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May 31, 2019

Inside the fine dining establishment known as the Reel Club located out on Old High street, a by-invite only, masked party took place on a Tuesday, on the 28th of May of this week. The restaurant is owned by Nadine Prescott.

With a crime scene tape and a police officer posted up outside of the dining establishment, there are questions as to what may have occurred to incur a police investigation at The Reel.

An inside source spoke exclusively to the Chronicles, revealing details of a strange event which had caged panthers, bags of kinky sex items given to party attenders and tales of a woman being forced to strip while the hostess announced that people pay homage to the Queen of the Night.

"It was clear who was running the circus, but still no idea about their identity." The source revealed, describing their entrance into the party, stating there had been a "..Personal invitation and an ID check.." and that "After that they gave us a bag with a certain amount of things inside, there were b...

May 30, 2019

Former Santa Ramona Valley Mayor, Francis Stephan Castiglione, 51, was pronounced dead on Wednesday, March 29th, 2019. 

The cause of death has not been verified, but his assistant, Domini Daylight, confirmed on Twitter that she found him hanged this morning. Castiglione's foundation, Castle Foundation, were called to the scene to retrieve the body for cremation. 

Castiglione leaves behind his wife, Gianna Castle, daughter, Sophia Castle-Noca, son, Simon Castle, son, Vincent Castle, son, Theo Castle, and sister, Lilith Novak. Also survived by his granddaughters, Natasha Noca and Dante Bennett.

No information has been disclosed about funeral arrangements at this time. 


05/07/2019 “Homicide”

At around noon on Tuesday 05/07/2019 SRPD Officers were called to a scene on Retro St, after the caller had reported hearing gunshots in that area. The Officer went into the Bank where frightened staff confirmed they had heard gunshots close by as well. 

After search the area for the source of the gunshots the SRPD Officer discovered a body in the alley between the Bank and the Movie Theatre next door. The body was that of a newly deceased male in his 30's later idenifed as Jasper Harper who had sustained gunshots to the head. SRPD Officers found shell casting close by. The death was ruled as Homicide by the Medical Examiner a few days later.

SRPD are appealing for information from anyone who might of been in or around the Retro St area prior to 12pm on the day or anyone with any information on either the suspect of the victim to contact them on their non emergency number.No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

Citizens can now go and take away their own paper copy of the guidelines which give information from relocation 'safe' zones to steps to undertake during and after a natural disaster.

The SRFD Chief spoke to the Chronicles and had this to say,

"I am happy to announce that my work on the contingency plan and logistical data, map and relocation safe zone list is now finished. 

These will enable  municipal departments on procedure durin' and after a natural disaster while also givin' all departments knowledge of how many vehicles, how much equipment and supplies we have in each department. We have also established safe zones for people to relocate to but as departments we will set up triage, temporary shelter and provide supplies in these zones.

Citizens may go to the Firehouse  to pick up their own copy of civilian Safety Guidelines.

They will get thorough advice on where to relocate in different scenarios as well as advice on how best to equip themselves if they able to prepare themselves...

May 28, 2019

Calling ALL ArtistsDuring our Arts and Music Festival this weekend, we'll be having an art competition for our citizens of Santa Ramona Valley!

Paintings, photography, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, etc and other visual arts will be on display all weekend and judged Friday and Saturday until 1 PM.  Join us at 1 PM Sat.  for drinks, food and our announcement of the winners of the Santa Ramona Valley Art Competition!

Submissions should be ready by Friday at 2 PM SL to be put on display! 

May 10, 2019

FD Chief and City Councilman Dimitri Rousseau saw his proposal for a Race Track for Motor Sports passed with majority approval. A stipulation was made that land should be available for it's establishment but the Chief is hopeful on this issue.

"I have the city's economic development and interests in mind and with this proposal, we will see local businesses benefiting greatly: From mechanics and garages who could outfit and customize and build race cars or motorbikes as well as  working in the pit stop, to local restaurants and bars such as El Toro Loco providing food and beverages at the race event and after party. not to mention City Hall will be granting permits and drawing in profit from that.

The After Party hosted on the beach, will involve live musical acts and entertainment, plenty of food and drink. It's possible a racing goods store will open, under private investors who backed the proposal..I am in talks with a member of the City Council for land to be allocated and we hope t...

May 10, 2019

The on going saga of the Mayor and her people versus the Police Department continues even after a meeting specifically adjourned to resolve issues among addressing proposals, did not manage to successfully conclude an agreement between both parties.

Mayor Brucato was visibly disappointed as were the Governor and City council members---including Police Chief Jade- Ramirez as disagreements over Agenda items Two, Four and Five were required to be re-visited at a later date.

The PD had sought to provide a framework for the Community Review Board and their own Internal Affairs but mistakes plagued the document and the Mayor and  City Council were unable to consider signing under suchcircumstances and so another meeting at a later date  will see City Hall convene to see if progress can be made for  the agreement between the Mayor and PD.

May 10, 2019

It was a nice day of may when i awaited Officer K. for a genuine interview in the hope to share some light on the recent issues between the PD and the Mayor Office.
Officer K. was off duty and in his own right to express sincerely his own ideas the moment we met.

At first he seemed a common man in his youth, casual clothing and shades. You couldn't  have told he was a cop except for the slight composed and disciplined language of his body and the confidence in his words.

We went to the seaside hoping a comfortable place regretting to not have some beach clothes to enjoy the nice day and empty shore looking like normal tourists before to finally sit on a jetty nearby to finally record the interview.

Of course Officer K. is a fictional name, a measure felt right given his line of work and the messy situation in the power places of Santa Ramona. He smiled founding it a reminder of man in black. We were finally ready and in front of that beautiful sea my first question was on the way.

Annie Ro...

May 10, 2019

During my visit, it seemed like some were expecting and dreading my arrival. Hah, can't say that I blame them too much. It comes with the territory! I noticed a couple of people as I stopped in the vendor booth area to grab a candy apple and a funnel cake. After I finished my treats that were totally worth the calories and guilt by the way, I pulled out my cellphone and  almost instantly, many of the people I had my eyes on fled. Others dodged me as I made my rounds. 
Just as I thought the project was bust and I'd have no material to pull this off, I started encountering people who weren't as camera shy! There were so many but I had to narrow it down to those who stood out and caught my eye the most.

 Mercedes- Slay or Nay?

I was approached and handed a flier from a beautiful blonde woman with an accent that was just as spicy( can I say that?), chic, and alluring as her outfit. 
I'm usually not one for sombreros outside of themed parties but I'm loving it on her. The top, skirt, and...

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