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What can a Bounty Hunter(BH) in SRV do?


BH's can arrest people that have a bench warrant.. A bench warrant from the courts is issued when a person fails to turn up at court. When a defendant leaves jail on bail they waive their constitutional rights. They agree that they can be arrested by the court if they should fail to appear for their court appearances or complete their sentencing requirements. Also if a person on probation violates their conditions the court can again issue a bench warrant for their arrest.


To be a Bounty Hunter(BH) in SRV you must:


  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Be an SRV Citizen

  • Have no major crimes felony convictions (rape, attempted murder, murder)

  • Complete the 2-hour Police Officer Standard Training power of arrest course. (NPC, must pass    knowledge test at end of this page)

  • Must be registered with the SD as an Official Bounty Hunter.

  • All bounties will receive a flat rate of $2,500.


Bounty Hunter Rules

☞   Bounty hunters are not allowed to pass themselves off as law enforcement officers. California law goes as far as to prohibit them from wearing anything that might cause the average citizen to mistake them as law enforcement, such as a badge.


☞   Bounty hunters must carry their bounty hunter license with them at all times so they can prove they have permission to operate as a bounty hunter in city of Santa Ramona.


☞   Bounty Hunter only needs the warrant issued by the judge in order to apprehend a fugitive. A bounty hunter doesn't have to read a fugitive his or her Miranda rights before making the arrest.


☞  The bench warrant issued by the judge gives the bounty hunter the right to enter the home of a fugitive, but only after establishing without a doubt that the person lives there. They cannot enter the homes of friends or family members to look for the fugitive.


☞   Bounty Hunter can ONLY arrest the person named on the warrant.


☞   Bounty Hunter can use “reasonable force” to arrest a fugitive. They can defend themselves if they are attacked. They should take care not to injure or kill bystanders. SRV does not operate a 'dead or alive' policy so no bounty will be paid for dead fugitives.


☞   Bounty Hunter cannot search the premise of the fugitive unless they are doing so to find a hidden person.


☞   Bounty Hunters are not above the law and are still subject to Law enforcement like everyone else.


☞ SRSD and SRV City cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of a Bounty Hunter apprehending a known fugitive.


How it will work.


Every 2 weeks the Undersheriff of SRSD will issue a list of Bench warrants on the books.


Bounty Hunters are free to hunt whoever they want.  First one to bring the fugitive into the Sheriff's Office gets the payment.


Bounty Hunters must do their own research to locate the fugitive.


Fugitive will be processed by SRSD. (If no deputies are online or working, fugitive will be NPCed processed.  Drop the attached notecard on madison munro or uaay resident to record your collar.)


Once the fugitive is captured and brought into Police Custody the bounty of $2,500 will be paid.




Criminals don't run from the law with the aim of getting caught. Because they don't hide in plain sight, bounty hunters have to be resourceful. They must research their subjects thoroughly before making any moves. Usually they start by searching through databases of addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers and Social Security numbers to find the fugitive's last whereabouts.


Many bounty hunters carry guns, mace or other weapons. But by far the most valuable weapon a bounty hunter can possess is the element of surprise. Often, that means showing up at a fugitive's door in the middle of the night or posing as a UPS delivery person or meter reader to gain access to the person's residence.

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