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September 29, 2018

A residential address on Pacific Avenue was the scene of a late night shooting this past Wednesday. Police were called to the scene, along with EMS arriving after a female caller dialed 911.

Officers at the time, reportedly, were chasing a wanted criminal, who managed to find his way into the home of District Attorney, Evelyna Stone and her husband, Governor Jay Stone.

A source states that the scene was "...bloody. The male suspect lay collapsed on the floor and looked pretty beat up. He was suffering from a concussion and broken rib, among other broken bones."

The source went on to state Governor Stone was shot in the right arm and Officers had apparently arrived after the suspect had been subdued by what appeared to be a physical struggle.

The suspect, confirmed as Theo Courvoisier, escaped Santa Ramona Police custody during a courthouse procedure in early July. He has been at large for nearly 3 months, facing accusations of kidnapping and torturing multiple Santa Ramona citizens...

September 23, 2018

A new strain of drug product has been making the rounds in the city of Santa Ramona.

The pink narcotic substance is crushed into a powder and has been discovered on several people who were suffering from physical injuries and needed EMS or were the victims of a violent assault.

A source, who was on location during a 33-year-old male's cardiac arrest, described how the drug was found on the patient whom was suffering from an apparent opiate overdose in which the secondary outcome saw him sent into cardiac arrest. 

On his person there appeared to be various pills in his pocket, along with the pink powdered substance in a baggy. 

This Friday, another baggy of the same corresponding substance was found at the scene of a violent assault on a woman in her home.

Chief Sarina Jade of the Santa Ramona Police Department said their lab is still analyzing the pink substance and thus far, is not related to anything the lab has seen before.

With the on-going investigation, Chief Jade believ...

September 21, 2018

This week a young woman, missing for a month, was found alive by Santa Ramona Police and a Fire Department member in a run down trailer off the Dusty Trails road, located in an area of the city which leads out to hills, a forest of Redwoods and various trails.

The young woman has been identified as Ms. Domini Daylight, AKA Snow, a nineteen year old student at Santa Ramona college, according to an anonymous source. 

See reference article here.

The anonymous source revealed that Ms. Daylight was found chained to a bed in one of the rooms of the trailer, looking malnourished and with various cuts on her body, with one major cut along her thigh. 

Ms. Daylight was also reported to be suffering from a broken rib and several abrasions, yet it appeared that Ms. Daylight had not been sexually assaulted. 

According to the anonymous source; in the very same room where the woman had apparently been held captive there appeared to be a board with many various photographs of different women, candles and d...

August 22, 2018

With the new mayor in office, many transitions could be coming to Santa Ramona Valley. The citizens are waiting to find out whether these changes they will benefit or hinder their current lifestyles.

However, the city’s real estate is not waiting. Construction projects are being pushed to the forefront on several local builds. The largest and most expensive of which considers a full re-model of Santa Ramona General Hospital.

"The cost of the hospital build was subsidized by the state due to the fact the infrastructure of the previous build needed serious modernization, the cost of repairs would have cost as much as a new hospital." Governor Jay Stone said when asked on the reasons for the update.

Locally-owned Rousseau’s Construction Company is taking on the Goliath project with expectations of completion by October of this year.

"[We’re] really proud to rebuild Santa Ramona General Hospital, a medical establishment that serves the community well and which employs top medical staff....

August 11, 2018

The people of Santa Ramona Valley have decided on our new mayor: Aria de Saragosa.

The Mexico-native held 40% of the majority vote to win the public election. Candidate Ren Aquila came in second and Candidate Jackson, the dog, followed in a strong third place showing.

"It's a wonderful feeling. I wasn't sure that the people were ready for the type of change that I intend on bringing them, but now I know that they are." De Saragosa said when asked of her initial feelings upon winning the Mayoral race.

De Saragosa will take office officially today upon appointment. She plans to get to work immediately for the citizens, "Free tequila for all citizens! Kidding! The first thing I'm going to do is move into my office at City Hall, open the door, and invite whoever wants to talk. Then I'll have a much better idea what the people want from me."

New Mayor Aria de Saragosa will hold office until November 11, 2018.

August 7, 2018

Maris Patel plans to bring her adventurous lifestyle, along with some major shifts in ideals to the race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley coming Wednesday, August 8.

Patel, an India native, spent most of her childhood in London, England and has hence lived in Australia, Dublin and many more countries. She is well-traveled and far from a settled life, “I'm more suited for an exciting life than a stable one. A stable life would just make me unhappy.”

In tandem with the longing for adventure, Patel is not shy of change; promoting some radical shifts to the everyday life of Santa Ramona citizens, “I want to bring left-wing politics and socialism, and some elements of communism, to the core and to be normalized within society.” Patel said, stressing, “if I do get elected mayor, there will be some big changes to happen around town.”

When asked specifics on how Patel plans to steer the city toward a socialist one, she said she would start with, "A 50% corporation tax on the biggest 15% of...

August 6, 2018

Aria de Saragosa is no stranger to our paper’s headlines as of late. But on Wednesday, August 8, it will be no day in court that she faces, but the city’s majority vote in race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley.

“I'm tired to seeing people suffer.” De Saragosa said, quick to stand at the people’s side and urge changes to come should she be elected Mayor, “We can do better. We will march for $15 wage. We will march for equality. Free medicare for all. Equal treatment. Fair policing. These are the changes."

De Saragosa is no stranger to a city of changes and turmoil, hailing from Chiapas, Mexico, known to some as XXX. De Saragosa explained her hometown, where some of her family still resides, as both beautiful and dangerous, “It is understandable why someone who live[s] there might want to come to Estados Unidos. Life is better here. Safer."

De Saragosa’s goal has always been to create a new start in America, a place that has given her so much in the way of opportunity and progress. Sh...

August 6, 2018

Ren Aquila brings a calm and confident resolve, plus a whole lot of charm to the race for Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley coming Wednesday, August 8.

Hailing from New York City, Aquila currently serves as a private practice defense attorney in SRV. He has been known to argue on behalf of the accused in some of the biggest court trials the city has seen. This includes the defense of Theo Courvoisier, charged on multiple counts of kidnapping, rape, torture and assault. Courvoisier is currently escaped from SRPD and at large.

Aquila assures he is no Marsha Clarke though, “High paid snobs that try to get murderers off the hook. That's never how I saw it. It was giving people a chance to prove their innocence or finding a way to work within the system to get people the help they needed.”

Aquila is no stranger to political office but has grown up within a a household immersed in office positions on both sides of his family. His father was a sitting judge for more than twenty years and curren...

August 3, 2018

The Honorable Judge Gil T. Justice held a special session Tuesday, July 31, to hear the charges and pleas against mayoral candidate, Aria de Saragosa. 

District Attorney, Evelyna Stone announced the charges brought against De Saragosa, “We have two cases involving the Defendant, Aria de Saragosa.  The first set of charges are Assault; Aggravated, Felony, Battery, Aggravated, Felony, Witness/Victim Intimidation, Felony.  The second case involved the charges of Disturbing the peace, Misdemeanor and DUI, 1st offense, Misdemeanor."

De Saragosa’s defense counsel, Ari Rothstein, entered an Alford’s plea of guilt for the lesser of the crimes, including Disturbing the peace and the Misdemeanor of the DUI charge. 

An Alford plea is a guilty plea from a defendant that proclaims innocence. This type of plea is entered when the accused has made the decision to plead guilty based on evidence against them, but takes no acceptance or admittance to the crime itself.

With this Alford plea, the defenda...

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