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The Car Angel comes to Santa Ramona

Want a little more pep in your Beamer, some more zip in your 300ZX, then maybe you should visit Nat B the Car Angel, owner and top mechanic at Fallen Angel Custom Auto at the corner of Imperial Avenue and Sedona Drive. Customizing your auto for the best performance or detailing for improved style is what she says she's all about. We interrupted Nat as she was fine tuning a sporty Nissan in her garage to find out how she became interested in opening Fallen Angel only to discover her love of cars and motorcycles went back to her early years. "Well my dad was a biker, and one day he found this old beat up 1929 Indian Chieftain sitting neglected in a junkyard. I think he paid $100 for that b

Town Hall ends in Chaos

Mayor Roisin Russo held her first Town Hall last night, Thursday, June 25th. It was attended by over a dozen citizens wanting to hear more about her plans for the city, but it ended in chaos. Mayor Russo opened the meeting by talking about her proposal to have SRV Studios create a documentary about Santa Ramona Valley. She indicated that nothing had been settled but it was her vision that the documentary focus on the history and heritage of Santa Ramona, not necessarily its businesses. She doesn't want to see the documentary become an advertisement for area businesses. She also indicated that she didn't have a price point for cost of the documentary but that she felt the city should cover th

Mayor's clean-up in Southside

The Mayor surveys the litter If you were in Southside at lunchtime on Tuesday, you would have seen groups of people walking around picking up litter and waste. They were members of Mayor Roisin Russo’s volunteer force to clean up Southside. She promised this during the election and this was their first outing. Around a dozen people, including Under Sheriff Brentt and two deputies, gathered for the clean-up. After a delay, they broke up into groups and, armed with trash bags, proceeded to get to work. Waste paper and cigarette ends were put into bags. Larger items, such as abandoned furniture and, believe it or not, a toilet bowl, were moved to specific places for garbage workers to pic

Fantasy-tastic Cleaning! Your Fantasy, My Cleaning!

****************Fantasy-tastic Cleaning!*************** ***************Your Fantasy, My Cleaning!************* Men, have you ever wanted a spic-and-span home, and don't have a woman in your life to lend that fine, feminine, detailed touch to clean? Have you ever wanted a clean home, and not have to deal with the messy arguments that might come of your girlfriend not wanting to clean up after you? Husbands! Have you been charged with cleaning the house by your wife, and you find the job just impossible to perform to her high standards? Then hire Fantasy-tastic Cleaning! We'll clean your home, like only a woman can, and we'll wear a costume to help you enjoy it! Ever wanted a

Plaque unveiled at the Bikers & Babes Party

Jade's friend Natalie standing by the plaque. Photo by Heather Raveloe. A plaque honoring popular Santa Ramona resident Jade Vertilo Aura was unveiled as the climax of the Bikers & Babes Party held in the Boiler Room last Saturday. The plaque, dedicating the VIP lounge in the Boiler Room to Jade’s memory was unveiled by owner of the Boiler Room and her former business partner, Joseph Styles, together with her friend Natalie Baker. Jade passed in May and Saturday's party was held in her memory. Santa Ramona residents both male and female, came dressed in leathers to honor her memory. Though it should be said that, in the case of many women, more flesh than leather was on show. The enter


According to Healthline, "A blackout is a temporary condition that affects your memory. It’s characterized by a sense of lost time." It's mostly attributed to a blood alcohol of 14% or higher. Other causes are seizures, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, certain medications and lack of oxygen. As a reporter, I hear a lot. Actually, for those who listen, you can learn a lot at the coffee shop, the line at the grocery store or even sitting in your favorite restaurant. People say stuff. Most of the time it's just white noise but sometimes you'll hear something that sticks. I've heard a few people saying they have woken up in strange places and can't remember what happened. To be fair, it'

SRSD fundraising for area food banks and senior meal programs

The Sheriff's Department stands on the principles of Pride, Integrity and Grit. We believe in supporting our community and helping those in need. SRV has many that struggle to put food on the table. To help, the SD is sponsoring a fund raiser. Funds raised will go to area food banks and senior meal programs. For $25 any business or individual can purchase a pig cutting board and the materials to design and decorate your cutting board. You choose the design and theme of your cutting board. Could be a logo of your business or a riff on "roasting the PIGS" of the SD. In addition the SD is hosting a PIG roast with all the trimmings on June 27th from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. SLT. To attend bri

Suspect arrested for Manny Moore stabbing!

Manny Moore The Sheriff’s Department have arrested a suspect for the stabbing of Manny Moore, the unsuccessful candidate in the recent Mayoral election. Moore was stabbed three weeks ago, during the campaign. He declined to give statement about the attack to the Sheriff’s Department, but claimed, in an interview with the Chronicles, following his release from hospital, that he believed the incident was a case of mistaken identity. The Chronicles has, however, received information since we published this statement, that suggests that he was, in fact, the intended victim and that the assailant was known to him. Santa Ramona’s Under Sheriff Brentt has told the Chronicles, commenting on the

Request from the Mayor for a grant from public funds

The Mayor is proposing a collaborative project with SRV TV/Film Studios and is requesting that the city budget allow a grant upon film/documentary maker Jessica Crossby , in order to create a documentary about Santa Ramona. This will help to promote the city and also boost our local TV/Media business. Full details of the proposed grant are available on the City Hall website. Comments about and/or objections to this request should be sent to the Mayor's Office, City Hall. by 7am on Wednesday 24th June.

