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On Sunday May 17th, Santa Ramona's Sheriff Department hosted a brunch and demonstrated several self defense techniques as part of their "Make the Call" campaign to end sexual violence. They had a very good turn out with many women and several men learning how to protect themselves.

The Sheriff's Department shared the following tips about self defense.

* Get Loud- Don't be afraid to scream when approached by an attacker. Don't just scream though, yell "Help. Call 911."

* Be prepared with your keys and phone in hand when you leave your house, your business, or while out and about.

* Use your keys as a weapon. Put the keys through your fisted hand, with the sharp key part sticking out between your fingers. If someone is coming at you, use a hammer strike, which is fancy way of saying punch them in the throat, nose, or eyes.

* If someone grabs you from behind, use the keys as before, but slam the keys into their thigh or knee. Once the attackers arms give you some slack to pull your arms free,...

The Grand Opening of Santa Ramona's very own TV Studios was celebrated in style in a glamorous party at the Event's Center on Grove Avenue, right across the road from the TV Studios themselves.

A red carpet event, stars and celebrities from Santa Ramona celebrated with party goers who were dressed to impress. The settings were lavish and party goers and celebrants enjoyed a wide range of alcoholic drinks and tasty snacks with a variety of food while music played.

Mayor Rousseau whose campaign proposal  saw the launch of the TV Studios as a potential economic driver in the city while additionally benefiting the cities local talent, kicked off the glitzy evening with a speech proclaiming the TV Studios officially open and thanking the four main investors who are financing the Studios.

Stars such as Ramona 'Razz' Langham and Vandalla La Tavaak and influential and wealthy  media mogul Earl Langham were seen mingling and enjoying themselves at the party. Mr Langham was seen participating in a...

A grisly scene greets civilians and passers by outside of the Surf Store located on El Camino Street.
Police tape cordons off the scene of what has been confirmed by the Mayor of Santa Ramona as a shooting and is also currently an on going criminal investigation being investigated by the SRSD.

There have not been too many details released to the public but a statement was released by the Mayor's office in which the shooting was addressed:

"An earlier disturbance at the docks along Saturn Way and later on a shoot out did occur on El Camino Street but the SRSD are currently investigating the matter and there will be more details released in due time. All we can say is that there were lives saved and that the matter is being handled with care. South side civilians can be assured that the matter has been resolved and the case is now a matter of tasking police force with processing details and gathering evidence.

South sides own SRPD precinct

is newly established and under former Governor Stone...

Santa Ramona is gearing up for the arrival of it's own TV Studio network in the upcoming weeks. The new endeavor, the TV Studio is a private enterprise which saw individual investors from varying business backgrounds buying shares.

Mayor Dimitri Rousseau who has pledged to bring in investment and opportunity into the city of Santa Ramona had pushed the TV Studio Network as part of his platform and secured the private investments required to bring the TV Studio Network into existence as well as bringing on board one of Santa Ramona's most renowned talent.

Musician and actress Juliana Stone, an internationally renowned artist who resides in Santa Ramona, the city where her immediate family lives has publicly declared her own involvement and role in the new studio:

"I'm incredibly  honored to be a part of this venture. Most people look at young women my age and don't think we have the capacity to handle such a daunting task as being a television executive.  I'm here to prove them all wrong....

February 27, 2020

The Santa Ramona Chronicles spoke to Mayoral Candidate Dimitri Rousseau before the upcoming debates to be held on 29th Saturday, February 2020.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, your background.

A: I'm originally from Louisiana, New Orleans. I moved to Santa Ramona with my family a couple years ago an' I have loved living here ever since. I'm an FD Chief an' also own a construction company an' I've been both a city councilman an' City Manager. I like havin' a good time, enjoy a challenge an' box in my spare time.

Q: What do you want for Santa Ramona and what do you think the city could use?

A: Opportunity, Investment, Community. These things sum up it up in brief but let me elaborate.
  Santa Ramona needs a vision---one which drives the city in terms of opening it up to opportunity, investment.
  I have a project which I have already started and want to see to completion as Mayor which is a TV Studio
  Network. Santa Ramona has it's fair share of celebrities but imagine a city...

February 20, 2020

The daughter of Governor Jay Stone and one of Santa Ramona's most beloved and prolific celebrities to reside in the city has seen tragedy strike twice in the recent week or so.

Governor Stone remains in hospital in critical condition where he was placed after being the victim of an apparent drive by shooting which is currently an on going investigation by the SRSD.

Liana Stone as she is known to her fans in the music and movie world or Juliana Stone had to contend not only with her father's shooting but also had her own car stolen and later set on fire when a woman, Ms Willow Moore, the sister to Mayoral candidate Manny Moore, stole the vehicle and proceeded to crash it into an empty storefront on Shady Street while under influence of illegal substances.

The car was intentionally set on fire by Ms Moore as was revealed by a reliable and trustworthy source who was on scene at the time:  "There was a lighter found at the scene, suspected to be the incendiary device for all the leaking gas o...

December 1, 2019

"At the end of the day we do not want to shoot anyone. Firing shots at civilians during some of the highly charged incidents we have to attended is not something the Sheriff's ever takes lightly, or something we ever want to do unless its necessary for the protection of members of the public or our personnel." said Undersheriff Brentt of SRSD. "However a large proportion of the time, when we arrive its already to late to avoid that outcome, things have escalated to far and gone beyond the point where other options may be available to us. The purpose of this campaign run in conjunction with the Mayor's office is to make the public aware, that often picking up the phone and dialing 911 at the very beginning of disagreements or situations can, quite bluntly, save lives."

"Whilst that might seem obvious there have been a lot of incidences that could of had very different endings, had someone called us earlier." he added "The Sheriff's Department is not and never will advocate that any membe...

September 2, 2019

SRGH told us today that one baby was delivered to Dr Allie Brentt during the recent blackout caused by Storm Derecho that made landfall on the coast near SRV on the evening of August 30th.

The idea that blackouts might lead to baby booms has been a subject of contention for a long time. It first came
to prominence in popular culture after the great New York blackout of 1965, which left over 30 million people
without electricity for 13 hours, but what about babies being born during blackouts?

For one little boy who was born at approximately 10.30am on Sunday September the 1st and weighing in at 7lbs, power outages will probably be part of his life living in this area of Southern California, but for his parents and Hospital staff it definitely made things interesting. 

EMT's were called to City Hall about a hour earlier when the baby decided he was going to make an appearance in the foyer. Fortunately parts of City Hall had generators going and help was swift to arrive. The hospital was als...


In the light of Ms Angelyna Bennetts article I contacted SRPD to see if they had a response and explanation for what seems to be a sustained amount of interest and harassment of a young bushiness woman from the Southside. I was interested to find out what their opinion of Ms Bennett is and if this sentiment extends to all the community in the Southside or is just isolated on Ms Bennett. I spoke to the Acting Chief and asked him the following questions;

Thank you for agreeing to talk to me Acting Chief, I understand you already put out a statement regarding your reasons for serving your search warrant the way you did on Sunday, so I am not going to dig into that too much. However I was wondering if you can tell me anything about the allegations made against your department by Ms Bennett. Specifically what seems to have been six months of abuse by your officers?

"Yes okay. Regarding the incidences that are stated to have happened in Feb, Mar, April and late May of this year. Its never my...

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