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April 12, 2020

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau announced to the press this week that two of his campaign proposals that were being reviewed by the State Panel have been approved.

"Lower taxes for businesses who start up here, investing in commercial and retail space as well as for businesses who exist already are now in place and tax cuts for property owners who invest in one or more properties here in the city of Santa Ramona have been approved by the State panel, we are glad to say." Mayor Dimitri Rousseau stated and added,

"Rent cap as a measure of controlling rental prices from increasing have also been approved. The rent cap will be at 5% so landlords cannot increase rental fees beyond this rate and this will also prevent landlords from exploiting their tenants and also lower the rate of homelessness by preventing exorbitant fees." 

The State panel issued the following comments: "A 2% Small Business Tax Cut has been approved, these taxes are cut from the profit base of all current and registered businesses...

March 11, 2020

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau revealed his steps for taking the proposals he pitched during his campaign into actualizing them as real programs.

Walk In Welcomes:

[OOC: If you're interested, contact an admin to put your business on the Events calendar with a day and time suitable for you/your business and contact Chiara Villanova [bethann causten] for Chronicles interivew.]

"This will be a once a month event. The idea is that one local business  a month hosts a Welcome meet and greet to host new and old citizen's and visitors alike at their establishment. This way business owners see activity, traffic and promote their services and products while civilians get to explore their city and socialize with others, even network with businesses. 

 The SRV Chronicles will provide exposure by interviewing local businesses who join  and through that promotion of any local business who do enlist to host a Welcome Meet & Greet event at their place of business.

TV Studio Network:

"Santa Ramona's ver...

March 6, 2020

"Let me start by saying, it's extremely relieving to know that former Governor  Jay Stone  out of harms way. This city has missed him an' his thoughtful an personable leadership. The current Governor is doin' a good job of keepin up to Mr Stone's high standard.

Former Mayor Chiara Villanova deserves some applause an' our thanks too, fa her good work an' leadership an I personally thank her fa her involvement in tha city an' community an' fa her support.

I would like ta thank my wife, Alexia an' my family, supporting me every step of tha way.

Ta all the former city councilmen and women, I enjoyed working wid y'all and I'm grateful fa that opportunity.

Ta all tha first responders that work ta keep this city safe day an' night, I thank you. Ta all tha city workers, I also thank you too.

Ta all our teachers, artists, business owners, clergy, activists an' workers an mo', ta all our residents, citizens, Santa Ramona is better fa having you all here. We are a great city, we a diverse city a...

March 5, 2020

After reports from a concerned citizen, Mayor Rousseau on behalf of the SRFD went to examine claims of an old torpedo head buried in the sand as well as a rotting shark carcass at the beach on South side, El Camino Street.

Upon verifying the woman's concerns, the Mayor told the SRFD to barricade the area and then requested help from the SRSD in putting further security measures in place. The SRSD promptly cordoned the area off and have placed law enforcement personnel on site to guard the area from  disturbance until it is determined by bomb specialists whether or not the torpedo is defunct or not.
 "Things are secure an' the area been cordoned off an' security detail is in place there thanks ta SRSD and SRFD presence and efforts. We aim to bring Bomb Disposal in to remove the torpedo this weekend but for now we are requesting all civilians to stay away from the beach.
I myself have been to the South side beach on El Camino a few times during the night with friends but this recent di...

January 21, 2020

Dear Citizens of Santa Ramona,

    Many of you have have begun asking why I gave the order to evacuate Santa Ramona.  First off I would like to reiterate that the evacuation was a safety precaution.  No one was exposed to anything dangerous and the decision to evacuate was made in order to maintain public health and safety.
     The helicopter that crashed into the dam belonged to the CDC.  It was enroute from Mexico to their labs in Los Angeles.  Onboard was a sample of Salmonella enterica enterica, serovar Typhi.  In layman's terms that is Typhoid Fever.  This particular strain is highly resistant to all known forms of treatment.  Typhoid is highly contagious. The sample container was broken open in the crash.  Traces of the bacterium was found in the water at the dam and only there.  Because the water was turned off the bacterium did not travel through town.  

    Santa Ramona was evacuated so that the CDC and a bevy o...

