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April 26, 2020

The Sheriff’s Department say they are making headway in the Jenny Johannson homicide case.

This last week a woman pleaded guilty to Aiding and Abetting and other charges in connection with the homicide. The courts and the SD are not releasing her name at this time in order to protect a minor who might otherwise be identified.

The woman made no statement in court, although she has made a statement to the SD. This information is not being made public in order to keep the identity of the minor secret.

The Sheriff’s Department are still searching for Blake Larcen in connection with the homicide.. They do not yet have a full description of him, but they believe him to be very tall, with large feet, and his teeth have been filed down to be razor sharp.

Another man, who is believed also to be connected with the homicide, has been in touch with the SD and has made an appointment to speak to them. There is, additionally, a third person they are seeking, as yet unidentified. This third person may be...

April 24, 2020

A four-alarm fire erupted at a commercial building in Santa Ramona’s Warehouse District in the 70th block of Saturn Dock Street in the early morning hours of Friday April 24th. Firefighters battled large flames in the two-story building that quickly spread to the roof and engulfed the aged structure even as their hoses and valiant efforts were trying to subdue the blaze. Officials said a passer-by reported the fire at about 2 a.m. Santa Ramona Firefighters were able to prevent the flames from spreading to the rest of the block, but the interior of Coastal Shipping warehouse and the elevated office area were completely destroyed by the flames. It was reported that the roof collapsed on half a dozen high-end sports cars preparing to ship overseas for the Pacific Rim Rally event the very next day. 

Silvio Garza, the owner of Coastal Shipping had this to say: “Coastal Shipping is deeply saddened by loss of property that occurred by the blaze, but we want our customers to know that our insur...

April 22, 2020

I got the chance to talk briefly with Alexia Rousseau who manages the Gateway House.  I had to ask how did she get into this business?  "I've been down and out before. Someone helped me out of it and I'm returning that favor to others, showing you can get somewhere. You're not stuck."

"Gateway House is similar to a halfway house in some ways and yet we branch in a few different ways. Our goal is to give second chances to those that have not always been given the option, for those that feel stuck in a bad place and for those that truly want to get their life on the right track. We've been there before and Gateway's goal is to help provide the means to let individuals find their own way up. Our goal is to help fit individuals back into the community at the same time as providing the community connections and relationships, opening them to new way of thinking."

Gateway House is not our typical commercial meet and greet.  In fact it's not selling anything.  Instead it's givin...

April 18, 2020

 Now hiring a Station Manager, sound, light and camera crew as well as on screen and on air (radio) talent.  Contact the station or Joseph Styles (joec31), Serina Styles (nicethinshadow), Kilomahr Montago (kilodaga) or Chiara Villanova (Bethann.Causten) for more details.

April 16, 2020

I recently got a chance to talk with QJewlers and asked what they were all about. "We are opening a jewelry store, specializing in diamonds and gemstones for customized work. We have all sorts of options and choices if customization is not your thing. Our clarity of our pieces is our top priority. Whatever you buy, we want it to sparkle."  She added that "Purchasing from us is easy. We do installment payments where necessary and can also speak about loans for grand parties and events. You might not need to won the piece, but you can still wear it!"

Intrigued by some of the pieces I saw in the store I had to ask "What's the most unusual thing in your store?"  The owner was quick to answer "We have had requests for some diamond decked BDSM pieces. All of which can be found in-store.  Everyone needs shine in their life and to make themselves more confident with a fine piece on their neck, ears, fingers or head. Due to our installment paying options and jewelry loans, we are truly unique t...

April 12, 2020

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau announced to the press this week that two of his campaign proposals that were being reviewed by the State Panel have been approved.

"Lower taxes for businesses who start up here, investing in commercial and retail space as well as for businesses who exist already are now in place and tax cuts for property owners who invest in one or more properties here in the city of Santa Ramona have been approved by the State panel, we are glad to say." Mayor Dimitri Rousseau stated and added,

"Rent cap as a measure of controlling rental prices from increasing have also been approved. The rent cap will be at 5% so landlords cannot increase rental fees beyond this rate and this will also prevent landlords from exploiting their tenants and also lower the rate of homelessness by preventing exorbitant fees." 

The State panel issued the following comments: "A 2% Small Business Tax Cut has been approved, these taxes are cut from the profit base of all current and registered businesses...

April 11, 2020

The Sheriff’s Department have announced they believe that they have solved a wave of crimes in Santa Ramona Valley. 

They believe that three separate incidents — the fire at the Rousseau vigil and the associated murder of farmer Mac McCreedy, the attempted assassination of Governor Jay Stone, and the attempted kidnapping a week ago of a number of women and the shooting dead of the two men attempting this — were perpetrated by the same two men.

The two men the Sheriff’s Department believe to be responsible for all three incidents were named as Santiago Phillips and Lazaro Ignacio Vasquez. Both were shot dead in the last of these incidents. Until recently the two were the owners of the Alley Cats club on Shady Street, in Southside.

This dramatic announcement was made in a statement made by Under-Sheriff Azariah Brentt at a press conference earlier today.

The fire last November take place in a cornfield where a crowd of people had gathered in a vigil for the children of our present mayor, Dim...

April 11, 2020

The Full Moon on April 7th, Tuesday, brought out the loonies.
On my late night stroll on Menice beach I noticed an odd smell. As I followed it, I saw two people engaging in what looked like some weird Full Moon ritual of sorts. I recognized both individuals, one of which is a local celebrity/fitness Guru. Yes, I'm talking about Ms. Fawnie Dimple.

Ms. Dimple was joined by the manager of Tip Top Grocery and Convenience store in south side, Bunni Crisman. The blonde seemed to be the one leading it.  Though I'm shocked by Ms. Dimple's presence, Ms Crisman's involvement didnt elicit the same response. 
That woman always struck me as a weirdo and I'm sure others who have encountered the overly tattooed and ill-mannered blonde can say the same.
I think these ladies may have watched  binged watched "The Craft" or reruns of "American Horror Story: Coven" one too many times! Yikes!

April 6, 2020

The Sheriff's Department have released the name of a man they want to question in connection with last month’s brutal murder of a woman in Santa Ramona.

The woman, now identified as Jenny Johannson, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, was probably murdered on the afternoon of March 11th. Her body was cut into pieces and placed in four trash bags, which were dumped in various places around town.

The Sheriff’s Department already have one person they are questioning, but now the man they want to question is Blake Larcen. They believe he was in Santa Ramona on the evening of March 10th and left late on March 11th. 

He is described as very tall and lives a drifter life style. The police think that he may come back to Santa Ramona, or that someone in Santa Ramona may know his present whereabouts.

The police believe him to be dangerous. Anyone who sees him should not approach him but contact the Sheriff’s Department immediately.

The Sheriff’s Department would also like to speak to anyone who saw the trash ba...

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