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Chronicles Bombing: a Further Arrest

We have received the following press release from the Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department. The SD have refused to either confirm or deny that the arrest it refers to is the one made on Bel Aire Drive reported in the Chronicles on Sunday. On the evening of September 10th 2020, an explosion was heard and witnessed at the Chronicles building in Santa Ramona Valley, CA. The fire department attended. After their thorough search of the scene, parts of what was believed to have been a homemade bomb and remainders of a Rose's tin and possible detention device were found. For those reasons the FD passed the case over to the Sheriff's Department for investigation. CCTV from the Chronicles revealed a

Sheriff's Deputies make arrest on Bel Aire Drive

Reports have come in that a number of Santa Ramona Sheriff's Department were involved in an arrest made on Northside's exclusive Bel Aire Drive A person, as yet unidentified, appears to have been injured and taken to hospital. It is not known whether the injured party was a deputy. Two cars from the SD had been seen driving up Bel Aire Drive at around midday on Saturday. The deputies entered one of the houses, and a little later an ambulance arrived. Two paramedics entered the house and brought out an injured person on a stretcher, who was then driven away. A little while later one of the police cars left, taking away what might have been an arrested person. A car from Child Services al

Angelyna Russo inaugurated as Mayor of SRV

Angelyna Russo was inaugurated Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley on Thursday evening, the first Mayor of Santa Ramona to have an elected Deputy Mayor. She was sworn into office by Governor Moe Lester, who then swore in Dimitri Rousseau, a former Mayor of SRV, as her deputy. Both Mayor and Deputy own businesses in Santa Ramona, the Mayor in Southside and her Deputy in Northside. There were some mutterings when a man in the crowd called out that Mayor Russo was “my gal”, which some objected to, but they were brief, and there were no other interruptions to the proceedings. Mayor Russo then made a short speech. She thanked the electors of Santa Ramona Valley for putting their trust in her and

Angelyna Russo is the new Mayor!

With 18 votes over 14 Angelyna Russo pulled through to gain the most votes as the new Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley. Following in a close second is Dimitri Rousseau, who will be sworn in as Deputy Mayor. The inauguration will be held tomorrow, at a time and place to be announced.

Chronicles bombing: Suspect Charged.

The Sheriff’s Department have arrested and charged a suspect in connection with the bombing of the Santa Ramona Chronicles offices. The arrest took place this Sunday just past. The bomb exploded at the Chronicles offices just after six-thirty pm on Thursday September 10 shortly after a parcel was delivered. Fortunately no one was hurt, and the only damage was a window blown out and two desks burnt. Investigation by the Fire Department, who had responded rapidly to a 911 call reporting the explosion, revealed that the blast had been caused by a home-made bomb or similar. The Sheriff Department’s investigations are ongoing.

Where the Mayoral candidates stand

The polls are open for the mayoral election. To help Santa Ramona Valley residents makes up their minds how to vote we publish edited extracts from the statements the two candidates made at Friday's mayoral debate. The format of the debate was that questions were posed and the candidates responded in turn. We have grouped their statements together so that readers can get a full picture of what they said. The polls close in Wednesday at 10am. The result will be announce shortly after midday. Dimitri Rousseau won the toss and spoke first, so his statements appear first. The ones made by Angelyna Russo are below his. Dimitri Rousseau " I am Dimitri Rousseau, a long time resident of Santa R

The Mayoral Debate: No Friday Night Fight

The crowd on hand for the Mayoral debate at the Courthouse Friday evening included friends and families of the candidates as well as the former mayor and others. The proceedings, delayed without explanation, were gaveled to order by Mr. Gil T. Justice who explained the proceedings and introduce the two candidates, Angelyna Russo and Dimitri Rousseau. It had all the markings of a Civil War, north versus south. Mr. Rousseau, representing the Northern section of Santa Ramona, was dapperly dressed and Ms. Russo, as the champion of the South End, in more casual attire. As the audience moved to the edge of their seats, the combatants were at the podiums and the fight was on. A coin toss dete

Explosion at the Chronicles offices.

No one passing the Chronicles offices this last weekend - and not many who visited the hospital opposite us - can have missed the damage to the Chronicles office caused by an explosion. The window was blown out and there were scorch marks on the wall. Fortunately, no one was injured. We have not previously published the details of the explosion that caused this damage on the request of the Sheriff’s Department, until they had interviewed us about it. The explosion took place just after six-thirty pm last Thursday, the 10th. A parcel had just been delivered to the Chronicles, addressed to the editor, when the explosion took place. The night clerk had taken receipt of the parcel and place

Charge Soda trial: Dr Roberts found guilty

Dr Gunther Roberts, the psychologist who markets the Charge Soda drink, was found guilty on Thursday of a number of offenses relating to the drink. In addition, he was also remanded for breaking federal law regarding subliminal advertising. Roberts, who defended himself─ his attorney being held up in traffic – had previously confessed to creating a subliminal message in his TV advertising. But he surprised the court when he denied telling anyone to commit a crime and pleaded not guilty. He elected to be tried by the judge, Evelyna Stone, in the absence of a jury. The subliminal message telling people to "Release your control, embrace your most innermost desires.." and “Embrace your des

Bodies found on Northside beach

Three dead bodies, believed to have been murdered, were found last Friday morning on Santa Ramona beach, hanging under the Northside Boardwalk. The bodies, two females and a male, wrapped in plastic, were reported to the Sheriff’s Department around 7am by a Santa Ramona resident who had come across them while walking their dog. The SD called the coroner who proclaimed the victims deceased at then scene. The deceased had obviously not been dead for very long at all, since a witness who contacted the Chronicles described blood falling as the SD took the bodies down. Because of the small amount of blood on the beach and its patterning, the Sheriff’s Department believe the people were murde

September's Mayoral election

The Governor's office is pleased to inform the Chronicles that two candidates have risen to the challenge of contending for the next mayoral position for this fall. Per the new orders in place the second most voted candidate will become Deputy Mayor and the first most voted will become Mayor. The current candidates are: Dimitri Rousseau and Angelyna Russo Important dates: Debates: 9/18 5-7slt Campaign til: 9/21 Vote: 9/22&23rd til 10 am slt