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Santa Ramona Valley criminal guide



Being a criminal can be one of the most entertaining “jobs” in the roleplay sphere. Criminal characters are vital in roleplay as they often are the catalyst for both minor and major storyline progressions, some may say even more vital than police department characters as they are the ones who help keep the municipal departments in action. With so many options to ply your trade you must also keep in mind some basic guidelines which can make you and your fellow roleplayer’s experiences that much more enjoyable.


Creating a Criminal Faction 

Santa Ramona Valley does recognize factions (cartel, mob, gang, mafia etc) which have had marked activity over a 2 week period with a submitted application on our factions page and at least two members. Factions are permitted to establish territories over areas which they manage a business or typically can be found. Becoming a recognized faction is only for OOC promotion, all recognition and reputation should happen in character. Recognition happens when a faction "makes the news", does in character deeds or gets arrested publicly.


Make your presence known in character. You may create your own group for your criminal faction and we appreciate if it has SRV in the group name.


Committing Crimes & Planning

Before committing crimes be sure to be familiar with our rules. Inability to follow our rules may result in your scene being moderated then with the worse case scenario a void of your. Repeat offenses may result in obtaining a strike towards a ban on our administrative three strike system. Remember, this is not a metered sim, our sim strives mostly for storytelling.

Planning is an important aspect of being a criminal player. A general rule of thumb is to already have an idea of the elements of your roleplay which will influence the outcome of your case prior to committing the crime. 


A good tip is to write a short notecard which you can hand out to law enforcement officers and victims/witnesses on the scene which includes evidence, tips and other such helpful information which will enrich not only your roleplay but also those involved.


Writing a notecard and handing it out to those involved will also minimize confusion or frustration in a scene. Remember, your crime is not just one roleplay, your crime will result in other roleplays from other players as well. Feel free to leave a bit of mystery or evidence props for investigators to figure out!


It can be really tempting to immediately run from a scene the moment your character commits their crime, make sure you have sufficient roleplay to back up your character’s actions as your victims or witnesses may try to get you to stay and fair play must be 100% from all parties involved.


Even if you happen to still be on the scene when police arrive, you can still successfully flee! Keep in mind that police players sometimes have roleplay turns to wait on before they can race to a scene-so be patient.


If you still do flee before police arrive, continue to wait on scene out of character and keep an eye on the scene which you have created in order to answer any OOC questions that may come your way.





Santa Ramona Valley has an active judiciary system to put criminals through. If you get arrested you should expect consequences from jail time and community service to in character fines (never real lindens) and GPS trackers (which are just props, they don’t actually monitor your avatar’s movements) after conviction.


When you’re arrested you will get jail hours which are standard and tallied per criminal offense on an arrest report after your character has been ICly processed. For felonies no bail may be met, you may be allowed a visit and a phone call depending on your cooperation. All criminals who are arrested can spend up to 9 hours pre-trial in jail using a time clock system provided by the PD. Your total time at the time of arrest will be added based on your charges hours, then you will have to serve 25% of your time pre-trial after you are processed into jail. After trial and guilty conviction you could serve a maximum of 72 hours or however many hours you have accrued past the initial 9 hours. For more information on our court system click here.


 Underground Group

         There is an underground group exclusively for deviants and criminal players! This group works as a criminal syndicate. There are underground leads which can help you accentuate your roleplay or help commit larger scale crimes and you can watch your criminal character climb the ranks through active roleplay and involvement. To join the underground group you can do so at any time via our group terminals in the main terminal. 

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