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December 24, 2019

Editor's note:
This piece was originally printed on page 3 of the December 4th, 2005 Santa Ramona Chronicle in a weekly column named "Gabbin with God." Though Paster Emmerick is no longer with us; having passed not long after this was published, I think he would agree that sometimes to find a way forward we need to look back, so join me in revisiting Pastor Emmerick's final holiday column.

"Peace on Earth."

A frequent fixture of the holiday season are hopes, prayers, songs and discussion about Peace on Earth. What is it that the angels meant when they said "Peace on Earth?" This is something that I've thought about quite a bit since the day I was ordained. I recall reading an article in the New York Times about a Doctor from a Central African Republic who left his country to study medicine in France. After several decades as a physician, the article said “he decided to leave the peace and security of his life in France in order to bring much-needed medical care to the people of his h...

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