January 7, 2020

For Immediate Release:  

By order of the CDC Santa Ramona Valley is under an immediate and mandatory evacuation.  All citizens should make their way to the evacuation points.  Anyone needing assistance to reach those points should call the non-emergency line for the Sheriff'sdepartment.  

This madatory evacuation is a precaution against exposure.  At this time no one is belived exposed.  Citizen have until 6pm on January 8th to vacate.  Please take all pets with you as you will not be allowed back in to retrieve them until the all clear is given by the CDC.

Three Sisters, California was an Old West Boom town.  It has been transformed into a living history museum that was once a popular tourist destination and though unused for some time, the California government has kept up the housing, business and overall use of the town. It has been used many times on emergency preparedness drills, using the town as a base of operations. We have reached out to this nearby...

June 27, 2019

My Fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona,

In Ancient Rome, the Legatus, an equivalent of a High Ranking General would ride into Rome after Great Victory. Moments like these are where the word 'Triumph' came from. Today, marks a Triumph for Santa Ramona. The sun has set, and risen on a new day. A day where all voices of Santa Ramona can come to be heard. Today like many days has been a moment of great reflection for me. And I honestly never thought in my life that I would be sitting here, writing this address to you. But, I can promise you that I will be open. My office is always open to you. I only ask that if you have a concern, you will bring it to me so that we can resolve it.

I thank you all for this opportunity to serve you. I may not be the most well spoken. I may not be your first choice, but allow me to start by saying I have been and always will be here for you, the Citizens of this Great City of Santa Ramona.

God Bless You, and God Bless Santa Ramona,

Roman Ramirez.

Council Meeting Agenda


1.  SRPD City Contract Agreement.
2.  City Hall Use Fees.

    The Courtroom of Judge Gil T Justice is a added un-funded mandate upon the City.  The City should recover the costs of this Courtroom and the Security provided to it.  In that, the Mayor's Office proposes appropriate fees/rentals are charged to the State/Federal levels for use of the Courtroom, offices and facilities of the Judge and his staff.   
3.   Hunting License Proposal -  City Manager
4.  Economic Development Proposal C2 

5.  Dam Repair Project.

    Being that the Dam is failing to produce enough power for the City, this item is to dedicate funding to repair the dam to ensure a steady supply of electricity to the City.  5,000,000$ from the "C2" project will be earmarked to start the repairs and ongoing funding from said project will fund the project, along with a grant application to both the City and Federal Government...

April 28, 2019

To:  Sarina Jade, SRP Labor,
      Governor Stone
      City Manager Castle
      ADA Russo
Subject: Reply to the Reply of the Reply

Ms. Jade.

Congrats [sim] on your marriage.

As to your reply to my reply of your reply, I find your statements of "taking things out of context" unacceptable and reject any such insinuation.  The quotes that were quotes were complete and in context.  It is fully within the rights of the City to ask for written proposals.  As the City and the SRPD Labor Union exchanges have shown a vast difference between them, it is only correct to ask for a written response. The City needs to determine costs of any such agreement.  

Also, your statement indicates that your Union is threatening "Further Action".  Being that nothing that has been said by myself, or my Office is untrue, I can only conclude that you and your organization is threatening some sort of illegal action against our Great City.


April 28, 2019

Office of the Mayor

To:      Sarina Jade, SPRD Labor Union, et al.
        Governor Jay Stone
        ADA Jordan Russo
        City Manager Frank Castle
        Santa Ramona Chronicle
Re:  Labor Practice Grievence [sic]

Ms. Jade,

My office has reviewed your correspondence.  As noted by your press release to the press, my office feels it serves the public interest that our reply also be transparent and given to the public.

Your allegations are patently false.  Again, as your notice has proven, it is *not* the city that has failed to bargain, but the SRPD Labor Union.  

Let me cite some examples:

"4/15/19- SRPD officially contacted the mayor's office, requesting contract negotiations for our stated proposals. "

Your notice stated that unless the City met your terms...

"If these demands are not met by 5:00 p.m. on April 17, 2019, we, the officers of SRPD will vote to strike."

This is not a...

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