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Meet the candidate: Dimitri “Trey” Rousseau

Dimitri Rousseau is a man brimming with ideas. Ask him a question and you get a flood of them. And he has experience of implementing his plans. This is his second attempt to become Mayor, just losing a previous election, by a few votes, as he describes it, to Roman Ramirez. He gave the Chronicles an interview about his candidacy for Santa Ramona Valley Mayor. Dimitri Rousseau, known to everyone as “Trey”, runs a construction company in the Valley as well as being the Chief of the Fire Department. He also has been a City Councilman and is currently City Manager. He went through his track record in SRV, which is impressive. He lists a range of proposals that he got through, which he declares w

Interview with Mayoral Candidate Dimitri Rousseau

The Santa Ramona Chronicles spoke to Mayoral Candidate Dimitri Rousseau before the upcoming debates to be held on 29th Saturday, February 2020. Q: Tell us a little about yourself, your background. A: I'm originally from Louisiana, New Orleans. I moved to Santa Ramona with my family a couple years ago an' I have loved living here ever since. I'm an FD Chief an' also own a construction company an' I've been both a city councilman an' City Manager. I like havin' a good time, enjoy a challenge an' box in my spare time. Q: What do you want for Santa Ramona and what do you think the city could use? A: Opportunity, Investment, Community. These things sum up it up in brief but let me elabora

Meet the candidate: Manny Moore

Manny Moore is an ambitious man who doesn’t hang back. He has been in Santa Ramona Valley for little more than a month and already he is running for Mayor. He gave an interview about his motives and plans to the Santa Ramona Chronicles. His ambition, he says, is to serve others. He was previously a financier in New York, which is where he made his money, but he found it all too self-serving. So, at the age of 32, he came to Santa Ramona to begin a new life serving others. He was moved to stand for Mayor because he immediately saw the city’s needs and the improvements that could be made. The example he gave of this was Public Housing. He backs the campaign led to Brother Langham, of the S

SD asks the public for help

The Sheriff’s Department have issued a description of a suspect in the case of the assault by two men on former Mayor Chiara Villanova. They are looking for a tall man in his twenties, with long blond hair and blue eyes. At the time of the attack the man was wearing a black or dark gray shirt and jeans. They also have have another suspect, currently under arrest for a separate crime, who they believe was involved. They have camera footage of the attack, which took place at Virtuous Vice, the store belonging to the former Mayor. The footage has been sent to a forensics laboratory for digital analysis using facial recognition software. The SD are waiting for a positive confirmation from the la

Protest for Public Housing Follow Up

The protest led by Brother Langham on behalf of Santa Ramona's poor and disenfranchised saw a good turn out of civilians and both mayoral candidates, one whom was working in official capacity as EMS on site. The protest for Public Housing and better conditions for the South side started off peacefully with Brother Langham making a speech to the crowd gathered but mid way into the protest a man in an expensive suit started to hurl bricks at either City Hall or the Police Department-it's unclear what was the intended target at this point in time. The SRSD who were on scene to keep an eye on the protest for safety measures had to rush in and subdue the large man who had thrown bricks and when

Beloved Celebrity Speaks Out About Car Theft

The daughter of Governor Jay Stone and one of Santa Ramona's most beloved and prolific celebrities to reside in the city has seen tragedy strike twice in the recent week or so. Governor Stone remains in hospital in critical condition where he was placed after being the victim of an apparent drive by shooting which is currently an on going investigation by the SRSD. Liana Stone as she is known to her fans in the music and movie world or Juliana Stone had to contend not only with her father's shooting but also had her own car stolen and later set on fire when a woman, Ms Willow Moore, the sister to Mayoral candidate Manny Moore, stole the vehicle and proceeded to crash it into an empty storefr

Press Release update from SRSD

At approximately 9pm on the Valentines evening. A black 1966 Bronco pulled up outside Wolfe's Tavern on Grove Road and opened fire at people who were leaving a Valentines day event there. The target is believed to have been Governor Stone. There was a return of fire from people on scene including an Off Duty SRSD Deputy. The Bronco then drive at a male and the Deputy. The Deputy escaped with only minor injuries. The Male at time of this press release is believed to be in critical condition in SRGH. The 1966 Bronco has been found and labs is currently working through the evidence. The Bronco was purchased its believed by a male from Escondido, CA who was found dead in back of the vehicle havi

Housing protest called in SRV

Posters have appeared all over Santa Ramona Valley calling for a protest on Thursday outside City Hall. The protest will demand better housing for Southside. The Chronicle spoke to Wyatt Langham, the organizer of the protest, about it. Langham is a Brother of the Franciscan Order, who says he is motivated by social justice issues and actively pursues issues to champion for those who cannot get their voices heard. He called the protest because of the lack of Public Housing in Southside. Public Housing, he says, would reduce the number of homeless sleeping rough on the city streets. Santa Ramona is no different, he argues, to the rest of California in its high rents and unaffordable housing. T

Rousseau Refutes Rumor

FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau, City Manager and Owner of Rousseau's Construction Company and Supplies Store spoke to the Chronicles in brief about his campaign and what it feels like being the target of an intense smear campaign that kicked off the week the announcement of the Mayoral candidates was given. "I have, I feel, a solid platform an' ideas for the city. For as long in the years that I have been livin' here with my family, I do think the city of Santa Ramona has seen my commitment to it an' my dedication to providing EMS an' Fire Rescue services as well as rebuilding an' improving it along with my City council proposals. My main focus is on increasing Opportunity an' Investment in the

Assassination Attempts?

It has been rumored that the state Governor, Jay Stone, was the victim of a shooting last night, February 14. However, the police have refused to confirm or deny. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office merely confirmed that there had attended an incident outside Wolfe’s Tavern at around nine pm last night in which one male had been seriously hurt. For confidentiality reasons they are not releasing the identity of anyone involved. The Sheriff’s Department have CCTV footage of the incident, but have identified no suspects at this time. They are trying to trace the whereabouts of a Black 1966 Bronco that was involved in the scene. They appeals for anyone who witnessed the incident to contact t

Celebrity Watch

Those who caught the Grammy broadcast would have seen a familiar face. On the red carpet was none other than Juliana Stone. Being interviewed under her recording name "Liana." about an upcoming part in a movie. She readily gave the info that she'd be preforming a one night only show at Wolfe's Tavern in Santa Ramona Valley on Valentine's day. When asked why not a stadium or arena, she simply replied. "I like a more cozy, small environment."

Public Housing in Santa Ramona

As the dust settles on the reconstructed city of Santa Ramona Valley, citizens and officials alike have been returning and examining the new layout of some sections of their city. One of the questions that lingered for Brother Wyatt Langham on his recent survey of the city was the idea of Public Housing- where is it? Federal Government supports over two million people around the country in public housing. 39% are likely to stay for five years or more, 16% are seniors, 36% are disabled people. California is well known to be the most expensive state to live in, in the US. The rents are high, the price of buying a home today is beyond most people's means. People's incomes have not risen in acco

Transit Agency introduces new buses

The Santa Ramona Valley Transit Agency is to introduce a new fleet of buses. An official announcement about this is expected on Monday. Rumors that this was about to happen started to spread on Friday after a number of kits for constructing bus shelters were delivered at an Agency depot and workers in several local construction companies were instructed to report to the Agency on Monday. The Transit Agency has also been recruiting new staff. A spokesperson for the Transit Agency confirmed the rumors. They said “The Santa Roman Valley Transit Agency has been busy since the rebuilding of the city planning the provision of a new and up-to-date transit system. We are now ready to implement this.