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February 16, 2019

Tree of Life ~ Dating and Counseling

Looking for that elusive girlfriend? Or that Mr. Right that never comes?

We have hundreds of bachelors and bachelorettes of all colours, sizes, and orientations.

Proven record of couples that tie the knot with our services.

We also provide counseling for the lonely, those with cold feet, and them on the rocks.

Tree of Life, where love just grows.

((You can go to the shop at 82 Shady Street, Chinatown, and find a console that dispenses a questionnaire if you would like to participate in *coughs* random *coughs* technologically advanced, with digital precision, dating.))

January 19, 2019

Uberme Is an on demand transportation service which has brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world. The business model has made it possible for people to simply tap their smartphone and have a cab arrive at their location in the minimum possible time, leaving a lot of budding startups yearning for an App like Uber.  Customers will have minimum waiting time, prices lesser than the normal taxi fares, Cashless ride and can also track the Cab on Map.

Drivers get an additional source of Income, flexible working schedules, and easy payment procedure.

The relationship with customers is not just by social media but also face to face, providing a car to those not have one, those who not wish to drive themselves to a party or from a party. Those who like to travel with style and want to be treated as a VIP.

Same way customers are special, also drivers will not only earn money providing services to others with own vehicle but also love to be called partners instead of drivers.


January 18, 2019

Come check out the Boiler Room, Back, and better than ever.  Our Grand opening is this Friday, January 18 at 8 PM.  Featuring DJ Kitten Karma, Music, Drinks and check out the VIP room!  New Management, New decor, New place to be on a Friday night.   Or any night for that matter.

January 9, 2019

On the 25th to 26th there will be a fundraiser set up atop the Santa Ramona dam, hosted jointly by NAEMT and Monster Jam featuring a performance by the Chemidolls, food/drink/merchandise with proceeds going to charity, and an up close look at two monster trucks; Tombsister - a celebrity guest and Cardiac Arrest - a truck rebuilt by a local first responder for the fundraiser. All attendees will be entered in a raffle for a mystery prize.

January 6, 2019

Santa Ramona Capital now offers a conveniently placed location for all your banking needs! Come visit a financial officer today, at 17 University Plaza, because fiscal responsibility shouldn't come at a price!

December 22, 2018

 H&C logistic Incorporated (HCLI) is a multinational corporation involved with shipping, logistics, and the arms trade. The Company is moving a branch of their operations to Santa Ramona Valley! Are you an Operator? A criminal looking for a more legitimate but even more lucrative life style? We might just be the team for you!

Now Hiring - executives, corporate spies, prior military and LEO, technology majors, scientists and academics

Ability to adapt to surroundings is a must. May be expected to don military type gear, business casual, or formal wear all in a day's work.

((OOC- We are a neutral organization that heavily encourages white collar crime, corruption and political maneuvering. We want to be a catalyst behind conflict and business for the sim. Driving major and minor plot lines with an air of mystery and intrigue))

December 22, 2018

Have you got the blues? Black dog stuck to you? 
Or maybe the district judge waived your sentence provided you meet a counseling schedule?
Perhaps you can't get a significant other listen to you?

We offer:

*Counseling therapy
*Motivational hypnosis
*Relationship counsel

Call us now (salina.amat)

December 9, 2018

Virtuous Vice Clothing Company is looking for models, male and female, for an upcoming winter fashion show.  Must be available Saturday, December 22 from 6 to 9pm.  For details contact Chiara Villanova (bethann.causten)

December 5, 2018

The Kink Tank is hiring

We are looking for the following staff to join us at the newest hot spot in SRV.

Bar Staff - must be good with the public, full training given.

Security staff - must be good at kicking ass, able to speak to the public a plus!

Are you the strong dominant type? If so then we may have your ideal job! 

We are also looking for the men and women to fulfill additional roles.  Details can be given on request!

If you are interested pop in to the Kink Tank or call (555)-424-433 and ask for Lotus (Lotus.Saiman) or leave a message!

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