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Santa Ramona Valley Admins assist with rentals, problematic roleplay issues, conflicts, mediation, complaints, and general in world help. You may submit a help ticket at any time (located at the bottom of this page), otherwise contact one of our admins online for assistance. 

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These team members can help with: 

These team members can help with: 

Harassment Issues
Assistance in Setting up Scenes 
Fire/Catastrophe Approvals
Lead Complaints
Lag Reduction
Minor Avatars or Players
Making Notices for any SRV Group/Business

Evelyna Stone

Sim Admin (blueridgechick)

Eve has been RPing in many genres in and out of SL for several years, giving her a broad sense of RP style.  A writer and storyteller by design, she also loves to help with events, mentoring new players and building in SL.  And she's a geek! If you need any help contact me in world! 

Sarina Jade

Sim Admin (Madison Munro)

Sarina has been involved in SL RP for over 10 years, and has experience in running tabletop GURPs games, as well as text based role play via AOL Instant Messenger. She can command a starship, swing a sword to save the world, or come running to the rescue with nothing but her wits and gumption. In Santa Ramona, she's extremely friendly, out going, and helpful. She's likely to stop to talk to almost anyone on the street and is willing to help new players find their happy place.. She is your classic good girl next door. 

Chiara Villanova

Sim Admin (bethann causten)

While she's only been RPing in SL for 4 years Beth has 30 years as a tabletop and LARPer.  She writes LARPs for a national role playing convention.  Prior to RPing in SL she was an event planner and taught SL101 classes for newbies.

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Welcoming New Players
Citizen Applications
Helping Direct to Jobs & Interests
Sim Tours

Alexia Rousseau

lydhia shinn (sim mentor)

Alex has been rping in SL for the past 12 years, her background rooted in text-based forum RP sites. She has a love of creative, but realistic writing and a shopping habit that rivals the best of SLers. Open to a vast array of storytelling, she enjoys gritty and tangled storylines best. Despite her IC choices and actions, Alex is oh-so-pleasant OOCly. She is more than happy to help with any questions or suggestions to help get you started and integrated into the Santa Ramona scene. Just ask!

Jaren Toxx

Jaren Toxx (sim mentor)

Rhiannon Dahl

rhiviannele (sim mentor)

Roleplay was an early life hobby, spending most weekends LARPing or table top playing DnD later shifted into scene writing with friends. With a love of creating characters and story lines I'm available to help from finding a lm, tossing ideas back and forth, or reading through drafts with ya! Even if Rhi isn't in the Valley, feel free to message away.

Debbie O'Reilly

buddyssilentpartner (sim mentor)

Debbie has been role playing in SL for six or seven years, initially in post-apocalyptic sims, moving onto various linked Star Wars sims, as she roleplayed crossing the galaxy, and finally roleplaying in urban RP. She arrived in Santa Ramona Valley in September 2018. In her last three sims she has RPed the same character - a pole dancer with professional training - and her RP has involved a back story of crossing the USA from east to west. Her character is very sociable.

Although her character IC in SRV is an American, OOC she is on UK time (normally SLT +8 hours). 

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Jay Stone

Sim Owner (julian quinzet)

Jay is a seasoned roleplayer of nearly two decades. With humble beginnings in text based roleplay on AOL, VtM LARPS and tabletop dice games, roleplay has nearly been a life long passion. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact the amazing SRV Admin Team!

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Azarah Brentt

Uaay (sim moderator)

Azariah has been in RP for around a 10 years, in various different genres. Having started in medi/fantasy RP, then Pirate RP. I stumbled into urban RP about 6 years ago and have RP's a Police Officer most of that time. Have been in Santa Ramona coming up on 2 years. Like to be as realistic in my roles as possible. Love organizing events and helping people. I have helped quite a few people who know nothing of RP to become fully competent RPers, so have a lot of patience with new people. Always happy to talk in OOC so feel free to message me, even if its just to say Hello.

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Scene and group moderation

Griefer/Troll issues

Player complaints

Sim Owner

This team member can help with: 

All of the above and...

Build issues


All complaints


Love and Hate Mail