aggressive/bullying actions will not be tolerated and may require staff involvement.

  • We do allow cross-sim roleplay, however, crimes committed in another jurisdiction will not be followed up by the Santa Ramona Valley PD unless previous approval has been given by the administration of both locations. 

  • Do not role play with weapons of mass destruction, bio-chemical warfare or bombs, structure fires, wildfires/general fires, major calamities or any acts of nature without staff approval.

Rental Rules
  •  1 residential, 1 player business, 1 lead prims, 1 storage warehouse, 1 vacation rental (in bayside) and 1 prim meter (booster prims which look like parking meters) per renter are permitted. 


  • For player businesses and residential units, there is a 24 hour grace overdue period. Please be aware that after 24 hours is passed you will be evicted with your items returned. 


  • No reservations for residential rentals, refunds given only at owner discretion. 


  • Transfers are permitted for in-character circumstances but you should make sure you’re renting the unit you actually want prior to doing so. Please be aware that your request for transfer to another unit may be declined.


  • Commercial businesses must be applied for and approved for prior to being rented and may not be run out of residential units.

  • Basements are available add-ons which you can elect to have added to your home or business space with approval. Houses on 'stilts' for example beach houses are not permitted to have basements. If you wish for a basement or your own skybox please contact Julian Quinzet in world for approval prior to placement.

  • Co-tenants are permitted if you’re sharing a home or business. Make sure you add them to the unit’s rental box as tenants. No more than 4 co-tenants per unit.

  • Santa Ramona Valley Staff and the Owner are not responsible for any items lost as a result of a return of prims. To avoid this unfortunate event- please stay up to date on your rent and remember to select "Will Not Renew" and clear your rental if you're not planning on continuing to rent. 


  • No obtrusive objects in front of or around your rental or on/in anyone else’s. Keep in the modern, urban theme of the sim.  No megaprims, screens, hover text, particle poofers or large landscaping objects. If an item is deemed obtrusive or an eye sore it may be returned without warning.

  • Do not leave vehicles rezzed when not in use.


  • Always keep an eye on your prim limit and stay within those bounds. You may help to decorate another person’s place with their consent but keep in mind you must stay within your own allowance.

  • Subletting is not permitted, you may not rent a property for the purpose of re-renting it to any other subtenants, all rental units belong to the sim.


  • Reserve OOC chatter to IMs, local chat is to be used strictly for in character use.



  • Scripted prim babies, pets and animals are permitted, however please stay within your own prim allowance and do not rezz more than 2. Do not have NPC children present in any scene which involves violence or intimacy and do not take them into areas where adult activities may take place. We do ask that you take these items back into your inventory when not in use or in the event of you logging off.  Bear in mind if you leave them out they may be returned to your inventory without warning.


  • Rentals with prims over the limit on a regular basis may be subject to item return.


  • Santa Ramona Valley is not responsible for any lost items due to administrative return.


  • Residential rentals are private and renters may deny entry at any time. Other players must seek OOC approval prior to breaking and entering.  Any major property damage to the building must be approved by the sim owner.

Combat Weapon Rules
  • No hate crime roleplays are permitted based off gender, age, race, LGBQT+, religious or political views. If this is violated then a ban of indeterminate time will be given with no exceptions to the aggressor(s).


  • Wait for 1 full post-round for all involved in a combat scene prior to entering.  Always post an entering introduction first before becoming involved in combat.


  • If you commit a crime be prepared to remain around the scene to respond to any following roleplay and if needed provide a notecard to police for any evidence they may find. Give as many details as you can without giving everything away. You may flee within reason, chases can usually be collaborated with emergency workers and they’re a great opportunity for exciting rp.


  • Reaching for, pulling out and/OR aiming a weapon must be done in a separate post from the actual attack.


  • During combat you are allowed 2 actions either attack or defense. For example, all attack: pulling the trigger twice. 1 attack and 1 defense: shooting once and ducking out of the way. 2 defense, blocks hit and attempts to flee. If you choose to use two attacks (such as pulling a trigger twice in one post) and are using dice, ensure you roll twice, once for each action.

