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May 31, 2020

It is believed that mayoral candidate Manny Moore may be in hospital after being stabbed.

Sheriff Jade Ramirez has confirmed to the Chronicles in an interview that her department was investigating a stabbing incident on Friday involving two victims. She refused to identify their names, but said that the Sheriff’s Department was investigating.

However, a source from within the Santa Ramona General Hospital said that a man resembling Manny Moore was brought into the hospital having been stabbed.  The identity of the second victim is still not known.

Manny Moore is running for mayor for the second time, having come a close second to Dimitri Rousseau in the last election.
It is not known whether the stabbing has anything to do with his candidature.

However, this may be the second attempted murder of a politician in Santa Ramona this year, following the shooting of then-Governor Jay Stone last February.

Because of this, the Chronicles is taking steps to minimize the information we publ...

May 29, 2020

Roisin Russo believes that Santa Ramona Valley needs change. Not long ago she came across a severed foot close to the studio she owns (the Sheriff’s Department are still investigating this). She frequents both Northside (where she lives) and Southside, and she sees her fair share of drug addicts and dealers. And she would love to see our trails and beaches cleaner than they now are.

Ms Russo is therefore running for Mayor. Owner of a modeling agency close to where Northside and Southside meet, she hails from Chicago and has lived in Santa Ramona, where she has family, for around two years. Her current home is

in Bel Aire.

She has integrated herself well into the life of the city in the time she’s been here. Before opening her agency she owned Wolfe’s, the bar in the center of town. Before it was abolished she spent time as a member of the City Council,  and has previously run for Mayor, though that attempt had to be abandoned for personal reasons.

Her platform focuses on what she ca...

May 28, 2020

At the Convention Center , Saturday  May 30th at 12 noon

May 26, 2020

The SRV Electoral Commission has announced the names of the candidates for the post of Mayor in the coming election. They are:

Roisin Russo - Think of The Future , Vote Roisin Russo, Make A Difference.

Manny Moore - Build Moore Together.

Lillian Llewellyn - Take Pride.

Because, due to a technical problem, the official announcement of the candidates has been delayed, the Electoral Commission has changed the dates of the election. It will now take place from June 9 through June 11 at 9am.

The mayoral debates will take place on June 5 at 4pm, as previously announced.

The Chronicles will publish interviews with each of the candidates during the campaigning period.


May 25, 2020

Revelers danced away the afternoon last Saturday, at the Second Annual Prom at the Boiler Room. Low levels of lighting and colored balloons across the floor added to the festive atmosphere as people from across the whole of Santa Ramona Valley drank, danced and partied as only we know how.

Owner Joseph Styles explained why it was called a Prom, despite having nothing to do with any high school. It came, he explains, from his wife, Serina, who hails from Italy where they don’t have high school proms. And you also hear people talking of the horror stories of their prom, or people saying they wished they could relive their prom, so he decided to let people have that opportunity.

“Just because we aren't in high school anymore doesn't mean we can't get dressed up and have a night to remember” he says. That was last year. But he decided to make the Prom an annual event, each May. And so, this year, he held the second one.

Styles bought the Boiler Room in May last year, after managing it fo...

May 23, 2020

The Santa Ramona election for Mayor takes place from June 6 to 9am June 9. Nominations close this Monday at 8am.

To help people make their mind up as to whether to run or not, the Chronicles spoke to three previous mayors, Carlita Brucato-Angel (referred to at the time as Carly), Roman Ramirez and Chiara Villanova, three very different individuals with three very different stories.

The three very different stories revealed a city that is very divided, a division that perhaps still exists today. Despite the rebuilding that took place during the evacuation of the city, the distinction between Northside and Southside remain as obvious as ever.

But the fact that the three are so very different reveals the first bit of advice to a potential candidate: you don’t have to be a stereotypical politician to stand and win.

We asked each of them what motivated them to stand, what they thought they did right in the campaign and their opponents did wrong, the problems they faced and what they thought the...

On Sunday May 17th, Santa Ramona's Sheriff Department hosted a brunch and demonstrated several self defense techniques as part of their "Make the Call" campaign to end sexual violence. They had a very good turn out with many women and several men learning how to protect themselves.

The Sheriff's Department shared the following tips about self defense.

* Get Loud- Don't be afraid to scream when approached by an attacker. Don't just scream though, yell "Help. Call 911."

* Be prepared with your keys and phone in hand when you leave your house, your business, or while out and about.

* Use your keys as a weapon. Put the keys through your fisted hand, with the sharp key part sticking out between your fingers. If someone is coming at you, use a hammer strike, which is fancy way of saying punch them in the throat, nose, or eyes.

* If someone grabs you from behind, use the keys as before, but slam the keys into their thigh or knee. Once the attackers arms give you some slack to pull your arms free,...

May 17, 2020

Jade Aura Vertilo passed away suddenly in Santa Ramona Valley after an undisclosed illness.

A one time NYFD Firefighter transferred to Santa Ramona Fire Department while running the wildly successful Tito's Pizza. There are few that lived in Santa Ramona Valley that did not remember the excitement of Tuesdays with Topless Tito's Tuesdays on the Full Moon Beach before an earthquake took the establishment away. Jade moved on to run Alley Cats and introduced the city to Amateur Night and other exciting and fun events. Jade was most recently an associate at The Boiler Room and in business with good friend Joseph Styles.

While Jade did have some run ins with our Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department, more than any other person, she still maintained a reputation of being friendly, welcoming and always positive. Jade was one of the most likeable people most had met in Santa Ramona Valley.

Jade is survived by many friends that felt as close to her as family. It would be easy to say that if you met...

May 15, 2020

Santa Ramona Sheriff’s Department are looking for a missing woman, Grace Kelly, aged 24 with reddish brown and blue eyes.

A recent photo of Grace Kelly.

She is from Anyplace, WA and was visiting California with a friend. Her friend said they heard of a party in Santa Ramona Valley. Grace went out early on Wednesday morning from the hotel where they were staying and never returned. She had been checking in with her parents ever day, but she didn’t do so that day.

The friend contacted the parents when Grace did not return that morning. They waited twenty-four hours without hearing from her. Her parents then contacted the PD in Anyplace, who contacted the Santa Ramona Sheriff’s department at around five thirty on Friday morning.

Anyone who has any information about Grace’s current whereabouts or her movements since Wednesday morning, or has seen her, please contact the Santa Ramona Sheriff’s Department.

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