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Santa Ramona Valley History

Santa Ramona Valley was founded in the year 1848, the county city was named after the warrior missionary who sacrificed her life in the name of freedom for the Mexican people during the Mexican-American war. Ramona Aquino fought against the conquest of American militiamen and was able to hold out the area for months until eventually her forces were overcome and  the area annexed into the state of California. So admirable and honorable were her efforts that those who settled in the area revered the vanquished fighter and named it after her.  Long ago the area had been landlocked further inland but a dam failure flooded a quarter of the land through a once dry riverbed bringing an expansive stretch of beach to the area coined after Ramona Aquino's sacrifice and its once Valley status.

Current day Santa Ramona Valley's war had been fought on the soil of what is known as "Southside", the roughest part of town and home to the valleys Skid Row on Shady Street. Southside is rumored to be cursed by the blood spilled of innocent people and rumored haunted by the lives cut short who once fought for the rights of their territory. Violence and darkness abound in Southside giving a sharp contrast to "Northside" which revels in opulence and glamorous living and is home to many Californian elites from celebrities to high octane politicians and everything in between. Long has there been a clear discrepancy between the two sides of the county and it still exists to this day, not predicted to be united any time soon as the war which once founded this city rages on in its own ways. Southside seems to fight for its own independence and against gentrification by the Northside charmed and affluent circles. Amid warring factions of both good and evil, greed and poverty, exists the lives of simply people who find themselves in this city of great potential and great iniquities. Welcome to Santa Ramona Valley, where will you find yourself?

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