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August 4, 2020

Local dispensary, "Smoke Signals", is under new management and looking for retail savvy cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs to join the staff!

Pay- $14-16 an hour.

Qualifications and skills required:
Basic knowledge of strains, accessories, and product care.

A chill attitude

At least 2 years of retail experience.

Must be at least 21 years of age.

A cute body and aesthetic is a plus.

If interested, contact Fawnie Dimple((Slushie.adored)) at Smoke Signals. ((IM Fawnie Dimple(Slushie.adored)))

July 27, 2020

Where could you find Supergirl, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Iron Man, Captain America, a Sith and at least two Jokers all together?

Well my dears, not in a comic book, since they are a mixture of creations by different publishers.

The correct answer is in the Boiler Room in Santa Ramona Valley. They were all to be found at the Second Annual Comic Con held there this Sunday.

Santa Ramona residents all dressed up as their favorite characters and danced the night away surrounded by statues of other characters like Yoda and Black Panther. Not to forget one dancer who, in an open challenge to the creative artists of DC and Marvel, came dressed as her Dungeons & Dragons character.

Music was provided, as it often is in the Boiler Room by the ever-popular DJ Kittara,

The $500 prize for best costume was deservedly won by Tawny Miller as Poison Ivy. So congratulations to Tawny with her most elegant get-up.

And congratulations to Joseph Styles, aka Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, and his team at the B...

July 22, 2020

It’s the Second Annual Comic Con event at Santa Ramona’s Boiler Room this Sunday, July 26th from 3 – 6 p.m. It’s like Halloween in July were our residents and guests dress as their favorite comic book hero or villain. You don’t need to be in costume to join in the fun, but it might pay you to dress it up. Your host, Joseph Styles is giving a $500 prize for the best costume. Check your inventory for that Joker outfit you bought five years ago and join the fun.

When asked about the first Comic Con event and how things went Joseph was quick to respond "Yes, the first one was a big success. Doing the event in the middle of the blockbuster movie season and the San Diego Comic Con usually has people embracing those characters. And yes, we do encourage patrons to come down Sunday dressed like their favorites. That is half the fun of the event, seeing who people come as."

As to the music, “Kittara is well known here in Santa Ramona. She has been my DJ for almost every monthly event we have h...

July 20, 2020

On July 12th we ran our first opinion piece in the Chronicles. Written by Isabella Carter, it argued that prostitution should be legalized in Santa Ramona Valley. We asked for people to submit their own opinions.

Yesterday we published a reply by Under Sheriff Azariah Brentt, written in a personal capacity. Today we publish two further replies. We welcome responses both to the original article and to the responses.

From Slim Hutchinson:

While Ms Carter may have her heart in the right place, she should look deeper into the possible results of the action. Would she be fine with Mrs. Wilson on the corner setting up a lemonade stand only instead of lemonade for a quarter, she gives head behind a curtain for ten bucks every Saturday afternoon to earn a few extra dollars? Or maybe the cheerleading squad could sell sex instead of holding a carwash to raise money for new uniforms. The outrage would be more than a moral issue. But remember, Mrs. Wilson and the cheerleaders are providing a communit...

July 12, 2020

This is the first of our new series publishing opinions of the residents of Santa Ramona Valley. We welcome responses and will publish the best ones. Articles published under the heading of 'Opinion' do not necessarily represent the views and opinion of the Chronicles. defines prostitution as "the practice of engaging in relatively indiscriminate sexual activity, in general with someone who is not a spouse or a friend, in exchange for immediate payment in money or other valuables."

It is considered the oldest profession. While prostitutes can be male, female or transgender and can include heterosexual and homosexual activities, it is predominantly female prostitutes with male "customers." According to the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department, prostitution is difficult to convict so the majority of prostitutes are given a fine of $2000. The "customers" are cited for solicitation and fined $1000. The stiffer penalty is for those who are called "pimps" or those engaging in a p...

June 24, 2020

 The Mayor surveys the litter

If you were in Southside at lunchtime on Tuesday, you would have seen groups of people walking around picking up litter and waste.

They were members of Mayor Roisin Russo’s volunteer force to clean up Southside. She promised this during the election and this was their first outing.

Around a dozen people, including Under Sheriff Brentt and two deputies, gathered for the clean-up. After a delay, they broke up into groups and, armed with trash bags, proceeded to get to work.

Waste paper and cigarette ends were put into bags. Larger items, such as abandoned furniture and, believe it or not, a toilet bowl, were moved to specific places for garbage workers to pick up.

 An alley off Shady St before the clean-up

The alley after the clean-up

Mayor Russo thought the turnout was good, though conceded it largely consisted of her friends, though Under Sheriff Brentt said the turnout was smaller than he thought it would be. He added "I do think it will make a differenc...

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