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November 27, 2019

Recently, the Rousseau family lived through a trauma that most parents dread and pray never to experience.  A member of their family abducted three of their children. The children were rescued and returned to their parents but how is the family now that the trauma is over?

I was invited into the Rousseau's home to discuss this very topic.  Upon entering their modern two story home I was struck by how it is a classic family home. Pictures hang in the hallway, toys are scattered on the floor and other surfaces, mementos of life back in Louisiana are prominently displayed.

The Rousseau family are well known members of the community. Dimitri "Trey" Rousseau is the Chief of the Fire Department, the City Manager, and a member of the City Council.  He and his wife, Alexia, have both ran for mayor. This city is their home, the place where they are raising their children and where they have a very successful business. They both work at the Rousseau Construction Company and Dimitri is quick to poi...

November 26, 2019

Your S.O, out braving the Black Friday Stampede? Then don't sit at home alone, come, hang out and have a drink with Santa Ramon's Finest at Badges First Responders Bar. 13 High Street, Santa Ramona Valley, CA." Coupons attached. One Free Drink and $5 off Annual Membership. 


November 25, 2019

The November City Council meeting was well attended which wasn't a surprise given the proposals that were being considered. The meeting was two hours long and was live streamed on the Chronicles website and Facebook page. For those that don't have time to watch a two hour video here is a recap of the meeting.

The meeting started with Mayor Villanova's multi pronged proposal to prevent gun violence.

Section one of her proposal was a reward program for tips leading to arrests of people carrying illegal weapons.  This was the least contentious of the proposals. There didn't seem to be any issues with this part of the proposal.

Section two of the proposal is meant to stop giving plea deals for crimes involving illegal weapons.  There was a great debate if there were actually any charges brought to court for illegal weapons.  Doctor Stone summed it up her questions with these words, " Because I'm not seeing charges for illegal guns here, so how are you saying plea deals are being offered for,...

November 23, 2019

Badges First Responders Bar is hosting a 'Sounds of the Sixties' event this Sunday at 1pm to 3pm. With all proceeds being donated to 'Feed America' Charity.

Bar Manager Leon Pintz said "although we are a members club, we are throwing our doors open to the public on Sunday for this great event on behalf of 'Feed America.' So why not come along and join us? We would love to see everyone in 60's theme costume or if not then come as you are, but do come, as it promises to be a great event." He added, "Anyone wanting to become a member and enjoy drinks and bar food at a subsidized price, see me on Sunday. All you need some ID to prove you're over 21 and $25 one off membership fee. Thats it. You wont regret it"

November 23, 2019

The following is a press release submitted by the SRSD. Given the unrest in the city regarding the new gun proposals, the Chronicle wonders if this incident is a result of that. Stay tuned to Santa Ramona Chronicle for more information.

Press Release: 

Today the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department intercepted a suspicious piece of mail with a white powder. In an abundance of caution, and working with Santa Ramona Fire Department, Santa Ramona General Hospital, the CDC and the Offices of the Governor and Mayor, we have put City Hall on lock down. A full investigation is underway and the substance is being tested to determine its composition.

SRSD believes this is an isolated incident, however we ask the community to exercise caution when opening mail.  Report any suspicious packages or mail to the SRSD immediately.  

November 21, 2019

The following are the proposals submitted for the City Council meeting scheduled on Saturday, November 23rd at 5:00 p.m. SLT. If you have questions or comments please send to City Hall before the start of the meeting. (Madison Munro) 

Proposal 1:  Gun Violence Reduction

Presented Jointly by

Under Sheriff Azariah Brentt
Mayor Chiara Villanova


Gun violence brings devastating injuries and loss of life, a heavy burden on community quality of life, and heavy costs to the justice system. The most common forms of gun violence—involving gang members, violent conflicts, and other forms of violent crime—occur in this city weekly and the Sheriffs department is relied upon, to place their personnel in increasingly dangerous situations in order to mitigate the risks to the public. That being said the increase in Gun violence is something that effects us all. SRSD is dedicated to reducing gun crime in SRV without infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens and their ability to have and c...

November 21, 2019

Crime and Gun Proposals are shaping up to be the theme for this November's City Council meeting. The most significant proposal is in regards to taking away guns from citizens deemed a significant threat before they have been convicted.

There are citizens in the city that are not very happy with these Red Flag laws being introduced in Santa Ramona. City Hall Protector, a man who is often found lingering outside city hall, has been handing out fliers. The Flier states, " Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the placations of law enforcement. Do not believe that 'Your best interests' are their guiding star. Do not allow them to take your god-given rights away from you without a fight. Speak to your city council representatives about opposing Chiara Villanova's proposed 'Red flag' laws." 

The mayor emailed a response to our request for comment. According to Mayor Villanova, "There is a gun violence reduction proposal before the committee. It is a multi prong approach to reducin...

November 19, 2019

Crime Watch

October 30th a doctor was assaulted in front of SRGH.  A suspect was tazzed and  a man was arrested on charges of giving a false ID and battering a law enforcement officer.

November 2nd there was a fire set in the cornfields of McCreedy Farm.  The fire was set during a vigil for the Rousseau children who had been kidnapped by Max Mactavish. Minor injuries were reported, however a body was found in Farmer McCreedy's home.  The death has been deemed a homicide and the fire has been deemed arson by the Fire Department. If you have information you're asked to contact SRSD.

November 4th there was a car crash on Pacific involving a Sheriff Department cruiser.  Bystanders had assumed a deputy had lost control and crashed the vehicle during a high speed chase. Others speculated if drugs or alcohol were involved. 

The Fire and Sheriff's Department were on scene working together to save the driver of the car.  Bystanders were significantly impressed by how well the two dep...

November 6, 2019

Santa Ramona Sheriffs Department was contacted late yesterday afternoon, November 4th, by US Marshall's office. To inform us that wanted fugitive and serial killer Jacob DeLucca has been recaptured by their patrols. 

DeLucca had escaped from custody during a medical transfer in Kansas a few days prior to October 20th and was believed to have been heading to Santa Ramona California. 

“At the time we were informed, his whereabouts were unconfirmed,” states Undersheriff  Azariah Brentt. “There had been some indication he had been spotted close to Santa Ramona Valley, but his reasons for heading here were unclear. The following day after were initially informed Sheriff Jade-Ramirez who had had previous experience with DeLucca was contacted by him in the form of a voice mail left for her. This put the Department onto high alert, but we where unable to trace his precise whereabouts from the voicemail, which we believe may have been made from a public phone box. Two days after that DeLucca app...

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