Santa Ramona Valley Elections

As Mayor your key responsibilities will lie with the people and their needs. As mayor you may petition government officials to make real change in Santa Ramona Valley. In order to move forward on any new (ic) laws, law redactions or public additions you will submit a request to be viewed and decided on by a state panel, more information on this once you're elected. If you win, you'll be mayor for three months RL time.

Important Dates

Campaign Sign-up Til 2/14 at 9AM SLT

Campaigns last 2 Weeks til 2/29

Mayoral Debates 2/29 at 5 PM SLT

Election Days 03/1 & 3/2 Ballots Close at 9 AM SLT 3/2.

New Mayor Announced 12 PM SLT 3/2

Quick Notes:

A mayor will be required to host 1 (IC) Town Hall per month

A mayor may not be convicted of any felonies or have any outstanding warrants

A mayor must be 21 years of Age

A mayor will be responsible for press releases and regularly appealing to the public.