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August 28, 2020

On August 27, we published an official proposal from Angelyna Russo, the owner of Lock n Load, a Southside business. It called for the establishment of the post of Deputy Mayor in Santa Ramona Valley, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to come from different areas of the city - one from Northside, one from Southside. The same day we published an official rebuttal from the Mayor, agreeing with the proposal for a Deputy but disagreeing with the idea that the two officials should come from different area.

This opinion piece continues the debate. The opinion column in the Santa Ramona Chronicles is open for others to express their opinions on this very important topic.

From Angelyna Russo, Very Concerned Southside Resident:

The city council has very much been nearly all Northside residents: Evelyna Stone, Northside; Dimitri Rousseau, Northside; Jay Stone, Northside; Sarina Jade-Ramirez, Northside.  There have been various people in and out of seats, but overwhelming residents of Northside.  Whoever w...

July 23, 2020

On July 12th we ran our first opinion piece in the Chronicles. Written by Isabella Carter, it argued that prostitution should be legalized in Santa Ramona Valley. We asked for people to submit their own opinions.

We have published a number of replies. Today we publish the first reply submitted by a woman.We welcome responses, from both men and women, to the original article or to the responses.

From Ianna Snow:

While reading the article discussing prostitution in Santa Ramona, and the responses, I am drawn to an interesting conclusion.

Men want it, but don't want it to be overt.

What's that mean?  If you keep it criminal, there are no records, no documentation.  The rich and powerful can just go down to the local street corner and pick up a girl and do the business out of sight. Out of sight of their families, out of sight of the public. And if they are of a known stature, out of sight of those they claim to govern, protect, represent.  It gives them a out. 

But, what does...

Acumen: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters.

Acumen is a interesting word as defined in the dictionary.  It talks about practical matters.  Matters that would be clear to the normal person.  Matters that require thought... or some sort of superior mind. Or upbringing, or the clothes you wear. Or where you live...

Acumen was mentioned last night in the City Council meeting relating to the SRPD Labor Issues.  The Chief of Staff of the Hospital and the Police Chief both decided that unlike them, I do not have the ...mental acumen.. to consider the weighty matters of the police negotiations.  That they will talk about it in private with the Governor.  

Think about that, Citizens of Santa Ramona.  The privileged class of the Northside shows their true colors.  When accountability is mentioned for the Police, it's "You don't understand".  Sure I do.  It's just a coverup [sic] of police malfeasance....

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