Mystery horse at the Rose Naming Auction

An unclaimed horse was seen at Saturday's Rose Naming Auction this week. It appeared tame. However, no one has been able to identify an owner for the creature. Upon its arrival, it started eating out the party's watermelon and salad bowl. A woman named Ling Lee was able to corral the horse, which appeared to be female, and lead it away from the party, where animal control took it away to be cared for at the local barn. However, it appears to have escaped, since various sightings of the mare have occurred since the party. If anyone can identify this horse's owner, please notify the Sheriff's Department, so they can redeliver this animal to its proper home!

Mayor Roisin Russo is inaugurated

On Friday June 12, Roisin Russo was sworn in as the new mayor of Santa Ramona Valley. To begin her term she gave a passionate speech about public service, which we have included for those who missed the event. After the speech, the Chronicle asked her about her plans for taking action against drug related crimes. She mentioned that she wanted to get people into drug rehab programs and to crack down harder on dealers. She plans to talk to the SD and PD about what can be done about the drug problem. We tried to get more specifics about her plans to crack down on drugs. Was she talking about forcing people into drug rehab, creating new laws against using drugs, or harsher sentences for drug

Roisin Russo is the new Mayor!

Roisin Russo has been elected Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley by a two-to-one majority over her opponent, Manny Moore. Miss Russo said “I am delighted. It’s an honor and a joy to be elected as Mayor of this wonderful city of Santa Ramona, by so many people who care so passionately about our city. “In my campaign I promised that 'We expect more, and we demand more. Think of the Future.' and more is exactly what I will deliver. More employment that is easier to access. More community involvement with cleaning up the city and green city projects. More action against drugs and the related crimes on the street. “Our city needs us. We have a job to do. I truly believe that. And I am ready. To clean u

Two injured in Wolfe’s Tavern shooting

On the night of June 8th at around six p.m. there was a shooting at Wolfe's Tavern in the center of town. Details are sketchy at this time but the Sheriff's Department stated that two people had been shot and one person had been detained. However, an eyewitness told the Chronicles that the owner of the bar, Chiara Villanova, was wielding a gun at the time of the incident. When asked if Ms. Villanova was the shooter, the SD refused to comment. Chiara Villanova is the former owner of the Virtuous Vice clothing chain and is a former Mayor of Santa Ramona Valley. We have been unable to contact her for comment. Wolve's Tavern is currently closed as a crime scene.

Meet the Candidate: Manny Moore

Manny Moore is a local business man, the owner and manager of popular restaurant Vesuvios. He's running for mayor because he feels Santa Ramona has done a great deal for him and he wants to give back to his community. He describes himself as a family man. "I love my family above all. And I am sure they do the same with me." When pressed to define how a family man is relevant to the position of Mayor he expounded further, "What I mean by that is being dedicated to family is a passion in itself as I am sure we all agree. I fight for them, I may not be perfect, but I do fight for them and I try my best and give my all, to make sure hey have everything they need. Santa Ramona needs to know th

There are still unanswered questions

After the Mayoral Debates on Friday, the Chronicles feels that neither candidate has the full answer to the problems facing Santa Ramona Valley. Both have good ideas, but whoever wins the election next week should think about ideas promoted by their opponent. And there are questions that are unanswered by both of them. For example, the first question asked about the shortage of emergency and first responder workers in Northside and Southside. Roisin Russo proposes a job fair while Manny Moore wants to train more nurses and police. Both useful suggestions – as far as they go. But neither is the full answer. The Chronicles notes that there are plenty of Federal programs that help low incom

The Mayoral Debates

The two Mayoral candidates, Roisin Russo and Manny Moore, came head-to-head yesterday, Friday June 5th, at the Mayoral debates. Former governor Jay Stone posed the questions and the tone was generally civil, with only a few sideswipes at one another on points of disagreement. (The questions are in Bold, as are the candidates' names.) Currently there is a lack of emergency and first responding workers in both jurisdictions. As mayor what will you do to address the understaffed nature of the municipal agencies to assure that each are up to par? Roisin Russo: I would have job fairs. I would like to have a job agency that caters to both north and south. With job fairs and an agency we can pa

Drug mules found dead on beach

The bodies of two men, believed to be drug mules, have been found, on two separate days, on the beach in Santa Ramona. Both had died of drug overdoses with drugs found in their stomachs. One has been identified as Roger Bledshoe, of Los Angeles, who has a police record for drug-related offenses. Beside his body was found a baggie (pictured above) and what the police describe as “drugs paraphernalia”. Bledshoe’s body was discovered on May 31st. The other man, found two days earlier, on the 29th, has not been identified. The Sheriff’s Department believes that these deaths are evidence of a low-level drug dealer operating out of Santa Ramona Valley. They would like to warn the community o