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On the Afternoon of Sunday 29th September, SRPD Officers went to an apartment on Saturn Way in order to serve an arrest warrant they had for a resident there, in connection with the recent shoot out at Seven Ring's Casino.

The Officers spent sometime explaining why they were there and the charges on the Warrant through the door to the female occupant and trying persuade her to open the door. After several warnings they attempted to breech the door. The door did not give on the first attempt, but due to its poor construction a hole was made. 

It was through this hole that the female then started firing a shotgun at the officers. They responded with several warnings that she needed to desist and drop the gun. The female failed to comply. One of the officers was shot in the arm. The Officers then attempted to return fire. The Officers on scene called in back up and two more Officers arrived. It was decided to use CS gas due to risk to life of all involved and Officers throw a canister of CS...

On the Afternoon of Sunday 22nd September, SRPD Officers were dispatched to Boozie's Liquor Store on Saturn Way where a caller had reported a major drug deal happening and two occupants of a bright yellow Kobra on scene.

They arrived to find the Kobra and its occupants but were unable to locate the caller. It's suspected it 'might' of been an ambush as when the Officers arrived the occupants almost immediately began to fire at them. One had a hand gun the other and AK-47. Both suspects were previously known to police.

The Officers gave two verbal warnings that they would return fire if the weapons were not dropped. The suspects continued to fire at them and long shoot out ensued. During which one Officer sustained a serious gun shot wound to his arm and had to be treated for significant blood loss and another Officer sustained some minor lacerations from shattering glass and minor head injury when a cigarette lighter was thrown at his head. A final warning was issued that if the guns wer...

A Nurse and two Police Officers died yesterday, Friday afternoon, another Officer is currently in a serious but stable condition, a hospital auxiliary has critical injuries and others including yet another SRPD Officer and a SRGH Doctor also sustained injuries during the incident in the ICU department of the hospital, which rendered the hospital on security lock down for several hours we are told. At least nine gunshots were heard to be fired by the assailant and SRPD Officers attempting to stop her rein of destruction.

The hospital was open as usual again this morning September 21st and I was able to contact Dr Evelyna Stone the Clinical director of Santa Ramona General Hospital this afternoon and ask her about the incident.

"The hospital is reviewing the details of this horrible act that occurred.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families affected by the attack.  And our gratitude to the Santa Ramona Valley Police Department for their swift actions.  The staff at SRG...


"Youth Arrested for Poisoning a former LEO"

On the evening of Saturday July 27th a nineteen year old youth was arrested for his part in poisoning the eyed drops of a former Law Enforcement Officer at SRGH, after admitting to the Officer present his part in the incident that left the female temporarily blind.

The incident was sent to court.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.


"Killer arrested"

On the afternoon of Saturday July 27th SRPD Officers who had been able to obtain an emergency search warrant on a female suspect who was arrested for another crime, searched her house on Retro Drive. They found items during the search that linked her to being the female suspect who had kidnapped and mutilated a woman, and shot two people including a SRPD Officer, who died from his wounds at the scene, a couple of weeks previously.

The woman was arrested...


Santa Ramona Police Department 
Address: 7 Grove Ave, Santa Ramona,Ca
Contact:  Lt. Azariah Brentt
Date: July 20th 2019


For a few months now SRPD has been investigating what is now believed to be are 'cults' springing up around town. A large amount of esoteric graffiti has been appearing on walls and surfaces all over SRV. The department has been logging these in the hopes of understanding what they meant. “The graffiti is all esoteric and satanic in nature, which is when we started to believe we were dealing with a cult.” said Lt A Brentt. “Due to some of the symbols being placed on top of each other or in position of opposition, its our current belief that we maybe dealing with two rival cults or a rouge faction...

An SRPD police officer who had been on the force less than a six months after transferring from LA, died of a gunshot wound to the head on Wednesday after being called out to attend an incident with other officers, police said.

