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June 30, 2019

Press Release on OIS

On the Evening of Thursday June  27th 19, an Officer of SRPD was called to an active shooter incident in Bel Air Blvd. The Officer arrived on scene, to find a youth aged approximately 18 years of age had seemingly entered a persons house without permission and had shot at a woman who was trying to get him to leave.

The Officer ordered everyone on scene to put there guns down. Neither the youth nor another man on scene complied. The youth then trained his gun on the Officer as she approached from outside, but after the Officer was warned he then fired more shots at the woman. 

The Officer repeatedly asked for everyone to put there guns down, the Youth continued to not comply. The SRPD Officer then fired on the youth at the same time as he turned his guns on himself. The Officer had requested backup and EMTS who arrived and were cleared to enter the scene once it was safe to do so.

The woman was taken to SRGH with Gun shot wounds and the Youth was pronounced dead on arri...

June 27, 2019

My Fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona,

In Ancient Rome, the Legatus, an equivalent of a High Ranking General would ride into Rome after Great Victory. Moments like these are where the word 'Triumph' came from. Today, marks a Triumph for Santa Ramona. The sun has set, and risen on a new day. A day where all voices of Santa Ramona can come to be heard. Today like many days has been a moment of great reflection for me. And I honestly never thought in my life that I would be sitting here, writing this address to you. But, I can promise you that I will be open. My office is always open to you. I only ask that if you have a concern, you will bring it to me so that we can resolve it.

I thank you all for this opportunity to serve you. I may not be the most well spoken. I may not be your first choice, but allow me to start by saying I have been and always will be here for you, the Citizens of this Great City of Santa Ramona.

God Bless You, and God Bless Santa Ramona,

Roman Ramirez.

June 27, 2019

In the first in of a  series of interviews that follows local talent, up and coming Indie-punk, blues infused rock band The Ashes, The Chronicles had a chance to sit down and  talk to the band members about their music, their influences, favorite songs---and even their least favorite gig...!

[The band: Asher Santa, lead guitar,  Serina Del Nero on bass and Joanne Steel on drums]

Chronicles: How did you all meet?
Asher: "I own the record store in town Asher's Music Serina came in a few times and i ended up hiring her as a clerk and Joanne came in a few times as a customer and we all just sort of clicked.."

Serina: "..i was poor and in the need for a job as any Italian backpacker worth the definition. I've been lucky enought to search for a copy of Bloody Kisses from Type O'Negative and stopped to chat with Ash for a long time. We had a lot of music in common and in the end he proposed a job. While i was tending as a clerk i saw them playing together and offered to help having been a '...

June 23, 2019

With the elections approaching the candidates are trying to do their best to reach the potential voters to join their side.

The first man to show up with a public rally has been candidate Ramirez, who choose a central public park in front of city all to hold his rally in the familiar atmosphere with desserts and catering offered by Allie Brentt, mother of four and manager at creamy center.

A number of picnic table laid around Ramirez did his best to welcome and greet the people gathering for the event with his wife Sarina Jade Ramirez close by to support quietly trying to not steal the scene from her husband.

Ramirez held a speech to inaugurate officially the campaign, here his words:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to first and foremost welcome and thank everyone for coming out tonight, I thank you for your willingness to join me in coming together, so that we can all be on the same page. But first and foremost, I want to give a shoutout to Allie Brentt of Creamy Centers Cafe for catering f...

June 21, 2019

"Can I swear? It was fucking strange, like I have no idea of the woman in the glass box or why we were supposed to pander to her, I mean I did for a laugh, there were tranquilized black leopards in there I had to see if they were real."

A source whose identity we cannot reveal for legal reasons and fear of repercussions, spoke to the  Chronicles about their night at the Reel restaurant which has been the hot topic for conversation ever since the Reel's party event-allegedly occult themed- wound up with two stabbings and three people in total injured.

".. pretty much the event was upstairs and some of the room was sectioned off so there was kind of just one room with this glass box in the middle." The source disclosed. 

