The Lone Oak Coven


Faction Name:

The Loan Oak Coven

Leads: Justin Quick((Teynon Resident))

type: A secret coven of Witches


Spot: Mostly on the mountain track area, but we might move around

ranks: 1- Dedicant – Pre-Initation Rank 2- Neophyte – Initiation Inner Circle 3- Death Walkers- Recruiters for the Coven 4- Priest/Priestess- Rital rank 5-High Priest/Priestess- Leaders of the coven

main crimes: Ritual Sexual Abuse, Assassinations, Curses and ,Forceful imprisonment, Drugging. Having said all that, The Coven members to not necessarily have to do crimes or be involved in any of the above. We are a nature cult mainly, so while our 'crimes' might be perceived as such by others and the Law, The Coven will not them that way.

recruiting ranks: Dedicant – Pre-Initation Rank

opportunity to advance through rp!

notes:  There shall be a strict rule of privacy within Lone Oak Coven what happens within the Coven meets and rituals is our business and not open for general discussion with the unenlightened. No member may ever reveal coven business to anyone outside the group. This includes the names of other coven members, ritual activities, and meeting information. Members will never be required to pay a fee of $50 (IC) for membership in Lone Oak Coven. Some rituals might involve sexual activity and or bodily fluids. If you do not wish to part take speak to the High Priest or Priestess. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will.- No member of the Lone Oak Coven shall intentionally do, commit or inflict harm upon any other member.