Famiglia Mancino


Faction Name: Famiglia Mancino

Leads: Vico Mancino (Xyxis Resident)

type: Mafia/Mob (American/Italian)

neighborhood: Southside

Spot: Mancino Funeral & Cremation

ranks: Consigliere - Underboss- Deliverer - Courier

main crimes: Disposal Services', Smuggling

recruiting ranks:  Couriers/Dealers, Soldiers/Muscles - but we value good stories, ideas and involvement so (almost) anything is possible.

opportunity to advance through rp!

Also Recruiting:

Accountants, Lawyers, whatever you got we find a use for it


We are a small but dedicated patchwork-family. valuing fancy attires, shady businesses and the occasional insanity. Not quite the ‘by the book’ Mafia/Mob but still close enough. We welcome anyone willing to write great and immersive stories, not only among ourselves but also to carry it out to the outside. We are not here to overpower but to write with others. We want ‘outsiders’ have as much fun as we do.  If that sounds like your stick feel free to approach us! Most of our members are located in the EU, but that shouldn’t stop you from approaching us if you’re from another zone.

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