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A Santa Ramona mayoral candidate facing a raft of charges after a drunk driving incident claims it wasn't her behind the wheel, despite police audio proving otherwise.

Santa Ramona police confirmed Monday that mayoral candidate Aria de Saragosa faces charges following a hit-and-run incident which sparked a police chase through downtown earlier this month. She is charged with disturbing the peace, driving under the influence, aggravated assault and intimidation of a witness. A black GMC Yukon registered to her remains in police possession as the district attorney processes the case.

"That's what they are saying, but you know how the police are sometimes, stretching the truth to get the arrest," said De Saragosa, a self-styled democratic socialist. Alleging that police are mistaken in charging her, she claimed her SUV was stolen. I was at home when this supposedly happened. I called when I realized my truck was missing," she alleged.

But audio recorded by the police dispatchers contra...

July 30, 2018

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Two Santa Ramona police officers caught on video savagely beating a man have quit the force in the face of an investigation.

Police are not ruling out foul play after discovering a man dead at the Full Moon Beach Monday evening.

Officers converged on the secluded nude beach and discovered the body of a single white man in his early 20s. Police on scene said it was too early to rule out murder.

The identity of the victim was not released and the investigation is ongoing.

The body represents the latest case of a fatality occurring on the beach, a popular nudist destination. Police are seeking better ways to monitor the beach while navigating the tricky legalities around public nudity, which is technically illegal in California but tolerated at Full Moon Beach.

"It's concerning that this beach is being known as a place to dump bodies," said Police Chief Sarina Jade.

Jade said the next mayor should consider installing cameras to monitor either the beach or the approaches to the area.

"It's a tricky legal issue because this is a nude beach, and recording people in the nude is obviously a violation of their...

July 28, 2018

Mother Nature seems to have made way for a run for Santa Ramona's police recruitment after all.

A former police officer turned musician and strip club manager says he's got safety on the mind as he eyes the mayor's chair.

The body of a female victim of an apparent homicide was discovered in the nude district of Santa Ramona public beach alongside Pacific Avenue.

A passer-by discovered the victim laying on a beach lounger, deceased. Emergency services and authorities were alerted and arrived promptly on scene. The victim, currently a Jane Doe, was was found naked in a pool of blood with clear signs forced violence.

Santa Ramona PD Officer Kang-Sin, first on scene, was able to call in an ambulance while assessing the scene of the crime and helping the forensic CSI team recover the details and any possible evidence. There were no perpetrators on scene at the time of the call and currently no suspects that have been named.

"The woman had a missing left eye, a knife in her head [and] the word Chaos scrawled across her abdomen, cut into it." An anonymous source, related to the Santa Ramona Chronicles, said. "Her femoral artery [was] cut and she bled out extensively. There was a small mark on her neck, could [hav...

A Santa Ramona police officer suffered life-threatening stab wounds Sunday afternoon as police nabbed a woman they say is an infamous accused organ trafficker.

July 11, 2018

Santa Ramona Police are seeking one woman after a suspected drunk driver led officers on a chase through downtown Santa Ramona Monday night.

Santa Ramona Police say they're tightening security at local courts even as they hunt for an escaped prisoner accused of rape and torture.

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