  • Play fair, remember no character is invincible and be a good sport! RP turn based combat is encouraged. No combat huds are permitted here, you may use optional 25 sided dice provided at the main rez terminal to determine outcomes at random. Dice usage chart:


25-direct hit, unable to be defended against.

24-20-strong hit, able to defend.

19-10-medium hit, able to defend.

10-0: weak hit or miss, able to defend.


  • No one may force you to permadeath your character or force you to go outside of your limits, however, please keep your avatar's behavior realistic-if your limits say no death then flee the scene before it gets to that point, do not push your own limits in turn.  Fair play is expected, do not metagame, powergame or godmod your fellow player. Make attempts using verbiage such as “tries, attempts, goes for, aims for”.


  • The use of NPCs and combat, from time to time NPCs may be used in RP scenes but players are advised to keep their use limited. Do not egregiously roleplay an entire NPC gang or faction without admin approval.  Do not NPC another person’s character unless they’ve asked you to do so for them. Try to have authentic player vs player RP as much as possible as it can be easy to get out of touch with reality with NPCs.


  • If you have to NPC police, EMTs, or FD due to no players being immediately present from that department then please keep them neutral and limited to just do their job and go. No dramatics with NPC emergency workers.


  • No weapons of mass destruction, no major ballistics such as automatic guns, bombs, chemical or biological warfare methods may be considered for roleplay. The use of automatic guns and major damage by weapons must be approved in advance by a sim admin, not in the scene.


  • All weapons which are to be considered in roleplay ‘on person’ must be on the actual avatar in some way, this includes concealed weapons as well, you must have the physical object on hand.  If your weapon is concealed and doesn’t have the option with the sheathing methods you may forgo equipping the physical sheath and only equip the phantom weapon in your hand.


  • If you wish to register your weapon and apply for a open or concealed firearms permit you may do so in character at City Hall.


  • “Illegal weapons” and “Legal” weapons are both permitted. Indicate their status in your roleplaying post if needed in the event of police interaction. Handguns, shotguns, semi-automatics, and rifles can all be used, bought, traded, and registered here.

Animal Avatar Rules
  • No human animal hybrids, no furries, no fantasy creatures, or any other non realistic animal avatars are allowed.


  • No flying animals are allowed without admin or owner permission.


  • The following animals are permitted: dogs, coyotes, mountain lions, armadillos, raccoons, skunks, bears, cats, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens (no flight), llamas, goats, cows, snakes, squirrels, lizards, rats.


  • No bugs.


  • Please keep in mind that if you play an animal avatar you must be 100% realistic, this means you may not talk as a human, hold a job (unless a service animal) or do anything but emote being an animal.


  • No pest activity in sim owned or player owned businesses or in residentials without the renters/leads OOC consent.

Vehicle Rules
  • Vehicles may only be rezzed by those who are in the land group and current renters in Santa Ramona Valley.  On occasion admins will allow players temporary prims to be rezzed for a scene requiring a vehicle but the player is not a renter. Temporary prims are cleared every 24 hours. Vehicles when rezzed should be within your land impact limits.

  • Do not use vehicles which are extremely heavy in scripts or vehicles which spam local chat, that emit a large amount of particles, has hover text, or are extremely noisy. If an admin notices any of those you will be asked to take your vehicle back in to your inventory. 


  • Vehicles are to be used for roleplay use only, when they are not in use they are to be taken back into your inventory. The reason for this is that even idle vehicles can contribute to the lag on a sim.  If a vehicle is sitting out, not in a roleplay scene, it can get returned by an admin.

  • No flying, hovering, sci-fi or out of theme vehicles. Helicopters/planes/boats may be allowed if their use is approved by owner/admin prior to the scene. All boats/planes/helicopters must be under 50 prim unless otherwise approved for an event or roleplay scene.  For permission contact owner/admin in world.


  • We do not currently participate in sim licenses. This is free form RP, it is up to the player to determine their character’s license status. However, if your character is a repeat offender on sim with driving offenses the license can get “revoked” until certain roleplay dues are paid such as fines (never real lindens), jail time or community service.

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