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March 24, 2020

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02/16/2020 ”Vehicle Hit and Run"

On the evening of Sunday February 16th a Deputy was dispatched to a call of a Hit and Run. The Deputy arrived to find a Black 1967 Camaro had crashed into the foundations of a house. The deputy ran the license plate and VIN number and found who the car belonged to.

The owner was later found and charged with Vehicle Hit and Run and was issued a citation.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department at this time.


02/24/2020 “Homicide”

On the evening of Monday 24th February SRSD Deputies were dispatched to a call of a body found over behind the Boiler Room near the Electric Distribution Station.

The male victim was shot once in the knee and once in the head and was pronounced on the scene by the Medical Examiner. A black card was found in the victims hand.

Evidence was found on the body that is currently assisting the SRSD in their investigation. The suspect is described as wh...

March 20, 2020

This is the first of our series of community Meet and Greet Articles.  Each one will be released the day before the business hosts a Meet and Greet Event, meaning the Surf Shop Meet and Greet is Saturday, March 21.

Today we spoke with Nanayea who runs the Surf Shop on Santa Ramona's southside.  She normally goes by Naya.  She was quick to point out that the shop is the only Surf Shop in town and boasts a surfboard that had an actual shark bite taken from it.  IIt was given to the shop by the survivor.  When asked how she got into the business Naya responded "I am a Surfer , and have a Passion for Scuba diving , and snorkeling , and sailing."  

The Surf Shop is a new addition to Santa Ramona, filling a need for those who come to visit the incredible beaches.  Naya's advice to citizens and tourists alike "Golden beaches, amazing views of the ocean, some great amenities, Surfs's Up, so grab a board and enjoy."

Santa Ramona is gearing up for the arrival of it's own TV Studio network in the upcoming weeks. The new endeavor, the TV Studio is a private enterprise which saw individual investors from varying business backgrounds buying shares.

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau who has pledged to bring in investment and opportunity into the city of Santa Ramona had pushed the TV Studio Network as part of his platform and secured the private investments required to bring the TV Studio Network into existence as well as bringing on board one of Santa Ramona's most renowned talent.

Musician and actress Juliana Stone, an internationally renowned artist who resides in Santa Ramona, the city where her immediate family lives has publicly declared her own involvement and role in the new studio:

"I'm incredibly  honored to be a part of this venture. Most people look at young women my age and don't think we have the capacity to handle such a daunting task as being a television executive.  I'm here to prove them all wrong....

March 11, 2020

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau revealed his steps for taking the proposals he pitched during his campaign into actualizing them as real programs.

Walk In Welcomes:

[OOC: If you're interested, contact an admin to put your business on the Events calendar with a day and time suitable for you/your business and contact Chiara Villanova [bethann causten] for Chronicles interivew.]

"This will be a once a month event. The idea is that one local business  a month hosts a Welcome meet and greet to host new and old citizen's and visitors alike at their establishment. This way business owners see activity, traffic and promote their services and products while civilians get to explore their city and socialize with others, even network with businesses. 

 The SRV Chronicles will provide exposure by interviewing local businesses who join  and through that promotion of any local business who do enlist to host a Welcome Meet & Greet event at their place of business.

TV Studio Network:

"Santa Ramona's ver...

Last week looked a bit grim as for the US trading as well for the British. DJIA finished on Friday at 25,864, SP500 2,972 and NASDAQ at 8,575. The numbers been going down from the last FED announcement which didn't help at all, only putting more bearish behavior on the markets. Through the weekend as trading stopped, DOW futures lost more than 1000 points finishing Friday trade at 25,789 just to wake up on Monday morning with a headache of 24,188. Monday trades are not looking so good either. As the oil trade war between Saudis and Russia emerged, the oil sells noted biggest drop since 2014, dropping 10% between OPEC and its allies. Crude oil CLJ20, -18.484% BRNK20, -19.837% followed that pullback with a 20% drop Monday, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -6.543% shed 1,500 points in a bruising session to start the week. As to add to the chaos and pain caused by the oil prices dropping to the lowest point till 1991 first Gulf War, the prices are putting pressure on credit and...

March 6, 2020

"Let me start by saying, it's extremely relieving to know that former Governor  Jay Stone  out of harms way. This city has missed him an' his thoughtful an personable leadership. The current Governor is doin' a good job of keepin up to Mr Stone's high standard.

Former Mayor Chiara Villanova deserves some applause an' our thanks too, fa her good work an' leadership an I personally thank her fa her involvement in tha city an' community an' fa her support.

I would like ta thank my wife, Alexia an' my family, supporting me every step of tha way.

Ta all the former city councilmen and women, I enjoyed working wid y'all and I'm grateful fa that opportunity.

Ta all tha first responders that work ta keep this city safe day an' night, I thank you. Ta all tha city workers, I also thank you too.

Ta all our teachers, artists, business owners, clergy, activists an' workers an mo', ta all our residents, citizens, Santa Ramona is better fa having you all here. We are a great city, we a diverse city a...

March 6, 2020

The new Mayor, Trey Rousseau was seen dining with local celebrity Juliana Stone at the Reel Club. Word is they had a long private lunch together and were seen smiling and laughing a lot. Is the Mayor starting off on the right foot? 
Juliana Stone, known as Liana in the recording industry, is the daughter of Governor Jay Stone. Perhaps Mayor Rousseau was looking for some political advice from a family who'd been long in politics? Or was it just two friends out for lunch? Inquiring minds want to know!

March 5, 2020

After reports from a concerned citizen, Mayor Rousseau on behalf of the SRFD went to examine claims of an old torpedo head buried in the sand as well as a rotting shark carcass at the beach on South side, El Camino Street.

Upon verifying the woman's concerns, the Mayor told the SRFD to barricade the area and then requested help from the SRSD in putting further security measures in place. The SRSD promptly cordoned the area off and have placed law enforcement personnel on site to guard the area from  disturbance until it is determined by bomb specialists whether or not the torpedo is defunct or not.
 "Things are secure an' the area been cordoned off an' security detail is in place there thanks ta SRSD and SRFD presence and efforts. We aim to bring Bomb Disposal in to remove the torpedo this weekend but for now we are requesting all civilians to stay away from the beach.
I myself have been to the South side beach on El Camino a few times during the night with friends but this recent di...

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