Circle of the Black Thorn

Faction Name: Circle of the Black Thorn

Leads: IC name (SL name) Kasandra Russo (Kasandra Morgan), Jordan Russo (Jordanhughes)

Type: Mafia (USA)

Neighborhood – Southside

Spot – Alley Cats (Strip Club)

Ranks – Kingpin, Underboss, Caporegime, Enforcer, Soldier, Dealer, Meat (trafficked people)

Main Crimes – Human Trafficking, Gun Running, Drug Dealing,  Prostitution, Extortion and Money Laundering

Recruiting Ranks – Enforcers, Soldiers, Dealers and Meat (based on interest and character's experience)

activity and participation leads to promotion.


we need bartenders, dancers and djs for the club.

We're laidback, friendly people playing a kinky parody of the mafia. We don't take ourselves too seriously and just want to have fun above all. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, drop by Alley Cats and get involved.