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November 27, 2018

by Sarina Jade, SRV Chief of Police

Recently I've noticed posters going up around town that have nothing to do with the upcoming mayor races. One poster stated "So many behind the badge should be behind bars."  The other poster insinuated that cops were murderers depending on if they were in Southside or Northside. I don't know who is putting up the posters nor am I asking for help from the public. I am writing to speak on behalf of my overworked, under-appreciated, and under valued Police Force. 

These officers day by day put their lives on the line for the good of the city. During the recent rains, SRPD along with the SRFD and hospital worked 24/7 in helping citizens prepare for the storm and then when we were flooded they were wading through flood waters trying to help citizens. In the last week alone, three officers were sent to the hospital with injuries resulting from being attacked in the line of duty.  

There is a criminal element in Southside that is actively working to int...

November 25, 2018

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November 25, 2018

Second Chances is now taking donations. Please No used condoms. 

 To do a donation please contact the second Chances shop by phone or show up. (Can contact Domini Daylight)  We can do pick ups.

Also hiring workers. 

(If you wish to actually have something in the shop make sure it can be transferable. Things are really set for sale for 0L. if you wish for anything in the shop!) 

November 25, 2018

Elaine Giles and Rich Preston are your average SRV teenagers.  So it isn't much of a surprise they snuck out to hang out together despite Elaine being grounded.  "It was a totally unfair grounding.  I paid my little brother to do my chores so he should get grounded for them not getting done not me" the fifteen year old Elaine said.  Fair or not the grounded Elaine snuck out of the house and headed off to the hiking trails with Rich at about eight pm last night. 

The two were headed to look out point.  "Make out point is more like it" said Rich.  "I had just gotten my hand on her boob when she started screaming."  Elaine wasn't  screaming about the inappropriate touching.  "There was this old dude, like really oldy time dude standing there.  He had one of those curved pick axes and he was coming at us."  Rich apparently saw something similar "This rough looking guy was carrying a sack like he was going to throw it off the cliff or something."...

On November 9th a young reporter from the Chronicles Sara Howley went missing. On November 16th Ms Howley's body was found by Police during a search operation.

"We found the body on a small sea ledge off the cliffs over on the trails. We had to call out our colleagues in the coast guard to assist in the retrieval" says Lieutenant Brentt of Santa Ramona Police Dept. 

"The body was positively identified on scene as that of Sara Howley, who was reported missing on 11th November. We were investigating Ms Howley's disappearance and acting on some assistance provided by the DA we went to the trails to search. It was during that search that the body was found. At this point we are treating the death as Homicide.We are keen to get to the bottom of what happened to Ms Howley and are appealing for anyone who might of been on the trails on the evening of November 9th or anyone with any information that might be useful to our investigation to come forward" Lt Brentt said.

Those with any information a...

November 18, 2018

Politics are polarizing. Anyone that has ever experienced a race for a political seat, any seat from presidency to city council, knows you have 2 choices; pick a corner of the ring or turn off the fight and make no bets.

The upcoming Mayoral race for Santa Ramona Valley is no different, two candidates will go toe to toe for your votes. So, what makes this race something to pay attention to?

Frank Castle.

Castle is not an unknown face to the local SRV Chronicles or at the local PD. He has been featured in several articles, including one titled “Frank’s Fury” which highlights a case against Castle for the beating of local, Zen Charisma. During the trial, the article states that Castle was quoted threatening the District Attorney Evelyna Stone, “I will open a fucking Pandora’s box for you, Eve, I swear I will....”

The threat was held to when Castle attacked DA Stone by choke hold and further threatened, “My new friend will help me with it… oh by the way Eve... Theo says hi.” Possibly linking...

November 3, 2018

In August at the mayoral debate the state of the dam was brought up.  Both candidates assure the citizen of Santa Ramona Valley that dam repairs and upkeep was high on their list of priorities.  The weekend of October 27-29, 2018 the lack of responsiveness on the part of current Mayor Ren Aquila and former Mayor Aria de Saragosa proved to be a very costly mistake.

Rick, as the great storm was called by meteorologist, hit the coast right at the Santa Ramon

a Valley around noon on Saturday, October 27.  In the next few hours the town was not only beaten by winds but by heavy rains.

 By 3pm winds had reached 30mph and water levels began to rise.  It was those heavy rains that flooded Pacific Avenue forcing residents to seek shelter, many at the Hotel Cortez.  Other evacuations began.   By 4pm the rains increased in force and the winds reached sustained rates of 50 mph.  This combination knocked out the power. 

By 6pm, the dam was start to feel the pressure....

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