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March 30, 2019

The Mayor requested that all city departments and concerned citizen give her detailed proposals of initiatives they would like to see.  The Santa Ramona Chronicle got their hands on a copy of what the police department sent to the Mayor.  It follows in it's entirety here.

i) Mental Health Support

Background to proposal: A Police Federation survey of 17,000 officers in 2016 showed an alarming set of statistics around mental health of officers, with 39% seeking help with mental health issues. More than a quarter of officers who have taken sick leave attributed it to stress, depression or anxiety, while 65% said they still went to work even though they felt they should’t have because of the state of their mental wellbeing. 

Eight of out 10 police officers suffer with symptoms of depression and anxiety due to being overworked, stress, and constant fear for their lives, these officers are at much greater risk of...

March 27, 2019

Official statement from Frank Castle and Castle Foundation regarding the so called "Twitter bomb" article in Santa Ramona Chronicles.

I, Frank Castle I am disgusted with the gossip level of our police department. Your [SRPD] logo is under the tweets, indicating that you are monitoring me and my social media activity. Further more, it is rather repulsive seeing our police forces acting like a cheap chasers of gossip. I know I am a some type of a celebrity in our town but dragging my family through mud of gossips is unacceptable. 

This fully indicates the lack of professionalism and further more you will face a lawsuit for your behavior. Breaking law and punishing me for it is one thing, but stalking me, raiding my casino and probably soon my house, is something straight out from George Orwell 1984 book. This book was a warning not a manual to implement thought crime and harass citizens. 

This blatant attack on me and my family and co-workers only highlights your personal hate toward me and...

SRPD maintains a presence on social media as we believe in promoting positive interactions with the community as much as possible. It also helps us to monitor when there are problems or issues that may need police response. Recently, a crop of threats have appeared on twitter. These threats have been aimed at SRPD and the court house. While citizens are welcome to express their opinions, anger, frustrations and constructive criticism about the SRPD and court house, it is illegal to make threats of violence against anyone, especially a court house. 

Be advised that threats made against the SRPD and the court house and its personnel are  against the law. Threatening to raid a court house or bringing a rifle could be construed as a threat of domestic terrorism. Threats against the SRPD and court house are taken seriously and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Again, you're welcome to hate on the PD. You're welcome to express your frustrations and support for those yo...

March 27, 2019

Twitter, the social media platform, has long been a source of criminal and political activism.  In the last few days it has exploded with comments about SRV.

Some are upset about the recent raid on the Casino.  The same casino that was recently the sight of a shooting.

 Others can't seem to get past past indignation. 

  Reviews of the police logs the night of the debate proved the police at no point discussed sending dogs after the gathering outside the courthouse.

So who is really being threatened?  The police or someone else? 

03/08/19  "Arrest made in connection with previous incident Battery of a Police Officer"

On Friday 8th March 19, SRPD Officers went to the home address of the woman involved in an incident about 3 weeks earlier. See 02/20/19 "Battery of a Police Officer" 

After announcing themselves several times with no one coming to the door, one of the Officers went around the back of the premises and saw evidence that someone was inside. The two SRPD Officers then breeched the door and obtained access to the building. 

After clearing the building they found the suspect from this earlier incident, huddled in front of a window on the landing. They both aimed their fire arms at her and told her she was under arrest. The female then gave them probable cause to believe she was planning on running. Both Officers then holstered their firearms and tackled her on the ground to prevent her from fleeing. 

Both Officers obtained minor physical injuries during the altercation, as the female attempted to get aw...

On the Evening of Friday March 22nd 19, an Officer of SRPD stopped a female she believed to be attempting to break into an empty store. The female pulled a knife on the Officer. 

The Officer called for back up. Another SRPD who was some way away, ran to the scene to assist. He arrived to find the first Officer who had already been stabbed still in an physical altercation with the female, who was continuing to stab the first Officer.

The second Officer withdrew his gun and ordered the female to desist and drop the knife at least twice. The second Officer then called for further back up. She failed to comply with the order and continued to advance at the officers whilst still holding the knife.  The second Officer then fired one shot just above her breast. 

Two more SRPD Officers arrived on scene as back up, both of them supervisors. They also withdrew their fire arms and ordered the woman to drop the knife that she was still holding on to. The female then complied. One of the supervis...

March 23, 2019

The following 2 jobs are positions on the Santa Ramona City Council with full voting rights.
These are IC positions and can only affect IC "laws, proposals, situations, etc."

If you are interested in either, please drop your "resume" or CV into the box here.

For more information Contact Mayor Carly Brucato-Angel. (carly.brucato)

The Mayor appoints these 2 positions.

There are 2 further appointments available, both controlled by the Governor.
They are "Finance Director" and "Public Works Director".


City Manager

Want to be part of bringing change to SR?  By order of the State of Cali (the Guv), The Mayor's office is looking to hire a City Manager.  You will particpate on the City Council and have a say and vote on the City (IC that is...).   See the attached job description for details and how to apply!

Job Announcement 2019-1

Title: City Manager
Salary: 65,000$

Description and Responsibilites:

Brings new ideas to fruition, looks to see places that could...

March 22, 2019

Citizens are being treated to a mouthwatering competition between several dining establishments individual chefs and municipal departments all in the name of a good cause. 

The Extreme Cook Off Contest is being held on April 7th, 5pm,  located outside of The Reel restaurant on Old High Street where the Fire Department and Santa Ramona Hospital and Police Department are also located. Live music will be provided by Asher's Music Store.

The contest is open for all budding chefs and dining establishments- booths can be rented for $100 dollars with several prizes expected to be given to the lucky winners of the competition. 

Tickets are $15. Businesses are able to participate to promote themselves without entering the contest as long as they rent a booth.

All money spent will be given to the City council's  Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for the city to be able to draw on in times of need.

Doctor Evelyna Stone, Chief of Staff of Santa Ramona hospital had this to say about the event th...

March 20, 2019

Additional hosts and waitstaff needed by Castle Casino.  Mach 30 starting at 4pm for a 30's musical event.  Contact Frank Castle (frankcastle88) for an interview.

Some serious allegations were made about SRPD preventing a Mayoral candidate and his aide from attending the Mayoral debate in the court room of City Hall on the evening of 03/14/19.

Lots of rumors were circulated live and on twitter to the effect that we were sending dogs out, and stopping, searching people to prevent them heading out to the impromptu gathering that formed outside of city hall.

None of the above is a true statement of fact. 

Under state law, California generally prohibits carrying or possession of a firearm In any state or local public building or at any public meeting. The City Hall constitutes a public building and Court House. 

The incident was provoked when a male came into the foyer of city hall, carrying a large holdall type bag. An SRPD Officer asked him if he could search the bag, the male refused. The male in question has previously entered City Hall with semi-automatic weapon strapped to him. He was asked to leave on that occasion as well and return without his...

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