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January 9, 2019

On the 25th to 26th there will be a fundraiser set up atop the Santa Ramona dam, hosted jointly by NAEMT and Monster Jam featuring a performance by the Chemidolls, food/drink/merchandise with proceeds going to charity, and an up close look at two monster trucks; Tombsister - a celebrity guest and Cardiac Arrest - a truck rebuilt by a local first responder for the fundraiser. All attendees will be entered in a raffle for a mystery prize.

January 6, 2019

Santa Ramona Capital now offers a conveniently placed location for all your banking needs! Come visit a financial officer today, at 17 University Plaza, because fiscal responsibility shouldn't come at a price!

January 5, 2019

Today's Location the Boiler Room Club, were all your nightlife dreams come true with sexy bartenders and kicking tones to drown out the sorrows of the day

This amazing club is located on Juniper and Mission Blvd, which can't be missed with the massive neon cocktail glass over the entrance

Inside you will find an array of sitting from the comfortable bar stools to the lounger type seating around the illuminated dance floor. The staff is warm and friendly creating signature as well as those drinks we all know and love quick and fast with a smile. One will easily find the atmosphere relaxing and able to take away the reality of any troubles for the evening.

So come on down to the Boiler Room Club drink and dance the night away. 

1/4/2019                      "Vehicle Pursuit"

     On Thursday, January 3, 2019, officers with the SRPD observed a sports car, pink in color, driving on Shady St. The vehicle's high rate of speed was recorded by the officer's radar detector, at which point the officers tailed the vehicle and activated their lights and sirens.

     The suspect failed to yield and lead officers on a lengthy pursuit.

Spike strips were successfully deployed along Imperial Blvd., at which point the vehicle lost control and the driver was ejected from the vehicle. EMS arrived on scene and transported the suspect back to SRGH and is in stable condition.

     The driver was arrested for Grand Theft Auto, Driving Under the Influence, and Fleeing & Eluding and was released on Bail 



January 5, 2019

Official statement From the Mayor's office - 

 I, Frank Castle, mayor of Santa Ramona I am suffering from small cell carcinoma. Lung cancer. I will not leave the office.  

God bless you and God bless Santa Ramona.

On Dec. 30th at approx. 5:15pm, an Officer from the Santa Ramona Police Department went into The Black Thorn Host Club with a man he had been questioning. The man worked there and needed to collect his gun permit to show the Officer.

As the Officer entered the premises there were several persons with guns out including a shotgun. Multiple shots were fired. The Officer drew his own weapon and ordered they drop the guns. 

Instead of complying a woman on scene then pulled out a revolver and discharges shots at one of the males. Fearing for his life and those of the other people present, the Officer fired his weapon discharging two shots at the woman. As he aimed for her abdominal level so as to make a stopping shot not a fatal one, another male on scene, believe have been the woman's brother made a dive to tackle her he got in the way of the shot and was hit. The man was wearing a flack vest under his clothing so the wound was not serious. The Chief arrived on the scene to provide assistanc...

On Dec. 27th at around 5 p.m., an Officer from the Santa Ramona Police Department who was attending Mass on his evening meal break. He to draw his gun when a woman in the congregation opened fire on a male two pews in front, and shot the male in the chest. The Officer in question ordered the woman to drop the gun, she failed to do so and instead, turned to face the Officer with the gun still in her hand. Fearing for his life and those of the other people present, the officer fired his weapon, hitting the young woman in the abdomen. The Officer called for back up and the Chief of Police arrived to assist. There was doctor present in the congregation who immediately began performing life-saving measures. The male and female were transported to the hospital. Both survived.

The Officer involved was wearing a body camera and the incident was recorded. The handgun was recovered from the scene.

The officer involved is a long time serving member of the department. 

Internal Affairs Department of...

January 4, 2019

Today's location Smoke Signals. The primer place to get all your Pineapple express..Next Friday and toker needs accomplished 

This fine establishment is located on Mission Blvd, conveniently across from the bus stop upon arrival. 
 Okay so now you know were it is this is how it is many fantastic choices to choose from for you high needs..from concentrates to edibles and the good old fashion bud itself which lets face it never goes out of style. The prices are very affordable something for every budget and since it is owned and run by the grower (who is super sexy just this reporters observation ) any who, this keeps cost down and quality for lack of a better word HIGH. 

So for your Cheech and Chong Snoop dog and How High venture this reporter HIGHLY recommends Smoke Signals .

Oh they are Hiring too, 

Santa Ramona Police Dept are looking for witnesses who might of seen a large dark colored car, with dark, possibly tinted windows, that was driving very slowly around the area of Wolfes Tavern on the night of 9th November 2018

Its believed the car very slowly around the block, then circled back much faster sometime just after 9pm. It's believed there two people inside although the dark windows make it difficult to identify them.

Its also possible this vehicle may of been seen in the trails area too sometime later that evening.

Anyone who might of remembered seeing this car are encouraged to call the SRPD non emergency number as soon as possible as it is believed the vehicle may of been involved in a Homicide.

Lt Brentt

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