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July 3, 2020

We have received reports of an attempted burglary at the home of Mayor Roisin Russo. According to information received by the Chronicles, the burglar was apprehended in the act by Mayor Russo, who held the burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived.

The Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that they were called to Mayor Russo’s address and that a suspect has been arrested. They will not give further details.

The suspect is believed to be Lusinda Zeritonga, who, we are led to understand, has a previous police record for prostitution. She has been charged with Breaking & Entering along with Attempted Robbery of the Mayor's house.

After being questioned, she was released on bail pending trial.

We were unable to contact the Mayor for comment.

June 26, 2020

Mayor Roisin Russo held her first Town Hall last night, Thursday, June 25th. It was attended by over a dozen citizens wanting to hear more about her plans for the city, but it ended in chaos.

Mayor Russo opened the meeting by talking about her proposal to have SRV Studios create a documentary about Santa Ramona Valley.  

She indicated that nothing had been settled but it was her vision that the documentary focus on the history and heritage of Santa Ramona, not necessarily its businesses. She doesn't want to see the documentary become an advertisement for area businesses. She also indicated that she didn't have a price point for cost of the documentary but that she felt the city should cover the majority of it along with donations. 

The mayor indicated she feels the documentary could be played at prime time several times and that it should draw in tourists which will produce a return on the investment. Joseph Styles, owner of The Boiler Room offered to donate $10,000 to the documentary. Ma...

June 24, 2020

 The Mayor surveys the litter

If you were in Southside at lunchtime on Tuesday, you would have seen groups of people walking around picking up litter and waste.

They were members of Mayor Roisin Russo’s volunteer force to clean up Southside. She promised this during the election and this was their first outing.

Around a dozen people, including Under Sheriff Brentt and two deputies, gathered for the clean-up. After a delay, they broke up into groups and, armed with trash bags, proceeded to get to work.

Waste paper and cigarette ends were put into bags. Larger items, such as abandoned furniture and, believe it or not, a toilet bowl, were moved to specific places for garbage workers to pick up.

 An alley off Shady St before the clean-up

The alley after the clean-up

Mayor Russo thought the turnout was good, though conceded it largely consisted of her friends, though Under Sheriff Brentt said the turnout was smaller than he thought it would be. He added "I do think it will make a differenc...

June 17, 2020

The Mayor is proposing a collaborative project with SRV TV/Film Studios and is requesting that the city budget allow a grant upon film/documentary maker Jessica Crossby , in order to create a documentary about Santa Ramona. This will help  to promote the city and also boost our local TV/Media business.

Full details of the proposed grant are available on the City Hall website.

Comments about and/or objections to this request should be sent to the Mayor's Office, City Hall. by 7am on Wednesday 24th June.

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