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August 6, 2020

A number of jurors failed to show up for the trial of former mayoral candidate Manny Moore this week. He elected to be tried by the judge.

Manny Moore chose to be tried by the judge so as not to have to turn up for his trial a third time. His first trial was halted because Moore’s counsel objected to the judge, as she was married to the arresting officer. The judge, Eve Stone, ruled this was a valid objection and the trial was rescheduled.

Moore was charged with possession of an unregistered firearm in public, It was alleged that the gun’s serial number was scratched off, also making the weapon illegal.

Moore refused a plea deal from the prosecution and pleaded not guilty. He was found guilty and sentenced to a $1000 fine and five hours in prison.

Manny Moore has recently opened a bank in Santa Ramona, the Valley Moore Bank. It is not known what the reaction the Division of Financial Institutions, the part of the California Department of Business Oversight that regulates banks in t...

July 18, 2020

There was chaos in Wolfe’s Tavern last night as the Sheriff’s Department seized and arrested Dr Gunther Roberts, developer of Charge Soda.. This follows the exposure by SRV7 News and the Santa Ramona Chronicles of the subliminal messages in his adverts.

Armed with a warrant for Dr Roberts’ arrest, Deputies went to both his work and home addresses, eventually tracking him down to Wolfe’s Tavern, where a Ladies Night was in progress.

Sheriff Sarina Jade Ramirez, accompanied by Under Sheriff Brentt, entered the Tavern and attempted to arrest him. Dr Roberts responded by using a phone with a flashing light to put Wolfe’s owner, who was serving behind the bar, into a trance and ordered her to “shoot them all”.

It was at this point that panic seized the crowd, who tried to get away. Under Sheriff Brentt pulled out his pistol as the Tavern owner reached under the bar. Fortunately, in her semi-conscious state, she pulled out the soda gun and fired soda at the nearest man.

The man’s wife lu...

July 17, 2020

It's summer and the Hot Air Balloon and the Ferris Wheel are back out there on the boardwalk waiting for you to come and ride them.

Check out the photos to see the views of Santa Ramona you don't get on the ground!


From the Ferris Wheel, looking over Imperial Square.

From the Hot Air Balloon, looking southwards.

From the Hot Air Balloon, looking northwards.

July 13, 2020

New allegations have arisen against Charge Soda, after it was cleared of containing a toxic ingredient. This time it concerns their adverts. It is now alleged that they contain subliminal messages that could incite people to commit crimes.

The allegation were made on last Wednesday’s SRV7 evening news by TV journalist Kent Kenwood. He revealed that SRV7’s video experts had discovered the subliminal messages when they slowed down the advert.

He ran a tape of the slowed down advert on the news so that viewers could check for themselves. He explained that, while the continuous music in the advert runs at a frequency of 100hz, the subliminal messages run at the slower 4hz. This slow frequency puts the brain into a suggestible state in which it is possible the viewer could unconsciously accept what was being said.

At the slowed-down speed the messages are distinct to the conscious mind. They are "Release your control, embrace your most innermost desires..", "Embrace your desires" and "Ch...

July 12, 2020

Almas Barone and Alessandro Vicentini

Leone Ottavio Moretti, son of Santa Ramona's Mayor, and Estrella Garza, CEO of SRV7 Studios and presenter of TV's Ella Show, were among the one hundred guests at Saturday night's elegant gala event at the Hotel Cortez.

The event was hosted by Famiglia Barone, represented by CEO Almas Barone and the CEO of Hotel Cortez, Alessandro Vicentini (seen in the photo) The purpose of the event was to present their wine brands to the west coast and unveil their marketing campaign. The marketing campaign will star Ella Garza.

Famiglia Barone own a famous traditional vineyard in the central Italian region of Tuscany. This vineyard produces a Chianti, that has been given the highest award in the Italian wine industry, the DOCG or Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This classification is a guarantee of the wine’s quality from the Italian government, marked by the numbered government seal on each bottle.

