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September 21, 2020

The polls are open for the mayoral election. To help Santa Ramona Valley residents makes up their minds how to vote we publish edited extracts from the statements the two candidates made at Friday's mayoral debate.

The format of the debate was that questions were posed and the candidates responded in turn. We have grouped their statements together so that readers can get a full picture of what they said.

The polls close in Wednesday at 10am. The result will be announce shortly after midday.

Dimitri Rousseau won the toss and spoke first, so his statements appear first. The ones made by Angelyna Russo are below his.

Dimitri Rousseau

" I am Dimitri Rousseau, a long time resident of Santa Ramona. I am former Mayor as some of you might recall, I was in term from March till June of this year and Ms Roisin Russo succeeded me. I'm running again as you can see. My platforms are briefly; Boosting the local Tourism industry via creating solid careers in these here in this city, Bringing in bus...

September 20, 2020

It was a small but interested crowd on hand for the Mayoral debate at the Courthouse Friday evening including friends and families of the candidates as well as the former mayor. The proceedings, delayed without explanation, were gaveled to order by Mr. Gil T. Justice who explained the proceedings and introduce the two candidates, Angelyna Russo and Dimitri Rousseau.

It had all the markings of a Civil War, north versus south. Mr. Rousseau, representing the Northern section of Santa Ramona, was dapperly dressed and Ms. Russo, as the champion of the South End, in more casual attire. As the audience moved to the edge of their seats, the combatants were at the podiums and the fight was on.
 A coin toss determined the order of presentation and the North fired the first volley with a laundry list of projects including  increase tourism, investments ( North and South), and helping local businesses. The idea of a battle royal ended however when the candidate declared “ I am also collaboratin...

September 9, 2020

The Governor's office is pleased to inform the Chronicles that two candidates have risen to the challenge of contending for the next mayoral position for this fall. Per the new orders in place the second most voted candidate will become Deputy Mayor and the first most voted will become Mayor. The current candidates are:

Dimitri Rousseau and Angelyna Russo

Important dates:

Debates: 9/18 5-7slt  
Campaign til: 9/21
Vote: 9/22&23rd til 10 am slt

June 11, 2020

Roisin Russo has been elected Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley by a two-to-one majority over her opponent, Manny Moore.

Miss Russo said “I am delighted. It’s an honor and a joy to be elected as Mayor of this wonderful city of Santa Ramona, by so many people who care so passionately about our city.

“In my campaign I promised that 'We expect more, and we demand more. Think of the Future.' and more is exactly what I will deliver. More employment that is easier to access. More community involvement with cleaning up the city and green city projects. More action against drugs and the related crimes on the street.

“Our city needs us. We have a job to do. I truly believe that. And I am ready. To clean up this city and think of the future, for us, our children and all the generations to come. We have a big job ahead of us, but together we can rise to the challenge.”

Miss Russo also thanked her opponent for the good campaign.

Manny Moore congratulated her on her victory, saying “She will serve our city...

June 7, 2020

Manny Moore is a local business man, the owner and manager of popular restaurant Vesuvios.  He's running for mayor because he feels Santa Ramona has done a great deal for him and he wants to give back to his community.

He describes himself as a family man. "I love my family above all. And I am sure they do the same with me." When pressed to define how a family man is relevant to the position of Mayor he expounded further, "What I mean by that is being dedicated to family is a passion in itself as I am sure we all agree. I fight for them, I may not be perfect, but I do fight for them and I try my best and give my all, to make sure hey have everything they need. Santa Ramona needs to know they have someone in that corner office in City Hall that will fight for them and them alone. They are top priority."

This isn't his first time running for mayor here. He ran last term when he was new to Santa Ramona. Asked what he's learned about our city that makes this time different he talked abou...

June 6, 2020

The two Mayoral candidates, Roisin Russo and Manny Moore, came head-to-head yesterday, Friday June 5th, at the Mayoral debates. Former governor Jay Stone posed the questions and the tone was generally civil, with only a few sideswipes at one another on points of disagreement.

(The questions are in Bold, as are the candidates' names.)

Currently there is a lack of emergency and first responding workers in both jurisdictions. As mayor what will you do to address the understaffed nature of the municipal agencies to assure that each are up to par?

Roisin Russo: I would have job fairs. I would like to have a job agency that caters to both north and south. With job fairs and an agency we can pair up interested workers with locak EMTS, FD or SD or PD.

Manny Moore: My plan to address that need would be to of course try and get more funding, first for the Southside PD. It was created, but according to an article today, there's barely any space to work in there. Job fairs of course, but we ca...

May 29, 2020

Roisin Russo believes that Santa Ramona Valley needs change. Not long ago she came across a severed foot close to the studio she owns (the Sheriff’s Department are still investigating this). She frequents both Northside (where she lives) and Southside, and she sees her fair share of drug addicts and dealers. And she would love to see our trails and beaches cleaner than they now are.

Ms Russo is therefore running for Mayor. Owner of a modeling agency close to where Northside and Southside meet, she hails from Chicago and has lived in Santa Ramona, where she has family, for around two years. Her current home is

in Bel Aire.

She has integrated herself well into the life of the city in the time she’s been here. Before opening her agency she owned Wolfe’s, the bar in the center of town. Before it was abolished she spent time as a member of the City Council,  and has previously run for Mayor, though that attempt had to be abandoned for personal reasons.

Her platform focuses on what she ca...

May 26, 2020

The SRV Electoral Commission has announced the names of the candidates for the post of Mayor in the coming election. They are:

Roisin Russo - Think of The Future , Vote Roisin Russo, Make A Difference.

Manny Moore - Build Moore Together.

Lillian Llewellyn - Take Pride.

Because, due to a technical problem, the official announcement of the candidates has been delayed, the Electoral Commission has changed the dates of the election. It will now take place from June 9 through June 11 at 9am.

The mayoral debates will take place on June 5 at 4pm, as previously announced.

The Chronicles will publish interviews with each of the candidates during the campaigning period.


May 23, 2020

The Santa Ramona election for Mayor takes place from June 6 to 9am June 9. Nominations close this Monday at 8am.

To help people make their mind up as to whether to run or not, the Chronicles spoke to three previous mayors, Carlita Brucato-Angel (referred to at the time as Carly), Roman Ramirez and Chiara Villanova, three very different individuals with three very different stories.

The three very different stories revealed a city that is very divided, a division that perhaps still exists today. Despite the rebuilding that took place during the evacuation of the city, the distinction between Northside and Southside remain as obvious as ever.

But the fact that the three are so very different reveals the first bit of advice to a potential candidate: you don’t have to be a stereotypical politician to stand and win.

We asked each of them what motivated them to stand, what they thought they did right in the campaign and their opponents did wrong, the problems they faced and what they thought the...

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