Gateway House


Faction Name:

Gateway House

lead: Alexia Rousseau (Lydhia Shinn)

The Gateway House is a hub for where all criminal intelligence operates via the underground network. Here you can look up other criminals, get in touch with them by passing messages along,  find out information about gangs and criminals and even possibly  recruit potential new criminals released fresh out of the system and participating in the Gateway House for a reduced sentence.

neighborhood: southside, by the wharf

Spot: The Gateway House

ranks: The Lead is in charge of the house but other than obeying the rules of the house, there are none. Even if you are a committed criminal, you will respect the front the Gateway House puts up in providing a place to allegedly improve oneself so that the criminal network can flourish in discretion.

main crimes: Providing a meeting hub for Criminals, Being a place where gangs might recruit criminals

Criminals are allowed to join as staff if they outwardly present themselves as reformed---no longer criminals. This is necessary for the preservation of the Gateway House to operate discreetly.

The Gateway House is a great way to get information and connections to other factions

notes: You may leave a notecard in the Gateway house's mailbox  with Alexia Rousseau [lydhia shinn] to set up a time for a scene!

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