The Santa Ramona Chronicles

Local News & Events

December 2, 2018

Virtuous Vice Clothing is looking for local models to help with their Winter Fashion Show, currently scheduled for the evening of December 22.  Please call or stop by, no experience needed.



Hungry and Lazy?  Too Stoned to Drive?  Call Feet Food and we will deliver your favorite SRV restaurant foods to you with only a 25% service fee!  Call 555-555-5555.  Delivery time averages under 5 hours currently.


November 25, 2018

Looking to get fit?

Come to Rock hard gym where we'll work on making you like the name says, Rock hard.

We have trainers that can and will work to help you with any goals that you may have towards your personal fitness. Whether you're looking to stay fit, get fit, or even get into bodybuilding, give us a call.

For the serious, or wants to be serious athlete, contact Hilde Hoffman (Taellinu Aichi)

November 25, 2018

Second Chances is now taking donations. Please No used condoms. 

 To do a donation please contact the second Chances shop by phone or show up. (Can contact Domini Daylight)  We can do pick ups.

Also hiring workers. 

(If you wish to actually have something in the shop make sure it can be transferable. Things are really set for sale for 0L. if you wish for anything in the shop!) 

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