Santa Ramona Valley Roleplay 101

RP Introduction


Roleplay is a great way to express and explore yourself in ways that may not be possible in real life. When you are roleplaying you are very essentially filling the role of another person which you play as a character separate from yourself, the person behind the screen.  Roleplay can be as complex or basic as you wish it to be, though we do ask to provide at least two lines to your fellow players when in a scene.


How to Roleplay


Roleplaying is very simple! Local chat is always to be regarded as “in character” which means you are actively playing your character when speaking in local. The best and most widely used method of roleplaying is entering the following command in local:




And then an example of roleplay:  /me walks into the pub and looks around at its inhabitants, seemed it was the regular crowd tonight and as usual would do his little happy dance flailing his arms and kicking his legs towards the bar and says, “I’ll take my usual, Lou.”


And then it appears like this in local chat: John Buddy (john.buddy) walks into the pub and looks around at its inhabitants, seemed it was the regular crowd tonight and as usual would do his little happy dance towards the bar and says, “I’ll take my usual, Lou.”


As you can see we use some good details here and without much effort we can include our speech in “quotes”. This gives your roleplay a tidy appearance and gives other players something to play with. Another player can laugh at John’s dance and the bartender can start whipping up his usual drink.


Think about using as many details as possible as roleplay is not only entertainment for you but also entertainment to those reading it! Use your common senses such as smell or taste, employ the use of your character’s facial expression, body language and think about what other players will see when they look at your character. You will find that with a little detail and effort you can delight your fellow players with descriptive RP!


We encourage what is called “freeform” roleplay, simply put, the power to manifest your own destiny is in the players hands (within realistic limits). You are not going to be told what to roleplay, it is wholly up to you. With roleplay in Santa Ramona Valley you can for example campaign for mayor in character, be a cop, or be a homeless person on the street! The choice is up to you.


Common Roleplay Mistakes to Avoid


Even the most seasoned roleplayer can be guilty of making mistakes in the course of roleplay! Let’s talk about some of the most common mistakes which can be avoided simply by understanding what they are and how to avoid them.



Using information you have gained OOCly (out of character) in an IC (in character) way.


For example:


-Knowing someone’s name or position by their group title.

-Listening in on local chat without announcing your presence in character and then using that information IC.

-Using information gleaned from IMs that was not roleplayed as a phone call or email but regular OOC IMs to IC.

-Using alts (alternate characters you play) to further your personal motive and roleplays. Alts should be disconnected as far as possible from your main character and their motives.


How to avoid this:

The best way to avoid metagaming is to look realistically at your character and only use information that they have actually gathered while in character in a roleplay scene yourself. Separate in character from out of character at all times.



Forcing your actions on another player or playing actions for them which would not give them choice in their own roleplay.


For Example:

-Announcing a combat strike was successful against your opponent without giving them a chance to defend.

-Forcing another player into a roleplay they do not wish to be involved in.

-Taking charge of another player’s character without their consent.


How to avoid this:
Only speak for yourself in roleplay and never assume that your hit will take or someone will even shake your hand! Give the other player a chance to operate their own character. Use descriptive words like: attempts, tries, aims for, goes for, swings towards.



Being overly powerful in your roleplay and not allowing your character any weaknesses.


For Example:

-Dodging and evading every strike against you in a combat situation.

-Bringing weapons out which were not visible on your character or using wiretaps, recording devices etc without the roleplay proving their existence prior to actual use.

-Being super strong or having inhuman powers or strengths.

-”Creation Godmodding”-essentially having all the skills or all the degrees. A character cannot be a doctor, lawyer, business owner, professor, scientist, mafia boss, and rockstar all at once under the age of 30, realistically it simply isn’t possible.


How to avoid this:

Again, think realistically about your character and take some hits. Be a good sport and play fair. No person is all powerful and remember we all have limits.

More on Roleplay!

Now that you’ve got the basics of roleplay down and some common mistakes to avoid we will discuss some basic information which you may run across in the course of roleplay.


Common Abbreviations:

RP: Roleplay

IC-In Character

OOC-Out of Character

NPC-Non Player Character: A character which is played by another person which is not a real person but a prop used to enhance the roleplay. A NPC can be a bartender, cop, shop keep etc and is played in the scene by a player. Sometimes NPCs are actual visual props (usually mesh statues) in which times they’re usually just place holders.

FTB-Fade to Black: puts the curtain over the scene and ends it. This can be done if you’re uncomfortable with a scene or simply wish to end it. Make sure you communicate this in IMs.


SR or SRV: Santa Ramona Valley


Character Creation


Character creation is an exciting time! You are essentially creating a character with their own tastes, occupation, age, family life, origin, and appearance among the many choices you can make for your character's creation. We suggest creating a character pick in your profile for your character for Santa Ramona Valley.


How to create a character pick:

Go to your profile, go to picks, go to the Santa Ramona Valley sim. Select New and touch the picture to put your own in. Then go to the title and name your pick for your character. Then in the next box down you enter your character’s information.


You can offer all sorts of information but we suggest when first starting out your character that you use a basic template, basic information which can be found on a driver's license or on your person in the event that you’re robbed or searched by the police. You can include as much information as you like but some things we’d like to think should be left for other players to find out in roleplay!


Basic Template


Name: Your character’s name

Date of Birth: Your character’s date of birth (not your in real life one!)

Relationship Status: (single, married, divorced etc)

Drivers License Status: (restricted, regular, commercial, motorcycle..etc)


Carrying on person: (wallet, cell phone, weapons, etc)

Tattoos and Piercings:


Now that you’ve learned all these basics you can go ahead and start roleplaying. Get out there and have some fun, don’t be afraid to pitch roleplaying posts to other characters in nearby chat. You never know what kind of adventures you may have!