Later on they went on to share that in the party bags given to guests, "..In the free stuff was a puzzle, about kissing the midnight queen and then when we went upstairs there she was in a glass cage with two black leopards tranqued up to the eyeballs, probably Cat-amine or...

June 19, 2019

The Local Band "Ashes" seels a second guitarist to join them for future gigs and recording sessions.  Anyone interested should contact asher rollins (skiz abramovic)

June 19, 2019

"It has come to my knowledge that there allegations against me which have been brought up  at a time when I'm runnin' for Mayor of Santa Ramona, the incident which these allegations is tied to took place a whole year earlier in the past.

 It appears to me that there is a candidate for Mayor who is trying their best to boost themselves through dirty tactics and try to win a campaign without any platform to speak of. They also involving agitators to stir up trouble at other candidates rallies. It looks like they need to rely on damaging their opponents in a poor attempt a getting ahead. Mr Ramirez was subjected to agitation first and then myself, at his own rally by a man who refused to introduce himself and ran off when challenged by myself on his claims. 

I am now going to meet with the injured party of the incident and their lawyer and be recorded and interviewed at the SRPD of my own will. 

I initiated contact and requested to meet the PD member to clear the air so to speak. I was...

June 17, 2019

Motor Sport Racing has arrived in Santa Ramona!
Hit the Race Tracks this July 20TH!
Turn up as participant or spectator!

Motor Sport Racing has arrived in Santa Ramona!

Hit the Race Tracks this July 20TH!

Turn up as participant or spectator!

*Enjoy Food and Drink while catching the Racing Championship OR if you're a local business, apply for a permit to sell your beverages and food by signing up at City Hall.

Want to sell merchandise? SIGN UP!

VIP area will be selling champagne and snacks, tickets range from

Gold: [VIP] $150

Silver: $100

Bronze: $60

Will YOU WIN first place and claim the $50,000 dollar prize?!!

DETAILS: STOCK CAR RACE: 200MPH on a 3 mile track, power output expected 800-900 HP [horse power]!

Join the competition by signing up for hitting the tracks! [Leave a notecard to sign up as a racer in the same mailbox marked "Drop Racing Applications Here" text.]

After Party to be held on beach from 8PM-12 Midnight [SLT] Your ticket grants you a spot at the party! DON'T MISS OUT!

[*Drop a not...

June 12, 2019

Annie Rose: Most people know you for your job as a policeman in Santa Ramona. What they don't know about Roman Ramirez as a man?

Roman Ramirez: Well, for starters I actually enjoy playing the Piano, my Aunt and Uncle ran Sharkheads Surf Shop for a long time and I know my way around a surfboard.

AR:I wonder about your life before to become an officer and to run for elections, do you mind to tell about your background?

Roman: I grew up in Santa Ramona, and I played Baseball at Santa Ramona High. I left to play Baseball in College and later played in the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. I'm in the Hall of Fame and my Rookie Card is actually on Display at SRVHS. After that I joined the Military and I was a Sniper. That's all I'm allowed to say.

AR:Many voters still care and are interested about religion in political elections. Are you religious?

RR: My wife and I strongly believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and that all things, good or bad in our life have been in Gods hands.

AR: The o...

June 12, 2019

Annie Rose: Most people know you as the head of Fire Department in Santa Ramona. What they don't know about Dimitri Rousseau as a man?

 Dimitri Rousseau:I love challenges, life a lot more exciting when you're being kept on your toes.
I'm also somebody who ain like to be put in a box. I believe I'm versatile and wear lot of different hats. I like getting into different things and ideas, creating opportunities for myself and others.
Another thing might be that I will never forfeit on a dare. If I lost a bet? I will be carryin out my side of the bargain, fair is fair eh.

AR: We were talking about the contingency plan and you've been for a long time a member of city council. What have you achieved in this time there?

DR:Every FD Chief as an experienced Incident Commander needs to put together a plan of action upon arriving on the scene of a fire or big EMS scenario. Organization and effective communication can save lives.

The city was lacking a clear and coherent plan of action--- a contingen...

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