Famiglia Barone

Faction Name:

Famiglia Barone

Leads: Alessandro Vicentini (Armel Macchi) ​

type: Italian mafia

neighborhood: southside

Spot: hotel cortez

ranks: Don or Boss; Consiglieri; Sottocapo or Underboss; Capo or Caporegime; Soldatti or Soldier; Associates | Donne d'honore (Ladies of honor)

main crimes: weapons traffic, influence peddling, logistics ​

recruiting ranks: Sottopcapo; Capo; Soldatti; Associates

opportunity to advance through rp!

Also Recruiting: positions for the Hotel Cortez (Deputy manager, legal advisor, marketing, staff in general) ​​

notes: We're an Italian Mafia family, italian blood is required to join unless as associated that can be anyone willing to do business with us.