Famiglia Barone also owns a vineyard produc...

July 9, 2020

The offices of the Santa Ramona Chronicles have been temporarily closed today after the editor, Venus Mari Zapedzki, received what appeared to be a death threat.

The threat took the form of a padded envelope containing a bullet for a sniper’s rifle. The bullet was wrapped in a playing card – the Queen of Diamonds – with the word “CEASE” in capital letters written on it.

The envelope, marked “Personal” and addressed to Ms Zapedzki was delivered to the Chronicles offices early in the morning.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

This is the second incident involving Ms Zapedzki this week. On Sunday an anonymous caller drew her attention to a casket which turned out to contain a rattlesnake.

Anyone phoning the Chronicles will have their call forwarded, so we are hoping for a minimum of disruption.

July 8, 2020

Santa Ramona Valley’s most prominent hotel, the Hotel Cortez on Imperial Avenue, has been bought by an international group, the Barone Corporation. They have plans for renovation and improvements, and promise to bring its historical and vintage glamour back.

The Barone Corporation own a famous traditional vineyard in the central Italian region of Tuscany. This vineyard produces a Chianti, that has been given the highest award in the Italian wine industry, the DOCG or Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. This classification is a guarantee of the wine’s quality from the Italian government, marked by the numbered government seal on each bottle.

The corporation also owns a vineyard producing Prosecco in the northern Italian region of Veneto

The new hotel CEO will be Alessandro Vicentini, who is also the International Logistic Manager of Vino Barone.  The Hotel Cortez is their first hotel acquisition.

The corporation is still working on its renovation plans.

July 8, 2020

We all know Dr Roberts from the Charge Soda adverts, extolling its praises. Or maybe from the TV interview on the Ella Show. And now Santa Ramona Valley’s newest celebrity has agreed to an interview with the Chronicles.

Dr Gunther Roberts is a psychiatrist at Santa Ramona General Hospital, and we interviewed him on his lunch break. He qualified at Chicago University and did his residency in Chicago as well. He’s worked in New York, Atlanta and his last place of work before coming to Santa Ramona was Dallas. He’s a recent arrival in Santa Ramona.

Explaining his moves, he told the Chronicles that most of his patients are what he calls “short term situations”. He helps out people with specific problems and once he’s helped they don’t need him any more. After a year or two he moves on.

So how did a psychiatrist come to invent an energy drink? Dr Roberts explained that he has a specialty in metabolic aid. A lot of his patients had tried a variety of supplements to self-medicate, and so,...

July 3, 2020

We have received reports of an attempted burglary at the home of Mayor Roisin Russo. According to information received by the Chronicles, the burglar was apprehended in the act by Mayor Russo, who held the burglar at gunpoint until the police arrived.

The Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that they were called to Mayor Russo’s address and that a suspect has been arrested. They will not give further details.

The suspect is believed to be Lusinda Zeritonga, who, we are led to understand, has a previous police record for prostitution. She has been charged with Breaking & Entering along with Attempted Robbery of the Mayor's house.

After being questioned, she was released on bail pending trial.

We were unable to contact the Mayor for comment.

June 26, 2020

Mayor Roisin Russo held her first Town Hall last night, Thursday, June 25th. It was attended by over a dozen citizens wanting to hear more about her plans for the city, but it ended in chaos.

Mayor Russo opened the meeting by talking about her proposal to have SRV Studios create a documentary about Santa Ramona Valley.  

She indicated that nothing had been settled but it was her vision that the documentary focus on the history and heritage of Santa Ramona, not necessarily its businesses. She doesn't want to see the documentary become an advertisement for area businesses. She also indicated that she didn't have a price point for cost of the documentary but that she felt the city should cover the majority of it along with donations. 

The mayor indicated she feels the documentary could be played at prime time several times and that it should draw in tourists which will produce a return on the investment. Joseph Styles, owner of The Boiler Room offered to donate $10,000 to the documentary. Ma...

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