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October 16, 2019

The Kink Tank is looking to hire bartenders, waiters or waitresses, and a Janitor. No need to be kinky to apply but it certainly would help! Call Kilomahr Montago at the Kink Tank today!

Kilomahr Montago (KiloDaga Resident)

September 19, 2019

My name is Chiara Villanova and I approved this ad. 

Many of you might not know me.  I am the lead designer and owner of Virtuous Vice Clothing Company.  While I wasn't born here Santa Ramona is my adopted hometown.  I not only work with a business on the South side, I live here on the North side, paying taxes on both a condo and my business. 

You might question my qualifications to be Mayor.  I started Virtuous Vice out of my locker in high school.  I have lead it's growth to thirteen cities across the United States.  I repaid my family the seed money they loaned me with interest.  My company employees a handful of people in the local shop but even more who handle our shipping operations.   Nationally we employ hundreds.  I pride myself on giving back with both food and clothing drives. With the help of the community we donated a  packed semi truck's worth of clothing for the homeless and passed out fifty fresh turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving....

August 18, 2019

Looking for individuals that wish to be in adult entertainment be it from camera operator to adult film star. If interested contact Jade Vertilo(kim akselbrad) At Sinful Desires production by calling 552-


May 4, 2019

or those who don't know, Cinco de Mayo(5th of may) was another remarkable day for Mexico as other countries have their own. El Toro Loco will be honoring that day,  sharing with food,  drinks,  music and a lot of fun. We will celebrate the Victory in our own way as well,  with the special cocktail  named Bulls on parade, with the great tequila representing the famous and brave General Zaragoza to the delicious plates El Toro Loco will have for you made by Chef Romeo, the music brought from The Boiler Room and the Menice Beach offering to you the best tanning. Come and join us and if anyone wishes to earn extra cash working at the same time having a great time, come and speak to Hase or Merche. We are hiring several positions, do you know how to serve food or cocktails?, If not we teach you so come and try. Entertaining that will make shake your maracas!!

April 28, 2019

"Need wood? Whether you're getting ready for Hurricane season or maybe the local Police Department has gone on strike and you need to board-up the house or shop in a hurry... Rousseau's Construction & Supplies Store has what you need. 

Take 15% off your purchase of plywood now until Tuesday. This weekend sale won't last... but the strike might!

Come in today. Rousseau's Construction & Supplies Store, we carry everything you need for every project you can imagine. Located at 78 Shady Street." 

March 20, 2019

Additional hosts and waitstaff needed by Castle Casino.  Mach 30 starting at 4pm for a 30's musical event.  Contact Frank Castle (frankcastle88) for an interview.

March 3, 2019

Virtuous Vice Clothing Company is looking for swimsuit models, all body shapes and sizes.  Male and female.  Must be available for fashion show in Santa Ramona Valley California  6-8 pm March 23.  For more information contact Chiara Villanova (bethann.causten) 

March 2, 2019

So you say you can't help yourself.

That you can't help yourself get out of those habits that are now threatening to rupture your relationships, lose your job, get on the wrong side of the law? 

That you can't help yourself from feeling those compelling feelings that keep dragging the best of days down?

Try hypnotherapy.      It is effortless. Easy as daisy.

You lay on a nice bed in a consultation room, and let Salina Belmont do the rest.

Inquiries: Southside Clinic
or directly to Salina Belmont on 0757 938 937 ((IM))

February 17, 2019

*******El Continental********************

Enjoy fine imported cigars and whiskey in our tastings, a beautiful and inspiring environment with the class and style only those who have a great taste could appreciate.

El Continental is not a Club but able to supply imported cigars and Whiskey from all around the world. We have a bar inside to do tastings and also to enjoy inside as if you were in any Elite Gentlemen Club. As they say, you can't buy happiness but you can buy cigars & whiskey and that 's pretty close.

Come to El Continental located in SVR 43 Player Biz Shop (next to Alley Cats Club) or call UberMe and we will have delivered to your doorstep any special gift or any merchandise wish to buy.


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