Faction Name

Faction Name:

Reyes del sur

(southside kings)

Leads: Marco (coldinhell) & Santiago Phillips (thebignothing)

type: Mexican Cartel

neighborhood: southside

Spot: Alley Cats

ranks: Capo, Lt., Hitman, Falcon, dealers, others

main crimes: drugs, guns

recruiting ranks: hitman, falcon, dealers, others

opportunity to advance through rp!

Also Recruiting: staff at alley cats - M/F dancers, bouncers, bartenders, etc.

notes: Looking for anyone interested in roleplaying in the cartel or at alley cats.  Please note alley cats is a strip club.  we are para to semi para rpers and happy to hear your ideas, help you in your goals and help with RP if you need it.

Santiago 'Iago'