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Santa Ramona Valley Roleplay 101

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Roleplay is a great way to express and explore yourself in ways that may not be possible in real life. When you are roleplaying you are essentially filling the role of another person which you play as a character separate from yourself, the person behind the screen. 

Roleplay can be as complex or basic as you wish it to be, though we do ask to provide at least two lines to your fellow players when in a scene.

One very important thing to remember is there is a clear distinction between in character (playing your character) and Out of Character (the person who is writing). Keeping these two separate and keeping all sorts of content from exchanging information, to having squabbles, to bonding and joking around all should preferably be kept in character to immerse yourself in the lifes of the creation you have made.

Read on for how to learn the ins and outs of roleplay aka RP.

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