Citizen Poll




In an effort to help our RPers express themselves, we introduced four lots on our 'Southside' Sim.  These lots have been very popular and add a great touch of originality to the sim.

We've recently found ourselves bursting at the seams for rentals and while we know you don't have to rent to RP, we're happy to have each and every person here regardless of your rental status, we know many people get frustrated when they can't live on sim.

With the popularity of the lots, we have been considering to attach another sim and make the sim mostly all lots.  It'll be landscaped and have roads for all to enjoy, it'll allow us to move some rental spaces off the two main RP sims, saving us script usage and perhaps a bit of lag control.  

However, SRV has never wanted to be just a residential sim.  So we look to you, our players that make SRV what it is and ask what do you think?