Torrance Smith, 29, was pronounced dead at the scene, after a suspect opened fire on him and his fellow Officers as they attempted to administer emergency aid to a gun shot victim, Lieutenant Azariah Brentt said during a very brief news conference on Thursday.

Three officers were on a call out, after a caller had phoned 911, to report a active shooter and stating she had heard screaming in sewers under the Retro Drive area of the city.

“We found a manhole cover lifted and managed to gain entry via a service ladder. After locating the victim with another female, we started emergency aid while we awaited the EMT's getting down to her.” Lieutenant Azariah Brentt said. The witness was able to inform the Officers that there was woman with a gun in the adjoining room. T...

05/07/2019 “Homicide”

At around noon on Tuesday 05/07/2019 SRPD Officers were called to a scene on Retro St, after the caller had reported hearing gunshots in that area. The Officer went into the Bank where frightened staff confirmed they had heard gunshots close by as well. 

After search the area for the source of the gunshots the SRPD Officer discovered a body in the alley between the Bank and the Movie Theatre next door. The body was that of a newly deceased male in his 30's later idenifed as Jasper Harper who had sustained gunshots to the head. SRPD Officers found shell casting close by. The death was ruled as Homicide by the Medical Examiner a few days later.

SRPD are appealing for information from anyone who might of been in or around the Retro St area prior to 12pm on the day or anyone with any information on either the suspect of the victim to contact them on their non emergency number.No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

04/18/2019 “Rape”

On Sunday April 21st 19. A woman waved an off duty SRPD Officer and confessed to him that she had been raped a couple of days before. She stated that she had met a man at Creamy Centres cafe and got chatting. The man gave her an item to look after for him. The woman went to his apartment to return it to him, then felt a pin prick on her neck. She stated that the male then raped her for several hours, before letting her go. 

SRPD are looking for a white male, with long, braided red hair is normally seen wearing suits. At the time of printing a name has been supplied and SRPD are awaiting lab confirmation of this name before making an arrest. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

04/22/2019 “Vandalism”

On the morning of Monday April 22nd 19 an SRPD Officer was sent to an incident of Vandalism that had happened the previous day. The victim had arrived into work tha...

To: California State Labor Board
Attention: Governor Jay Stone

1. The Petitioner alleges that the following circumstances exist and requests the the California Labor Relations Board proceed pursuant to the Statues and its Administrative Rules, to determine whether there has been any violation and if so to provide a remedy. . 

2: Complainant:
Santa Ramona Police Department Union
Representatives: Sarina Jade, Chief of Police; Azariah Brentt, Lieutenant

3: Respondent: Miss Brucato-Angel, Mayor Santa Ramona Valley

4. Allegations: 

The Complainant alleges that the above-named respondent has engaged in or is engaging in unfair labor practice or practices within the meaning of the California Statutes. 

A.  ...refuses to bargain collectively in good faith with the union representative of it's employees.

B. ...Retaliated against the SRPD for taking action not recommended by the mayor in relation to a discipline issue of an SRPD Sargent. 

C.  ...created a hostile, unsafe, and adverse working environmen...

About 2:30 in the morning of 4/24/19, masked individuals parked in front of the SRPD and arranged a groupings of live pigs on the sidewalk.  One man then proceeded to cut the throats of all the pigs in a dramatic display of theater. The PD found this display and after investigation, the names of various police officers were carved into the flesh of these pigs. While this particular infantile prank has been pulled on us before, and is considered tripe by this point, we are particularly disturbed that this group of individuals decided to carve the name of one of our children upon the smallest pig. 

The officers of SRPD signed up for the job knowing we may give the ultimate sacrifice, however our children do not. I don't know what these individuals hoped to gain from threatening a small, defenseless child. Perhaps they thought they would instill fear and intimidation in SRPD officers. We are not afraid.  We are not intimidated. You have only brought forth our deepest protective instin...

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