SRV Combat & Weapon Rules

  • No hate crime roleplays are permitted based off gender, age, race, LGBQT, religious or political views. If this is violated then a ban of indeterminate time will be given with no exceptions to the aggressor(s).


  • Wait 1 full post round for all involved in a combat scene prior to entering.  Always post an entering introduction first before becoming involved in combat.


  • If you commit a crime be prepared to remain around the scene to respond to any following roleplay and if needed provide a notecard to police for any evidence they may find. Give as many details as you can without giving everything away. You may flee within reason, chases can usually be collaborated with emergency workers and they’re a great opportunity for exciting rp.


  • Reaching for, pulling out and/OR aiming a weapon must be done in a separate post from the actual attack.


  • During combat you are allowed 2 actions either attack or defense. For example, all attack: pulling the trigger twice. 1 attack and 1 defense: shooting once and ducking out of the way. 2 defense, blocks hit and attempts to flee. If you choose to use two attacks (such as pulling a trigger twice in one post) and are using dice, ensure you roll twice, once for each action.


  • Play fair, remember no character is invincible and be a good sport! RP turn based combat is encouraged. No combat huds are permitted here, you may use optional 25 sided dice provided at the main rez terminal to determine outcomes at random. Dice usage chart:


25-direct hit, unable to be defended against.

24-20-strong hit, able to defend.

19-10-medium hit, able to defend.

10-0: weak hit or miss, able to defend.


  • No one may force you to perma death your character or force you to go outside of your limits, however please keep your avatar's behavior realistic-if your limits say no death then flee the scene before it gets to that point, do not push your own limits in turn.  Fair play is expected, do not metagame, powergame or godmod your fellow player. Make attempts using verbiage such as “tries, attempts, goes for, aims for”.

  • The use of NPCs and combat, from time to time NPCs may be used in RP scenes but players are advised to keep their use limited. Do not egregiously roleplay an entire NPC gang or faction without admin approval.  Do not NPC another person’s character unless they’ve asked you to do so for them. Try to have authentic player vs player RP as much as possible as it can be easy to get out of touch with reality with NPCs.


  • If you have to NPC police, EMTs or FD due to no players being immediately present from that department then please keep them neutral and limited to just do their job and go. No dramatics with NPC emergency workers.


  • No weapons of mass destruction, no major ballistics such as automatic guns, bombs, chemical or biological warfare methods may be considered for roleplay. Use of automatic guns and major damage by weapons must be approved in advance by a sim admin not in the scene.


  • All weapons which are to be considered in roleplay ‘on person’ must be on the actual avatar in some way, this includes concealed weapons as well, you must have the physical object on hand.  If your weapon is concealed and doesn’t have the option with the sheathing methods you may forgo equipping the physical sheath and only equip the phantom weapon in your hand.


  • If you wish to register your weapon and apply for a open or concealed firearms permit you may do so in character at City Hall.


  • “Illegal weapons” and “Legal” weapons are both permitted. Indicate their status in your roleplaying post if needed in the event of police interaction. Handguns, shotguns, semi-automatics, rifles can all be used, bought, traded and registered here.